Incredible Love

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Moon, Sun

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(Nightime in the sky. A Star is in the middle of stage.  The Three Little Stars are in the back.  The Sun enters)


SUN: What are you doing here so early?.  You’re supposed to be sleeping.


STAR: I know, but I wanted to talk to you, that’s why I stayed.


SUN: What about?.


STAR: About the moon.  Have you ever talked to her?.


SUN: No, but I wish I had.  I have seen her a few times, but she never stays. I only get to say hello, and she only gets to say good-bye, then she leaves.  And sometimes when I wake up she’s already gone.


STAR: Would you like to meet her?.  I mean, would you like to really talk to her?.


SUN: Yes, I really want to meet her.  She’s so lovely, so bright, so shiny, so…


STAR: Do you want to know something?. The other day she told me you are very cute.


SUN: Really?. Wow, you make me happy!.


STAR: Tonight when I see her, I’ll tell her you say hi.   (In a hurry) Oh, I have to go, my sisters are waiting for me.


SUN: No wait!. (The Star and the Three Little Stars leave) Please, tell her that I love her.




(The Sun is in the middle of stage.  He looks sad.  A Rooster enters)


SUN: Oh moon, you’re so beautiful. I wish I could see you closer, and touch you, and hug you, and…


(Rooster crows)


SUN: Can you be quiet, please.


ROOSTER: No, I’m doing my job, just like you do yours.


SUN: You call a job waking people up!.


ROOSTER: At least I do something, because all you do is just stand there and do nothing.



(Cloud enters)


CLOUD: (to Rooster) I heard what you said.  Leave him alone!.


ROOSTER: What are you going to do about it?.


CLOUD: I could cry, you know, and get you all wet!.


SUN: Stop it, please!. I’m not in a good mood today.


CLOUD: Why?.  What’s wrong with you?.


ROOSTER: Yes, tell us, maybe we can help you.


SUN: I think I’m in love.


CLOUD: Oh, and who is the lucky one?.


SUN: It’s someone I get to see for only a few seconds every day, and then she leaves.


ROOSTER: I know who she is.  It’s the moon!.


CLOUD: (to the Sun) Is she?.


SUN: Yes, she is.  I could never lie to you.


ROOSTER: Well, I have good news for you.


CLOUD: What is it?.


ROOSTER: Obviously, you don’t know what day is today!.


CLOUD: Well my birthday is on…


ROOSTER: Silence!.


CLOUD: What did I say?.


SUN: Come on Rooster.  What are the good news?.


ROOSTER: (to the Sun) Today, my dear friend,you will get to see your beautiful moon.


SUN: What?.


ROOSTER: Yes!.  She’s coming to see you.


SUN: To see me!.  How do you know?.


ROOSTER: Today there will be a solar eclipse!.


SUN: Oh, I totally forgot about it!.


CLOUD: A solar eclipse?.  What’s that?.


ROOSTER: A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth.




ROOSTER: That means that the Sun and the Moon will have a few minutes to talk.


CLOUD: Oh, I see.  So?.


ROOSTER: Never mind!.


SUN: I’m going to be able to talk to her, and maybe I could even kiss her. My dream will come true!.


CLOUD: (to the Rooster) He really loves her.


ROOSTER: (to the Cloud) Yeah, he does. (looking at the sky) It’s getting darker.  I think she’s coming.


CLOUD: What should I do?.


ROOSTER: We better leave.  They need to be alone.


(The Cloud and the Rooster leave)


SUN: I’m so nervous!.


(The Moon enters and stands in front of the Sun)


MOON: (in a soft voice) Hello.


SUN: We finally meet.  I wanted so much to talk to you, to be near you.


MOON: Me too.


SUN: Really?.


MOON: Yes!.  This is incredible.  I wish this moment would last forever.


SUN: You’re so beautiful.  No wonder why all humans get in love just by looking at you.  You inspire the most beautiful songs, and the most profound poems.  I love to watch you dance upon the ocean!.


MOON: You give life to everything that exists!.  Right now, I feel your warmth in my face, and I feel that everything is possible.  You make me feel so alive!.


SUN: I love you!.


MOON: So do I!. (They hug.  The Moon starts to move away from the Sun)


SUN: Please, don’t leave me!.


MOON: I have to.  Just remember… we will meet again thousands of times.  Time for you and me… is infinite.


(The Moon leaves)


SUN: I’l be waiting for you…always.




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