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( Elizabeth and her mother are in the living room.  Elizabeth is in her laptop, and her mother is reading a magazine. There’s a knock at the door.  Elizabeth stands to open the door)


ELIZABETH: I’ll open the door.  My friends are coming over to do the homework.


(Elizabeth opens the door.  Valerie, Mary Anne, Cecily, and Claudia enter. They have a backpack)


ELIZATETH’S MOTHER: How are you, girls?.


VALERIE AND MARY ANNE: We’re fine.  And you?.


ELIZABETH’S MOTHER: Fine, thanks.  Did you come to do the homework?.


CECILY: Yes.   And it’s a lot!.


(Elizabeth takes her laptop)


ELIZABETH: We’re leaving  mom, we have a lot to do.  Let’s go to my room, girls.




ELIZABETH’S MOTHER: I hope you finish soon.


ELIZABETH: We hope so!.


(Elizabeth, Valerie, Mary Anne, Cecily, and Claudia leave.  Elizabeth’s mother keeps reading the magazine)




(Valerie, Mary Anne, Cecily, and Claudia are on the bed with their laptops.  Elizabeth is sitting at her desk with her laptop)


ELIZABETH: Where’s your computer, Claudia?.


CLAUDIA: I lent it to my brother.


VALERIE: Before we begin to do the homework, let me log in to Facebook.


MARY ANNE: Me too!.


CECILY: I deleted my  Facebook account.


ELIZABETH: What!.  Why?.


CLAUDIA: I am not sure if I should delete it, too.  I’m still thinking about it.


VALERIE: What’s wrong with you two?.


MARY ANNE: They don’t like to socialize, that’s all.


CLAUDIA: I do.   It’s just that I hate Facebook!  I’m sick and tired of knowing things I really don’t care!.


ELIZABETH: Like what?.


VALERIE: Like her ex-boyfriend is going out with somebody else, right?.  I saw it last night.  It says “in a relationship with…”.


CLAUDIA: Don’t bother to mention her name.  I hate her!.


ELIZABETH: You’re jealous.


MARY ANNE: She uploaded a picture of a ring he gave her.


VALERIE: Oh, a promise ring. It’s so romantic!.


CLAUDIA: It’s so cheesy!.  (crying) What I hate the most, is that they were friends in Facebook since I don’t know when, and I didn’t even notice it!


ELIZABETH: (to Valerie) You made her cry Valerie!.


VALERIE:  (to Claudia) Sorry. I thought you didn’t care anymore.


ClAUDIA: I don’t.  But why her?.


MARY ANNE: (to Claudia) Don’t tell me you never read her posts.


CLAUDIA: Well yes, but I never thought they were going to end up together.  Facebook ruined my life!.


MARY ANNE: Ha, ha, ha, that’s what many people say!.


ELIZABETH: Why did you delete your account, Cecily?.


CECILY: Because there’s no privacy.  Everybody is notified when I comment on something; the pages I like, the games I play, who I became friend with, or…


MARY ANNE: You’re right. I don’t care if my friend is bored, if she went to the movies, to a wedding, or what she’s eating.  Errrr.  Why do people publish pictures of  what they are having for lunch?.  That’s so annoying!.


ELIZABETH: They are weird.


CLAUDIA: They think every detail of their existence should be noted and observed by others. The world revolves around them, right?


VALERIE: Especially if they are in love.


CLAUDIA: Why do you keep reminding me that?.


VALERIE: What did I say?.


MARIE ANN: Cut it out, you two!.


CECILY: Even if people have a lot of  things to do, they prefer to be on Facebook just to see what others are doing. They are compulsive users, because it seems the easiest way to kill time.


VALERIE: Did you know that Facebook  has made stalking easy?.

ELIZABETH: And fun, and addictive.


CLAUDIA: That’s true! Some people log in from their mobile phone only to say they are at the movies, at a restaurant, at the gym, in a party.   They even post photos on the places they’ve been just to show off!.


CECILY: Sad but true.  They are clamouring for attention!.


ELIZABETH: That’s enough Cecily!.  You already deleted your account, so don’t complain anymore.  People can do whatever they want to!.


MARY ANNE: Sometimes, I prefer not to read my friends’ updates. I hate to see  they are on the beach, while I’m stuck here in town. I’m such a loser!.


ELIZABETH: I think Facebook has a positive aspect.  Mi mom keeps in touch with her old friends, distant relatives, and with her sisters living out of the country.


