My Dino Pet

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 (Harry, Thomas, and Katy walk home from school.  They pass by an old building.  Katy stops and looks through a window)


THOMAS:  Come on Katy,I’m hungry!.


HARRY:  I have a lot of homework!.


KATY:  I have always wanted to enter this old building.  I’m sure there are ghosts in there!.


THOMAS:  I’m sure there are mice in there!.


HARRY:  I’m sure there’s nothing in there!.


KATY:  I’m sure you are both scared!.


THOMAS:  I’m not scared. I’m twelve!.


HARRY:  Neither am I. I’m thirteen!.


KATY:  Fine, then let’s see what’s inside, and I’m ten!.


THOMAS:  (opens the door)  Be my guest!.


(Katy, Harry, and Thomas enter.  They look around)


HARRY:  This place is so old and it stinks!.


(There’s a strange noise)


KATY:  Shhhh quiet you two.  Did you hear that?.


HARRY:  (looks up) Yeah, the noise is coming from the roof!.  Maybe there’s someone up there watching us!.


THOMAS:  You’re Harry Scary!. Ha, ha, ha, ha.


HARRY:  We should leave.  It’s getting late.


THOMAS:  Grow up Harry!.


HARRY:  This was a very bad idea!.



(There’s a big cage in the middle of the room.  It is covered with a big black cloth)


KATY:  Oh!.


THOMAS:  I’m sure there are ghosts trapped in that cage!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


KATY:  That’s not funny!.


THOMAS:  Are you getting scared now?.


HARRY:  Leave her alone, and let’s get out of here!.


KATY:  I’m not leaving until I see what’s inside that cage.  (She pulls out the cloth) Voala!.


(They look surprised)


HARRY, THOMAS, KATY: Holy guacamole! .


THOMAS AND KATY:  What’s that?.


HARRY:  I think…I think…I think it’s a dinosaur!.


THOMAS:  A dinosaur?.


KATY:  What is he doing here?.   I mean, weren’t dinosaurs extinct millions of years ago?.


THOMAS:  Who cares!.  We have one just in front of us!.


KATY:  He’s so cute.  I’ll let him out!.  (She opens the cage door)




(The dinosaur gets out of the cage)


THOMAS: (hides behind Harry)  Harry, I’m afraid.  He will eat us!.


KATY:  Who’s afraid now?.


HARRY:  (touches the dinosaur) He will not eat us, so calm down.


THOMAS:  How do you know?.


HARRY:  Because I’ve been in class…not only to school…like some people do!.


THOMAS:  There we go again.  The nerd is talking!.


HARRY:  For your information, dear brother and sister, this is an Ankylosaurus!.


THOMAS:  A what?.  Oh, sure, I knew it the minute I saw him!.


KATY:  And the minute he saw us, he knew we were his dinner!.


HARRY:  You don’t have to worry.  He is herbivore.


THOMAS:  What is herbivore?.


HARRY:  It means that he eats plants!.


KATY:  Uffff, I’m glad I’m not a plant!.


HARRY:  Did you know that Ankylosaurus weighted about four tons!.


THOMAS:  Fortunately, this is a baby dinosaur.


 KATY:  Wow!.  Look at those big teeth!.


THOMAS:  How come he doesn’t have pointed teeth?.


HARRY:  That’s because plant-eater dinosaurs had flat teeth, while meat-eater dinosaurs had pointed sharp teeth.


THOMAS:  Like the T-Rex!.


 HARRY:  That’s right!.


THOMAS:  Mmmm, I have an idea, and I mean, a very good idea.  You will like it, I’m sure of that.  Besides….


KATY:  What is it?.


THOMAS: How about if we take him home?.


KATY:  (thinking)  Home….yes…he’ll be our dino pet…but…how are we going to feed him?.


THOMAS:  Let’s not worry about that right now.  (to Harry) So, what do you think, Harry?.


HARRY:  Mmmm, I know we shouldn’t, but I really like him.   He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen!.


KATY:  (looks carefully at the dinosaur) Wow!.  They are really beautiful. I didn’t know dinosaurs had blue eyes.


THOMAS:   Helloooo you two!.   How will we get him out?.


KATY:  Let’s  cover him with the cloth.  People will think it’s a very big dog!.


HARRY:  Do dogs have two big spikes sticking out of his head, like he does?.


KATY:  Well no, but who cares?.


THOMAS:  Let’s do it!.


HARRY:  Mmmm ok, just wait!.


THOMAS:  Now what?.


HARRY:  I’ll call him Peter!.


THOMAS:  Mmmm, Peter?. Not bad.   Let’s get out of here… now!.


(Harry, Thomas, and Katy cover the dinosaur with the black cloth.  They leave the building, and walk home.  They stop to cross the street.  A man approaches them)


MAN: What do you have in there?.


