The Three Brothers Gruff

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“The Three Brothers Gruff”  was written and sent to Kidsinco by  Helena Alford, a Drama Teacher from Australia.  This script is not for sale, and may not be republished in any other website, blog , or forum.  If you want to share our scripts, please place a link to our site:


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 Big Danny Gruff (Grade 10 Student)

 Bobby Gruff (Grade 9 Student)

 Little Billy Gruff (Grade 8 Student)

 Donald the School Bully





Narrator: Once upon a time there were brothers Gruff: Little Billy Gruff, Bobby Gruff and Big Danny Gruff. They lived in a little town called Springfield and had just started school at the local high school. One day while walking through the school yard, they saw the canteen full of lots of yummy stuff to eat. Because they’d just been playing rugby and were pretty hungry, they decided to go there for a snack.


Little Billy Gruff: We have to go there. The food over there looks way better than what mum made for us!


Bobby Gruff: Yeah, I think I got Tuna again!


Big Danny Gruff: You think that’s bad? She gave me a banana sandwich!


All Three Brothers: Eeew! Yuck! (Gagging sounds)


Narrator: But to go there they had to walk past the senior boys toilet, where a nasty school bully called Donald liked to hang out.


Bobby Gruff: Come on, let’s go. I want some hot chips with sauce.


Big Danny Gruff: Yeah, but what about that big, ugly bully that hangs out in the toilets? Donald his name is. He’ll beat us up and take our money as soon as we walk past him!


Bobby Gruff: Oh man, I forgot about him! We have to find a way to sneak passed the toilets!


Big Danny Gruff: I know. Our brave little brother Billy can go first. You like going first, don’t you Billy?


Little Billy Gruff: Me?! Why don´t you go first! Donald the bully has already threatened to beat me up twice today and if he sees me going to the canteen he’ll know I have money!


Big Danny Gruff: Look, just go first okay. You’re the youngest and mum said you had to do what I say when she isn’t around. Besides, I have a plan!


Little Billy Gruff: (Quietly) Oh great…Mr. Brainy has a plan…


Big Danny Gruff: (Holds up a fist and looks mean) What did you say?


Little Billy Gruff: Uh, nothing. You’re right. I should go first.


Narrator: So the littlest Gruff brother started to sneak passed the toilet block. But the sounds of the coins in his pockets jingling, woke up the bully.


Donald: (jumping outside the toilet block) Who dares to pass my toilet without paying the toll!


Little Billy Gruff: (trembling and scared) It´s me, Little Billy Gruff. I think we’re in the same care class…


Donald: Care class? Little Gruff? Ha! I’m going to beat you up, kid! And I’m going to take that money you have in your pocket! Ahahahaha!


Little Billy Gruff: Oh No! Don’t beat me! I am too little! I have asthma! I bruise easily! Look, wait for my big brother to come along, okay? He will be here soon and he has more money than me! You can beat him up instead!


Donald: Hmm, okay then. I will wait for him, then. You may go.


Little Billy Gruff: (leaves running) Thank you! Thank you!


Narrator: Soon the middle Gruff brother came strolling past the toilet. Bobby was listening to his Ipod and singing to himself.


Bobby Gruff: (Singing off-key to himself) My po-po-pokerface! My po-po-pokerface…


Donald: (Leaping out) Who dares to walk past my toilet without paying my toll!?


Bobby Gruff: Aaaaaaah!


Donald: Who are you? And what on Earth were you singing? I should fine you extra for that!


Bobby Gruff: It’s only me; Bobby Gruff.


Donald: Oh yes, your little brother told me all about you. I was waiting for you. You know what? He was right, he didn’t have enough money for me. So now I’m going to beat you up and take your money and your Ipod!


Bobby Gruff: Oh please no! Don’t talk my Ipod! It’s really old and it’s pretty much broken! It’s not worth your time…really! Look, if you can wait a little longer to beat someone up I can make it worth your while! My other brother is coming after me, and he has a brand new Ipod and a Nintendo DS!


Donald: Really? An Ipod and a DS? That would be awesome. Okay. You’re off the hook. You can go.


Bobby Gruff: Yes! (Runs away)


Narrator: Soon the biggest brother Gruff came walking past the toilet block, but the Bully had been waiting for him and he jumped out as soon as he caught site of him.


Donald: Who dares to walk past my toilet block without paying the toll?


Big Danny Gruff: You know who I am we have Maths and English together! I’m Danny Gruff. Wow. Now I know why you’re failing so many subjects if you can’t even remember my name!


Donald: I know who you are! I only asked for dramatic effect! Now, listen up Danny-boy! I was waiting for you! I’m hungry and bored, so you’re gonna give your lunch money and your Ipod and your DS!


Big Danny Gruff: Oh, we’ll see about that! It won´t be easy. I go to the gym and do weight lifting twice a day and I play Rugby.


Narrator: But Donald didn’t listen and he ran angrily at Big Danny Gruff with his fists raised. He was no match for him though, and soon the oldest Gruff brother had the upper hand. (Donald and Danny scuffle with each other. Eventually Danny gets Donald in an arm lock.)


Donald: (screaming) Ouch! Hey man, that hurts! Let me go!


Big Danny Gruff: Are you going to stop picking on little kids and stealing their lunch money?


Donald: Yes! Yes I swear!


Big Danny Gruff: Good!


(Danny lets him go and Donald runs away whimpering. The three Gruff brothers wander on stage eating chips and drinking icebreaks.)


Narrator: Donald ran away and was never seen hanging out near the toilet block again. The Three brother’s Gruff finally got to eat the awesome canteen food and thankfully were able to throw out their home made lunches.


All Three Brothers: Thank goodness!


The End


Author:  Helena Alford 


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