Rainbow Flower

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(Setting:  In a rose garden.  Rainbow flower is surrounded by red roses.  They have their eyes closed.  Rainbow flower opens her eyes)


RAINBOW FLOWER: (singing to the tune: It’s a “Beautiful Day” by U2) It’s a beautiful day.  It’s a wonderful day to sing!.  It’s a beautiful day.  I won’t let it get away!.  I love this place, even if you’re not with me.



ROSE 1:   (opens her eyes) Who’s singing so beautifully?.  (she sees Rainbow Flower). Oh, You’re so lovely!.    Sisters wake up!.  (Rose 2, Rose 3, Maggie, Evelyn , and Ruby open their eyes)


ROSE 2 AND 3: (yawning) It’s so early!.


ROSE 1: Look who’s here!.  look at her colorful petals.  Oh, I like the way her leaves move as she sings!.


RAINBOW FLOWER: Oh, you’re so nice.


ROSE 1: Who are you?.


ROSE 2: Where do you come from?.  You’re not from around here!.


ROSE 3: What is your name?.


MAGGIE: You ask too many questions,  let her talk!.  Hello.  I’m Maggie.  I am the smallest rose. Welcome to our garden!.


RAINBOW  FLOWER: Good morning to all of you!.  My name is Rainbow Flower, and I come from a far away land.


MAGGIE: From a far away land?.  How did you get here?.


RAINBOW FLOWER: The wind brought me here!.


MAGGIE: Really?.


RUBY: Oh!.  Do you think that just because you come from another country, and because of all your different colors, and because you sing so beautifully, you are going to make us feel uncomfortable… in our own land?.


RAINBOW FLOWER: Oh no,please.


EVELYN: (to Ruby) Ruby, be quiet!.   Why do you always have to be so unpleasant with our visitors?. (To Rainbow Flower) please, forgive her. Ruby is my daughter, and I know she didn’t mean to offend you.


RAINBOW FLOWER: (sad) Don’t worry.  I understand.  I’m new here, but it wasn’t my intention to…


EVELYN: Let’s forget about it!.  This is a nice place,  and we all try to live in peace.  Even if you’re different, please feel welcome, and if you need anything, just tell us.


RAINBOW FLOWER: Thank you very much. You are all so kind!.


RUBY: Not me!.


ROSE 2: Rainbow Flower, tell us more about the place you come from.


RAINBOW FLOWER: It’s very beautiful.  It’s full of light and color!. It rains almost every day, so we always have a rainbow.  That’s why I have so many colors.


ROSE 3: How’s that?.


RAINBOW FLOWER: Where I come from, when the rainbow disappears, it leaves a magic dust of colors, that’s why we are so colorful!.


MAGGIE: That’s awesome!.


RAINBOW FLOWER: Some flowers are born white, then they slowly change their color.


ROSE 1: But you were not born white!.


RAINBOW FLOWER: No. I was born from a seed that already had the colors of the rainbow, that’s why I have so many colors.


ROSA 3: No wonder your’re so pretty. You are unique!.


ROSE 1: What about your family?.


RAINBOW FLOWER: (sad) The strong wind tore us apart.  I don’t know where they are.


ROSE 1: I’m so sorry.  But don’t worry, we will be your family.


MAGGIE: Yes!.  Whenever you need us, we will be by your side.


RAINBOW FLOWER: Thank you so much. I feel at home!.


RUBY: No!.  Why do we have to help her?.  It’s her problem!.  She’s an intruder!.  This is not her land! . Besides, she is different than us.  She doesn’t belong here.  I already told you, take a good look at her, don’t be fooled by her looks!.


EVELYN: Not again Ruby!.  You don’t seem to understand.  Tomorrow, there will be no water for you!.


RUBY: But mom, why do you protect her so much?.  You don’t know who she is!.   (to Rainbow Flower) see, it’s all your fault!.


ROSE 2: We don’t care if you’re different.  We like you, even if you don’t look like us.


ROSE 3: Don’t worry if someone tells you something about your appearance. You’re lucky being one of a kind.  Don’t forget!.


ROSE 1: We will be great friends!.


RAINBOW FLOWER: I’m so happy!.


(They hug)




Author:  K I D S I N C O


Moral:  Even if people have different opinions, you should feel proud of who you are and where you come from.  Don’t let the past interfere with your present.


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