The Girl and the Fairy

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(The Girl walks in the park.  She stops, and sees something moving in a bush)


GIRL:  Oh, poor Butterfly.  I’ll save you!.


(Very carefully she releases a butterfly.  The butterfly leaves the scene.  The Girl keeps on walking.  A Fairy enters and walks behind the girl)


FAIRY:  Wait for me little girl!.


(The Girl turns around)


GIRL:  (surprised) You’re so beautiful!.  Who are you?.


FAIRY:  You saved me a few minutes ago.  I was trapped in a bush, but you rescued me!.  Don’t you remember?.


GIRL:  I don’t know who you are.  I have never seen you before!.


FAIRY:  I am a Fairy.  I was that little creature you thought it was a butterfly, and I came to grant you a wish.


GIRL:  Are you really a Fairy, like the one who turned Pinocchio into a real boy?.


FAIRY:  Yes, but that was my sister, the Blue Fairy!.


GIRL:  Oh, I thought fairies only lived in fairytales!.


FAIRY:  No.  We are real.  We have been around for a long, long time, even before men came into this world, and today I am here to give you what you want the most!.


GIRL:  That’s not necessary.  My mother says that when someone does you a big favor, you don’t pay it back.  You don’t owe me anything!.


FAIRY:  We always reward good people.  I could not be happy if you don’t accept my gift.  Besides, my sisters will get angry if I don’t compensate your noble action.


GIRL:  Mmm, I shouldn’t accept.


FAIRY:  We can keep it a secret.  Nobody else has to know this, unless you tell somebody, of course.


GIRL:  Okay.  I will not tell anybody.  From now on, my lips are sealed.  Nobody will ever know.


FAIRY:  Fine, what is your wish?. 


GIRL:  You have to get closer.  I want to whisper it in your ear, cause the wind might take my words across the sky and someone might hear them!.


(The Fairy gets closer to the Girl)


FAIRY:  (in a low voice)  What is your wish?.


GIRL:  I want to be always happy!.


FAIRY:  Your wish has been granted.   Now I have something to tell you. Get closer (she whispers something in her ear).


GIRL:  Oh, I see.


FAIRY: Remember…follow my advice.


(The Fairy starts to walk away from the girl)


GIRL: Are you leaving?.


FAIRY:  Yes, I have accomplished what I came for.


GIRL:  Will I ever see you again?.


FAIRY:  No, little girl.  On very rare occasions a human gets to see a fairy, but I’ll always be near you. 



(The Fairy leaves.  The Girl walks behind her shouting and both leave the stage)


GIRL:  Oh, one more thing…




(Many years later.  The Girl is now an Old Woman.  She is sick lying on her bed.  Her sons and daughters stand beside her bed)


SON 1:  (to the Old Woman) How is it possible mother, that you were always happy even though you had so many problems in your life?.


DAUGHTER 1:  Mom, please, tell us your secret.


SON 2:  Everybody in town is talking about you.    What made you so happy since you were a child?.


OLD WOMAN:  (in a low voice) I made a promise, and I can’t break it.   Please, try to understand.


DAUGHTER 2:  But mother, we are your children, your own flesh and blood.  We won’t tell your secret to anybody.  It will be just between you and us.  It will help us enjoy life, just as you have enjoyed it.


OLD WOMAN: When I was a little girl, I saved a fairy from dying, and she in return, gave me a gift and told me how to get my wish.


SON 1:  A fairy mom?.


OLD WOMAN:  Yes, and she was real!.


DAUGHTER 1:  Well, I don’t doubt it.  What did she say?.


SON 2:  Yes, please tell us mom.


OLD WOMAN:  She told me that the key to happiness, is to do good to everybody, with no exception, and that one of life’s greatest joys comes from helping someone else.


DAUGHTER 2:  You were always happy by helping others.  By helping those who were in need!.


SON 1:  And you always treated everybody well.


SON 2:  Thanks mom, you have taught us a great lesson!.


(They hug the Old Lady)




Author:  K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Love for others

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