The Smart Potion

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(Chester and Edwin stand outside the witch’s hut)



CHESTER: This place gives me the creeps.



EDWIN: Are you sure you want to come in?.



CHESTER: I have to. I have no other choice.



EDWIN: Yes, you do, we can leave.



CHESTER: No, she’s my only hope.



EDWIN: Come on Chester.  I was only joking when I told you about her, maybe it will not work, anyway.



CHESTER: I know it will!.



(Chester knocks at the door.  The witch opens the door)



WITCH MARILYN: Come in, I was waiting for you. (Chester and Edwin enter.  They look scared) Don’t be scared, I won’t eat you.



 CHESTER: We are not scared. We know witches don’t eat children.



WITCH MARILYN: Sometimes we do.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.



CHESTER: Do you have the magic potion?.



WITCH MARILYN: If you have the money, I have the magic potion.



CHESTER: Yes, I have it.



WITCH MARILYN: Give it to me, then you’ll have your potion. (Chester takes the money out of his pocket and gives it to Witch Marilyn)



CHESTER: The potion, please.



(Witch Marilyn  takes from a shelf a bottle with a purple liquid and gives it to Chester)



WITCH MARILYN:  Now, I have to warn you.  Drink only a small amount, and just the day you need to.  Do you understand?.



CHESTER: I think so.



EDWIN: Do you mean only the day of the…



(Witch Marilyn interrupts him)



WITCH MARILYN: Yes, and the effect will last only for a few hours that is, if he follows my instructions.



EDWIN: I’m sure he will.



WITCH MARILYN: Now leave  before I decide to cook you.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.



CHESTER: Come on, Edwin, let’s go.



EDWIN: (to Witch Marilyn) Thanks.



(Chester and Edwin leave)






(The students are in class. They have a test and a pencil on their desks.  Miss Emma is at her desk)



EDWIN: (To Chester) Is everything alright?.



CHESTER: I suppose so. Well no, I feel weird.



EDWIN: What’s wrong?.



CHESTER: My body aches, my mouth is dry, my head hurts,  and my heart is beating fast.



EDWIN: Maybe you’re just nervous.  Did you study?.



CHESTER: Of course not!.



EDWIN: Chester!.  You were supposed to study!.



CHESTER: What for?.  The magic potion will make me smart!.



EDWIN: What if it doesn’t work?.  You will flunk the test!.



CHESTER: I will not.  That’s what the potion is for!.



EDWIN: Did you drink it as the witch told you to?.



CHESTER: No.  I drank it all.



EDWIN: What?.  Are you crazy!  No wonder you’re not feeling well!.



CHESTER: This is our last test, and I won’t need it anymore…and besides, I didn’t want to waste my money.



EDWIN: You heard what she said!.



CHESTER: Just relax. Nothing bad will happen, you’ll see.



EDWIN: I hope so.



MISS EMMA: Silence everybody!.  (Miss Emma stands in fron of the class) You have thirty minutes to complete the test.



EDWIN: Good luck, Chester!.



CHESTER: This time I’ll get a hundred. You’ll see!.



MISS EMMA:You may start your test, now!.



(Miss Emma sits at her desk.  The students start to answer the test.  Chester talks to himself in a low voice)



CHESTER: Wow!.  This test is so easy (he keeps writing) It’s like a kindergarten test.  (He looks at the other students) What is taking them so long?.  I already finish.  That potion really worked (he stands up and takes the test over to Miss Emma).



MISS EMMA: Finished already?.  (she looks at the test and opens her mouth in surprise.  He looks at Chester) Are you feeling alright?.  You look a little pale.



CHESTER: I’m feeling fine.



MISS EMMA: You may leave, Chester.



CHESTER: See you tomorrow, Miss Emma.



(Edwin stands up)



EDWIN: Wait for me Chester!.  (He gives the test to Miss Emma) Good-bye Miss Emma.



(They leave)






(In the bedroom.  Edwin sits at a desk  He is holding the empty potion bottle. Chester is in the bathroom)



EDWIN: (reading the directions on the bottle) Mmm, these letters are so small!.  (shouting to Chester) Do you have a magnifier?.



CHESTER: (shouting) It’s in the left drawer!.



(Edwin opens the drawer and takes out a magnifier)



EDWIN: Let’s see. (reading) Drink me only as directed.  Do not overdose me or you will become a… (stops reading). Oh my God!.  (shouting) Edwin, are you alright?.



CHESTER: I don’t think so!.



EDWIN: (shouting) I still can’t believe you drank it all. (Chester gets out of the bathroom.  He is all purple) Chester, what happened to you?.  You look like a monster!.



CHESTER: I know!.



EDWIN: You are all purple.  (he looks at the bottle) It was the potion!.



CHESTER: It must be very powerful, but it made me smart!.



EDWIN: You didn’t do what Witch Marilyn told you, and you didn’t read the label.



CHESTER: What label? (pointing to the label on the bottle). This label, you moron!.



CHESTER: Ups, no.



EDWIN: (touching Chester’s hair and nose) Your hair is purple, your nose is purple, and your eyes are much smaller.



CHESTER: It’s all your fault!.



EDWIN: It’s not my fault!.  You did not follow her instructions.   That’s all!.



CHESTER: I’m sorry.  What are we going to do now?.



EDWIN: We?. What are you going to do now?.



CHESTER: I don’t know!.



EDWIN: Well, just wait a few hours (watching at his wrist watch), maybe tomorrow you will be normal again.



CHESTER: What if I’m not?.



EDWIN: Don’t worry.  The effect won’t last forever.



CHESTER: Nor my intelligence.  Right?.



EDWIN: Right.  Next time…



CHESTER: I’ll study for the test.



EDWIN: Yeah!.



CHESTER: Well,  I’ll try to sleep, maybe I’ll be myself again when I wake up.



EDWIN: Good.  See you tomorrow, and I hope your mother doesn’t see you.



CHESTER: I hope so, too!.



EDWIN: So long.



(Edwin leaves.  Chester lies in bed and covers himself with a blanket)



CHESTER: Next time, I’ll follow the instructions!.



CREEPY VOICE: And read the label!.



(He uncovers himself)



CHESTER: Who said that?.






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