MARY ANNE: Yes, my mom found an old friend she hadn’t seen in years and there she was, on Facebook!.


VALERIE: It depends on how you use it.  My mother says there are many good pages, and that she has met very interesting people.  Besides, she gets updates from different companies she subscribed to.


(Elizabeth laughs)


MARY ANNE: Why are you laughing?.


ELIZABETH: Because yesterday I found out that my mother likes “IL Divo”.


VALERIE: What’s that?.


ELIZABETH: You don’t know who they are?.


Valerie: No, I don’t.


ELIZABETH: They are singers.  Mi mother says they sing beautifully, and that they are really cute.  (laughing) It’s seems that a lot of women are in love with them!.


CECILY: See what I mean?.   Gossip, gossip, gossip!.  If you found out what your own mother likes, imagine what other people might also find out about your mother. Uhh it’s scary, don’t you think so?.


ELIZABETH: Hmmm, it’s true.  Anyway, I don’t think she has strangers in her friend list.  I’ll ask her, anyway.


CLAUDIA: If we would study more, instead of commenting on Facebook, we would be geniuses, ha, ha, ha, ha.


MARY ANNE: That’s not funny!.


CECILY: Instead of spending so much time on Facebook, you should read a book, go to the park, or  to the gym.


(Elizabeth’s Mother enters and stands in silence listening to the conversation)


ELIZABETH: Ha, ha, ha, you’re saying that, just because you don’t have it anymore.


CECILY: And I feel so good!.  I’m not worried anymore if my friends look at my picture albums, or read what’s on my mind.  Oh, and  I don’t have to read what’s on their minds, what they had for breakfast, or about their wonderful weekends.   If you use Facebook,  you give away your time, privacy and energy!.


ELIZABETH: Wow!.  You really hate it!.


CECILY: And Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, too.  I still can’t believe they made that  movie. What was its name?.  Hmmmm, I’m trying to remember. Oh, The Social Network, about the founding of Facebook, and the life of Zuckerberg.


ELIZABETH: And now he’s a billionaire!.


CECILY: It’s true.


CLAUDIA: I think I’ll  delete it, too.  There’s no use in having my photo albums hidden so that nobody can see them.


VALERIE: Do you have something to hide?.


CLAUDIA: Of course not!.  But I don’t want people I don’t know, to see my pictures.  I want to be off limits!.


ELIZABETH: If you don’t want to share your pictures, then don’t upload them!.


CLAUDIA: Why not?.  I want my friends to see them,but not the people I don’t know or the ones who are not really my friends.


CECILY: That’s because you made friends with friends of your friends, and you don’t even know them.  They are acquaintances mostly.


VALERIE: You’re right, but I needed them as neighbors in a game I play.  I think I’ll stop playing and I’ll get rid of all those people.  But, why should I stop playing?.  Oh, I don’t know what to do!.


ELIZABETH’S MOTHER: (coughing) Why don’t you start doing your homework.  That’s why you came here, right?.


ELIZABETH: Mom!.  How long  have you been standing there?.


ELIZABETH’S MOTHER: Oh, I just came in.  But as I can see, you haven’t even started to do your homework, and let me tell you something.


ELIZABETH: What is it, mom?.


ELIZABETH’S MOTHER: The best friends you can have, are the ones you have by your side; the ones who can see you when you cry and confort you, and the ones who listen to your laughter and laugh with you and can stand your bad mood.    A real friend doesn’t condemn you, judge you, or despise you, and loves you for who you are.


(Elizabeth stands and hugs her mother)


ELIZABETH: Thanks, mom!.


ELIZABETH’S MOTHER: Now, turn off your computers and do your homework.


MARY ANNE: Yes, we will.


(Elizabeth’s mother leaves)


VALERIE: She’s right. I’ll remove all the people I don’t know, and will leave my real friends.  They are not that many, but it doesn’t matter.


CLAUDIA: Me too. I’ll remove him, or should I just block him?.




CLAUDIA: OK, I’ll remove him from my friend list!.


MARY ANNE: Quality is better than quantity.


CECILY: Let’s get to work!.


(They turn off their computers, take out a notebook from their backpacks, and start to write something down)




Author:  K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Friendship


Facebook offers us many opportunities to compare our own lives with the lives that our Facebook friends choose to present to us.  Facebook is not the only way to keep up with people. You can send them an email, text, phone call, or postcard, or just see them in person.


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