The Legend of Betsy Ross and the First Flag

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Betsy Ross is sewing the first American Flag.

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(George Washington, George Ross y Robert Morris stand outside the house of Betsy Ross)


GEORGE ROSS:  Well, this is it.


ROBERT MORRIS:  So this is your niece’s house?.


GEORGE ROSS:  Yes, this is her place.  And I can reassure you that she’s a very good seamstress.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  Indeed she is.  She has embroidered some of my shirts ruffles.  I know she has great skill with a needle.


ROBERT MORRIS:  (knocking at the door)  Let’s see if she’s home.


(Betsy Ross opens the door.  She looks surprised)


BETSY ROSS:  (To George Ross) Oh, uncle George, what a nice surprise.


GEORGE ROSS:  Betsy…General George Washington, and Colonel Robert Morris want to talk to you.


BETSY ROSS:  Sure, please come in. (The three men enter into the living room) It’s an honor to have you in my house.  Please, sit down.


(They sit)


GEORGE ROSS:  Betsy… General Washington has a very special request for you.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  Mrs. Ross, I know that you are the best seamstress in Philadelphia, and I have a very important job I would like you to do.


BETSY ROSS: Tell me.  What can I do for you?.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  We need a flag to give people a visual symbol of the new, free and independent nation that is being formed.  For this reason I’m asking you, if you can sew the first American flag.


ROBERT MORRIS:  (He takes out a paper from his pocket, and gives it to Betsy )  Please, take a look at this drawing we have.


BETSY ROSS:  (looking at the paper)  I don’t know if I can, but I will try, if you allow me to make some changes.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  What do you have in mind?.


BETSY ROSS:  Well, you have designed a circle group of thirteen-six pointed stars, and I suggest five-pointed stars. 


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  A five-pointed star is hard to make!.


BETSY ROSS:  As a matter of fact, they are easier to cut.  Look. (she takes a piece of paper, folds it deftly, and with a single snip of her scissors, she makes a symmetrical five-pointed star)


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  (to George Ross and Robert Morris)  What do you think?. 


ROBERT MORRIS:  I can see no problem, General.


GEORGE ROSS:  Me neither.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  It’s fine with me too.  We accept your suggestion.


BETSY ROSS:  Very good!.   Now tell me…why you placed the thirteen stars in a circle?.  What does it mean?.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  Each star represents each one of our colonies, and they are in a circle, so that no one colony is viewed above another.  These thirteen stars in a circle stand as a new constellation in the heavens!.


BETSY ROSS:  Oh, I see.  Those stars will be in the upper left corner on a blue field for freedom and justice.   It will have thirteen red and white alternating stripes with a red stripe on the top and on the bottom. Red stripes for the blood and sacrifice, and white stripes for love and peace. And instead of a square flag, as you have sketched. I recommend a rectangular shaped flag (she pauses) See General, if I make it square, it will look wider, while a rectangular flag will look beautiful waving in the wind.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  Very well, Mrs. Ross.  How soon  can you start working on the flag?.


BETSY ROSS:  I realize, that this is a very important assignment, so I’ll start working on the flag immediately.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  Good!.  When can you have it ready?.


BETSY ROSS:  In just a couple of days.


 GEORGE ROSS:  Fine, we must go now.  We’ll be back in two more days.


(They leave the stage)




(George Washington, George Ross, and Betsy Ross are in the living room.  The American flag is on a center table)


BETSY ROSS:  (looking at the flag) The flag is ready, General.


GEORGE WASHINGTON: (looking closely at the flag)  It’s just what I expected!.


BETSY ROSS:  I’m glad you like it.


GEORGE WASHINGTON:  (lifting the flag)  Look at it.  We have our flag at last; symbol of our new country, the United States of America and of the land of the free!.


(Two children enter the room/stage, and stand in the middle of the room/stage.  One of them has the flag made by Betty Ross, and the other one has today’s  American flag.  They say the Pledge of Allegiance)


CHILD 1: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,


CHILD 2: And to the Republic for which it stands;


CHILD 1:  One Nation under God, indivisible,


CHILD 2: With Liberty and Justice for all.


CHILD 1 AND 2:  God Bless America!.




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