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(Three small red ants – Maggie, Alice, and Emma –  sleep in an ant whole. Music plays for a few seconds: New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. Pause music – Louise rings a bell)



LOUISE: (walking back and forth ringing the bell) Wake up everybody!  It’s time to work.  It’s a beautiful day for gathering food!.



(Maggie, Alice, and Emma open their eyes and stand up)



MAGGIE: Good morning sisters!.



ALICE: We have a lot of things to do, so let’s get to work!.



EMMA: I’ll stay home to clean the house and cook for you.



LOUISE: Good idea!.  See you later.



(Louise, Maggie, and Alice wave good-bye to Emma and get out of the ant hole)



EMMA: Bye, don’t come too late or the soup will get cold!.



LOUISE, MAGGIE, AND ALICE: We won’t.   Bye sister.



(Louise, Maggie, and Alice start to walk away)



LOUISE: We all should help to gather food to survive this coming winter.



MAGGIE: There’s a rumour that the winter will be harsh, and our population keeps growing and growing.



ALICE: We need all the help we can get!.



LOUISE: Fortunately, we are hardworkers!.



(They see Mary, Carrie, and Berry lying under a tree)



LOUISE: Mary, Carrie, Berry!.



(Mary, Carrie and Berry stand)



MARY, CARRIE, AND BERRY: You scared us, Louise!.



MARY: Yeah.  What is it with you?.



LOUISE: What are you doing here taking a nap?.  You’re supposed to be working!.



CARRIE: I don’t have to work.   I’m the queen’s daughter.



BERRY: Me too!.  Besides, I’m not working under this hot sun.  No way!.



LOUISE: We are all the queen’s daughters!.



MARY: Even if that’s true, don’t count on me, either.  Every year it’s the same thing.   You ring the bell, and we get out to gather food.   I’ts so boring!.  Besides, my makeup gets all ruined!.



CARRIE AND BERRY: And it’s so expensive!.



MARY: I wanted to leave the ant whole, but my dad didn’t let me go away!.  I don’t like to get all dirty!.



CARRIE AND BERRY: We get all dirty!.



MARY:  So, Louise and company, please excuse us, we have to go.



LOUISE: Where do you think you’re going?.



MARY, CARRIE, AND BERRY: We’re going to the mall to get our manicure done!. Oh, We’re so happy!.



MARY: We need to get distracted from all this drama!.



(Mary, Carrie, and Berry leave)



ALICE: They are so stuck up!.



MAGGIE: And lazy.



LOUISE: I am not going to stand here and watch how they get their free share of food.  They need to learn the value of work.



ALICE: What are you going to do?.



LOUISE: I’ll talk to their parents.  Come on, let’s get to work.



(They leave)






(Louise is having a meeting with Mary’s, Carrie’s, and Berry’s parents. They are sitting around a table )



LOUISE: I’m sorry to bother you, but yesterday your daughters refused to work in the park gathering food and leaves.   As you know, winter is almost here.



BERRY’S FATHER: Please, don’t apologize.  I already told Berry about the importance of working together for our own good, but unfortunately, she doesn’t listen to me.



CARRIE’S MOTHER: I’m also having problems with Carrie.  She doesn’t want to do anything around the house.  She just wants to go shopping.   I don’t know what to do!.



MARY’S FATHER: Mary wanted to enter a student exchange program in another ant  hole, but I didn’t agree.  So now, she’s angry at me.



BERRY’S FATHER: You have our support, Louise.



CARRIE’S MOTHER: How are we going to convince them about  the importance of working together?.



LOUISE: In fact, they have no option.  We are talking here about survival.



MARY’S FATHER: You’re right.  They must work just like we all do.  Tomorrow morning they will join you and the rest of the ants.  We give you our word!.



LOUISE:  (She stands up) I knew I could count on you.  Now, come with me,  (they all stand up and follow her) I want to show you our food warehouse.  We still need some…



(They leave)






(Louise, Maggie, Alice and some ants are working gathering food and leaves.  Mary, Carrie, and Berry enter along with their parents)



LOUISE:  I’m glad you’re here.  We have been waiting for you.  There’s a lot of work to do!.  (to Mary).  Mary, start gathering pieces of leaves, we will need many of them!.



MARY: (to her father) Father, please, I really don’t want to.  I wasn’t born to work!.  Is there something else I can do, besides working?.



MARY’S FATHER: Do what she’s telling you to do.  Now!.



MAGGIE: (to Mary) Mary, we really need your help.



ALICE:  We can not do this alone.



LOUISE:  Girls, we all have to be responsible and the results will be incredible.  Just imagine all the fun we will have this coming winter!.



CARRIE: She’s right, we’ll need shelter and food.



BERRY: We will have all kinds of goodies…mmmm… good!.  Come on, let’s do our job  and let’s do it well!.



BERRY’S FATHER: Just remember girls, we are all working for our community.



MARY FATHER: We know it’s not easy.  It takes a lot of work,  and compromise, too.



LOUISE: We are all in this together,  and in the long run we will all be proud of ourselves!.



MARY, CARRIE, BERRY: Where should we start?.



LOUISE: This place is just right.   It’s full of  tasty leaves!.



MARY, CARRIE, AND BERRY: (yelling) What are we waiting for.  Let the music play and let’s work hard!.



(Music plays: New York, New York by Frank Sinatra.  The ants start to pick up tree leaves)






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Moral Value:  Teamwork.  Leadership