KATY:  It’s our dog, sir.


THOMAS:  Yes.  He’s sick, that’s why we have him all covered up.


MAN:  Oh, poor doggy.  Can I take a look at him!.


THOMAS, HARRY, AND KATY:  Noooo!.  He might bite you!.


(The Man uncovers the dinosaur)


MAN:  Oh my God!.  What kind of dog is this?.


HARRY:  You don’t want to know!.


MAN:  Oh, yes I do!.  I could make a fortune, and you could make some money with this strange, cloned, mutated dog!.


KATY:  What do you mean?.  (The man takes out a business card and gives it to Katy.  She reads it aloud)  B – Brothers?.  What’s B – Brothers?.


MAN:  My two older brothers and I own a zoo, and we really need a different kind of animal…and your dog is just perfect!.  Are you interested in selling it to me?.


HARRY:  No sir, Peter is not for sale.


MAN:  I can give you right now one thousand dollars!.  What do you say?.


KATY:  (to Thomas and Harry)  What do you think?.


THOMAS:  One thousand dollars is a lot of money.


HARRY:  I don’t know,I mean,I really want him with me.


KATY:  (whispering to Thomas and Harry)   It’s not ours anyway. We found it remember.  Besides, with all that money, we can buy all the pets we want.


THOMAS:  Mom and dad wouldn’t want him home. So, fine sir, we have decided it to sell our dog.


HARRY:  We?.  Thomas, I think you’re are making a big mistake.


MAN:  Great!.  (He takes out his wallet from his pocket, and gives Thomas the money). Fine kids, I must go!.  (The Man crosses the street and walks away from Thomas, Harry, and Katy)


HARRY:  (shouting) Hey wait sir!.  Where’s your zoo?.


MAN:  (shouting)  What zoo?.


KATY:  (shouting)  He lied to us!.


HARRY:  I’m getting Peter back!.


KATY:  No, Harry!.


(Harry crosses the street.  He sees a car coming, and  falls to the ground)




(Harry is lying in bed.  His mother and the doctor are beside him)


HARRY:  (opens his eyes)  Mom, Is that you?.


MOTHER:  (hugs Harry) Oh, Harry, you’re finally awake!.


HARRY: Where am I?.


DOCTOR:  You’re in the hospital.


HARRY:  Oh, I remember. It was that car. I swear mom, I didn’t see it. I know I should had been more careful.


MOTHER:  What car are you talking about?.


DOCTOR:  (to Harry)  Fortunately, you only suffered minor injuries.


MOTHER:  Thomas and Katy are fine too. They only have small bruises  and cuts.


DOCTOR:  But nothing serious.


HARRY:  I don’t understand.


MOTHER:  Part of that old building collapsed.


HARRY:  Old building?.  Peter, where’s Peter?.


MOTHER:  Peter who?.  Oh, please Harry, don’t tell me there was someone else with you three!. 


HARRY:  Mom, I’m so confused. Tell me what happened!.


MOTHER:  Today after school, you, Thomas, and Katy entered the old building on Pine Street. Some of the neighbors saw you coming in.  They said they heard a loud noise, and then part of the building collapsed while you were inside, then they called 911, and here we are.


HARRY:  (sad)  So, it was all a dream, and Peter was part of it.


DOCTOR:  Would you like to tell us who Peter is?.


HARRY:  He was my dino pet.


MOTHER:  Oh Harry, we have a surprise for you at home!.   (To the doctor)  When can we leave doctor?.


DOCTOR:  As soon as you sign out the release papers. Please come with me to my office.


MOTHER:  Sure, doctor.  (to Harry)  I’ll be right back.


(Mother and Doctor leave the stage)





(Mother, Thomas, Katy, and Harry enter the stage)


MOTHER:  Stay right here!.


(Mother leaves.  She comes back with a dog covered with a black cloth)


THOMAS:  What’s that you’re hiding, mom?.


MOTHER:  It’s a surprise for you all!.


THOMAS:  I think I know what it is.


HARRY:  Me too!.


KATY:  Can I look?.


MOTHER:  Sure!.


KATY: ( uncovers the dog) Voala!.


THOMAS, HARRY, AND KATY:  (surprised)  Ahhhh!.


MOTHER:  I knew you would like him!.


MOTHER:  (to Harry) You can hold it.  It won’t bite you.


HARRY: (holds the dog, and looks at him closely) I like him. He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen!.


KATY:  Wow!.  They are really beautiful!.  I didn’t know dogs could have blue eyes.


THOMAS:  How should we call him?.


HARRY:  We’ll call him Peter?.


KATY AND THOMAS:  Welcome home, Peter!.




Author:  Evodio Vargas Castaneda and K I D S I N C O


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