The Generous Customer

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(Some customers are in the soda counter sitting on stools.  A young boy approaches and sits on a stool)


WAITRESS: Good afternoon.  What would you like to eat?.


BOY: Hi.  Mmm, I don’t know. May I please have the menu?.


WAITRESS: Sure!. (She gives him the menu) Take your time. I’ll come back in a few minutes.


BOY: Yeah, thanks. (The Waitress turns around. He looks at the menu, then he takes out some money from his pocket and counts the coins.  He puts the money back in his pocket)  Excuse me, miss (pointing at the menu) is this the price of a hamburger with fries?.


WAITRESS: Let me see (looking at the menu).  Yes, it is. It’s two dollars and fifty cents.



(The Boy takes out the money from his pocket and counts it again. He puts the coins back in his pocket.  The Waitress turns around and  fills in glasses of water and gives them to the other customers)


BOY: Oh. (He keeps looking at the menu) And how much would it be if I only order a hamburger with no fries?.


WAITRESS: Two dollars.


(The Boy takes out the money from his pocket and counts it again. He puts the coins back in his pocket)


BOY: Very well.   May I have a hamburger, please?.


WAITRESS: And what would you like to drink?.


BOY: Just a glass of water.


WAITRESS: Fine.  I’ll bring your order in a few minutes. (The Boy gives her the two dollars. She leaves and comes back with the hamburger and the glass of water) Here it is.  Enjoy it!.


BOY: Thanks.  It looks delicious!.


(The Waitress talks to another customer.  The Boy eats the hamburger, then he takes out the rest of the money from his pocket and leaves the coins on the counter.  He stands up and starts to leave)


WAITRESS: Good-bye.  Have a nice day and come back!.


BOY: Thanks, you too, and I will.  Bye!.


(The Boy leaves.  The Waitress picks up the boy’s dish, and she sees fifty cents on the counter.  She takes the coins and smiles)


WAITRESS: Oh, now I understand.


(The Manager enters)


MANAGER: Is there something wrong?.


WAITRESS: No.   Did you see that little boy?.


MANAGER: (looking at the door) Yes, I did.   Why?.  Was there a problem?.


WAITRESS: Oh no, not at all!.   It’s just that he had enough money to eat his hamburger with fries.




WAITRESS: But he didn’t have enough money for the tip, so he just order a hamburger and gave me the rest of his money.


MANAGER: You provided a good service.


WAITRESS: It’s not that.   He was generous!.


(A Man enters and sits on a stool)


MANAGER: (speaking in a low voice) Get back to work.


WAITRESS: Yes.  (The Manager leaves.  She takes the menu and gives it to the man)  Good afternoon, sir.  Would you like to try the specialty of the house?.




Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Generosity


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