Peace in the Old West

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Indian Chief

Indian  Man 1

Indian Man 2

Indian Man 3

Indian Man 4

Indian Woman 1

Indian Woman 2

Indian Woman 3

Indian Woman 4

Indian Woman 5

Indian Woman 6

Cowgirl 1

Cowgirl 2

Cowgirl 3


Sheriff Helper

Cowboy 1

Cowboy 2

Cowboy 3

Cowboy 4



Props:  Map, bundle of dry grass for smoke signals, stones, gold coins, toy arrows, toy guns, indian costumes, cowboy/cowgirl costumes, a big cardboard tree or a boy/girl dressed as a tree.




Act I -  At the Indian Reservation


(The Indians sit on the floor in a circle. Beside them, there is a dry bundle of grass to make smoke signals, and two stones. The indian chief stands up)


Indian Chief:  Tonight we will attack the white man village! 


Indian Woman 1:  Why?


Indian Man 1:  Because they stole our land and our cattle!


Indian  Man 4: (stands up and takes gold coins from her bag/purse):  Yes…but we also stole their gold.


Indian Man 2:  I want revenge!


Indian Woman 2: What about our people?


Indian Woman 3:  And our children?


Indian Man 3:  White men don’t deserve our compassion!


Indian Chief:  We have to kill them all!


All the Indians:  Yes!  No mercy!  No mercy!


(Indian Woman 2 gives a map to Indian Chief)


Indian Chief:  Let’s plan our battle!


(He opens the map, sits, and points to a place in the map.  Indian 4 stands up)


Indian 4:  I’ll build the fire to make war smoke signals! 


(He approaches the bundle of dry grass, takes the two stones, and pretends to make a fire)


Act II – At the Cowboy’s Village


(Sheriff is in his office. He is sleeping with his feet over the desk, covering his head with his hat.  Cowboy 1, Cowboy 2, and Cowboy 3 are in a table playing cards.  The Sherrif’s Helper enters)


Sheriff’s Helper:  Sheriff!  Wake up!


(Sheriff opens his eyes and stands.  Cowboy 1, 2, and 3 leave the cards on the desk and stand)


Sheriff:  What’s wrong?


Sheriff’s Helper:  I saw smoke signals… and that means war!


Sheriff:  That’s impossible! 


Cowboy 1:  But we defeated them a month ago!


Cowboy 2:  We have to warn our people!


Cowboy 3:  Let’s go… we have to protect them!


Cowboy 4:  (looking at his gun)  Oh no…my gun is broken!


Cowboy 1, 2, and 3:  So?


Cowboy 4:  I don’t want to die!


(Cowboy 1, 2, and 3 hit him on the head)


Sheriff:  Come on!


(Sheriff, Sheriff’s Helper, Cowboy 1, Cowboy 2, and Cowboy 3 get out of the office and to the street.  Man and Woman talk to each other.  Sheriff yells)


Sheriff:  The Indians are coming!  Quick…get your weapons and let’s fight them!


(The Indians approach.  An arrows falls near the Sheriff, and he picks it up)


Sheriff:  This is war!


(Indians and Cowboys start to fight.  The Indian Chief and the Sheriff stay away from the battle. An Indian and a Cowboy die and fall to the ground)


Cowgirl 1: (throwing the gun to the ground)  Stop it!


Cowgirl 2:  (throwing the gun to the ground)  I want peace!


Cowgirl 3:  (throwing the gun to the ground)  I don’t want to fight!


Cowgirl 4: (throwing the gun to the ground)  I don’t want to die!


Cowgirl 5: (throwing the gun to the ground)  Put away your weapons!


Indian Woman 4: (throwing the gun to the ground)  No more hate!


Indian Woman 5: (throwing the gun to the ground)  Let’s live in peace!


Indian Woman 6:  (throwing the gun to the ground)  No more war!


(The Indian Chief and the Sheriff  approach)


Indian Chief:  (to the Indians)  Throw away your arrows!


Sheriff:  (to the Cowboys)  Throw away your guns!


(The Indian Chief takes an arrow and a gun.  Indian Woman 6 takes off a white ribbon from her dress, and ties together the arrow and the gun.  The Indian Chief and the Sheriff take them in their hands and head toward a big tree.  Indian 2 and Cowboy 1 pretend to dig a hole under the tree.  Indian Chief and Sheriff place the weapons in the hole)


Sheriff:  From now on, we will be one family.


Indian Chief:  We will be one body, one heart, and one soul.  Nothing will destroy us!


(Indians and Cowboys join hands)


The End


Author:  K I D S I N C O


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