The Heroes When Disaster Srikes

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The followin script “THE HEROES WHEN DISASTER STRIKES” was sent to Kidsinco by Brothers  Thomas  and Ethan


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Dr. Comster

Boom Boom









NARRATOR: The setting takes place in the present on a nice sunny day when Jake and Megan are walking home from Jinglelot Middle School talking about their day.


JAKE: Today was fun day at school. I wish we would have that substitute for science again.


MEGAN:  I know, totally.




DR. COMSTER: Dylan can I speak to you?


DYLAN:  (With attitude) Sure. What do you want?


DR. COMSTER: We need some more heroes for our team.  I will be moving you to sidekick, if you don’t mind.  Bring the heroes from a middle school, please.


DYLAN: (With more attitude) I do mind!


DR. COMSTER: Well, get the two heroes by Friday, or you’re  fired.  Got that?


DYLAN: (With no attitude, happy face on)  Ok.


NARRATOR: Dylan speeds out as fast as he can to the nearest school, where he sees two kids that look smart enough. 




DYLAN: (Looking at Jake and Megan) I’ll need you two to come with me.


MEGAN: (With a scared voice) Are we in trouble?


JAKE: (In a scared voice) Where to?


DYLAN: No, you’re not in trouble. I am from Undercover Agents


JAKE (In a scared voice) Are we getting arrested?


MEGAN: (With an attitude ) No, he’s just a fake 9th grader? Duh.


DYLAN: Just come. Please!  I’ll get fired if you don’t.


MEGAN: Is Undercover Agents a real agency?


JAKE: Yeah, haven’t you heard of it?


DYLAN: You have heard of it?  Wow. (Voice gets quieter) I’ve never heard of it.


NARRATOR: Finally, the the two kids decide to come with the strange boy.




Dylan: (to Megan and Jake)  Meet Dr. Comster, she’s the president of Undercover Agents.


MEGAN:  Nice to meet you.


DR. COMSTER: You too. Dylan can I have a word with you?


NARRATOR:  Dr. Comster brings Dylan to a quiet place.


DR. COMSTER:  What is Undercover Agents? And why are those kids from elementary school, I told you to get kids from a middle school.


DYLAN: They are from a middle school, in fact they are from Jinglelot Middle School.


DR. COMSTER:(With an attitude) I don’t believe you. You’re fired!


DYLAN: (In a sad voice) Why?


NARRATOR: Dylan quietly heads for the door.


DYLAN: (To Jake and Megan with a sad voice, and look)  Goodbye.


JAKE: Where you going?


DYLAN: Home.




DYLAN: I got fired.


JAKE: Why?


DYLAN: I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.


MEGAN AND JAKE: (In a sad voice) Oh.


NARRATOR: Dylan heads home.


DR. COMSTER: Oh, I guess I have to hire you, since I have no one and there’s a big case right now.


JAKE: (With a sarcastic voice) Oh, a job great.


MEGAN: Jake this is cool. We are now working for Undercover Agents. Awesome!


JAKE: Yeah, I guess you’re right.


DR. COMSTER: About that…


MEGAN:  Now you’re telling us that the guy who just got fired lied to us. (Ugh) I don’t like this place.  Next you’ll be telling us that we’re going to be super heroes.


DR. COMSTER: You read my mind.


MEGAN AND JAKE: (head for the door) Bye.


DR. COMSTER: (With a hand signaling to come back)  Wait!


MEGAN AND JAKE: (Start coming to Dr.Comster) We’ll come back if…


DR. COMSTER: No time for ifs…got to show your case and reveal your true powers. Now!


NARRATOR: The two kids and Dr. Comster walk over to a strange contraption.


JAKE: What is…?


DR. COMSTER: This here is our super power detector, a fancy name for a device that shows you your super power, and gives it to you.  For short SPD.  Now who wants to go first?


JAKE:  (At same time as each other) Megan!


MEGAN: (At same time as each other) Jake!


DR. COMSTER: Hmm… You two seem a little scared.  Why?


MEGAN: I’m scared because it looks scary and strange.


JAKE: I’m scared because I don’t like new things.


DR. COMSTER: Those are both silly reasons.  Ladies first…


MEGAN:  (Steps into SPD) Aww man!


NARRATOR: Machine goes buzz.  Megan steps out.


DR. COMSTER: You’re a flier.


NARRATOR: Jake steps into SPD.  Machine goes buzz.  Jake steps out.


DR. COMSTER: You’re a lifter.  Ok, now the case… (Gets interrupted)


JAKE: Wow! I’m a lifter.  I lift heavy stuff.  Awsome!


DR. COMSTER(Makes a grr sound)  Back on topic now. The case is…Boom Boom.


JAKE: What kind of name is that?


MEGAN: A stupid one.


JAKE: Right.


DR. COMSTER: (Makes a louder grr sound)  Boom Boom is an evil person who is creating a bomb to destroy the Earth.


JAKE AND MEGAN: (gasp together) seriously?


DR. COMSTER: Yes. You two will use your powers to go against him.


JAKE: What if…


DR. COMSTER: Go now!


MEGAN: Ok.  We’ll be done with him before midnight.


JAKE: Yeah.


DR. COMSTER: Don’t be so sure of that. He’s tough!


NARRATOR: The two superheroes leave the building quickly.




NARRATOR: Dylan has been looking for other jobs, and he sees a store sign reading EVIL LAYER.  He does not know that that is Boom Boom’s layer, so he enters the store.


DYLAN: (Yells) Anyone in there?


BOOM BOOM: Yes, what would you want to do this evil day?


DYLAN: I was hoping you would have job offerings.


BOOM BOOM: Well you’re a lucky guy, because today we are requesting one worker.


DYLAN: Yay! (In a happy voice) Oh, what is that behind you?


BOOM BOOM: Never mind about that.


DYLAN: Ok, when do I get my interview?


BOOM BOOM: My interview program is back in my room, will you come with me?


DYLAN: Sure.


NARRATOR: Boom Boom leads Dylan into his back room, and puts an electronic hat on his head.


DYLAN: What is that?


BOOM BOOM: My hypnotizing device.


DYLAN: (Shocked) What?


BOOM BOOM: Didn’t you know I was Boom Boom?   You are my slave!


DYLAN: No, let me out of here! Now!




NARRATOR: Dylan turns to a slave of Boom Boom’s quickly.  Meanwhile, Megan and Jake fly into the building.


JAKE AND MEGAN: Boom Boom!  Dylan?


DYLAN: (As a slave now): Yes. How ‘bout you two take a seat we have many more hats for all of us.




DYLAN: Well aren’t you two eager.  I can see you want the hat on right now.


JAKE: (punches hat) There you go!


DYLAN:  (In happy voice) Thanks! I was going to die in there! (Shows where bomb is)


MEGAN: (Flies away with the bomb) Hmm… I’ll take this.


BOOM BOOM: I’ll kill you!


NARRATOR: Dylan uses his speed to tie Boom Boom. Jupiter blows up. Megan quickly comes back.


MEGAN: I did it!


NARRATOR: The three of them race back to Dr. Comster’s lab. Dr. Comster gives them medals.  He hires back Dylan, and gives them a thumb up. There will be many missions to go, and the three of them will be a team.


The End


Authors:  Brothers  Thomas  and Ethan


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