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(Some children enter school; others are gathered in small groups. Claire enters.  Paty, Lili and Dorothy approach her.  The School Principal and a Teacher are talking near the girls)



PATY: Hello Claire. Wow, what an old fashion car your father is driving!.



DOROTHY: Did he borrowed it from Fred Flintstone?.



PATY, LILI, AND DOROTHY: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



(Claire walks quickly.  Paty, Lili, and Dorothy walk behind her)



PATY: Wait!.  Why are you walking so fast?.



PATY, LILI, AND DOROTHY: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



CLAIRE: (talking in a low voice) Oh God, help me get soon to the classroom, please, help me get soon to the classroom.



PATY: What did you say?.



(Claire keeps walking.  Lili looks around. Children are watching them)



LILI: Leave her alone.  They are watching us.



PATY: I don’t care! (She grabs Claire’s arm.  Claire and the girls stop walking) I’m talking to you!.



CLAIRE: Leave me alone Paty!.  What do you want, besides insulting me.



PATY: Oh, today you’re not feeling intimidated.  Did you bring me what I told you yesterday, freak?.



CLAIRE: Of course not!.  And don’t call me freak, because I’m not!.



LILI: Oh, you’re right. You’re a nerd!.



DOROTHY: You’re so weird!.



PATY: You think you’re better than us, right?.



CLAIRE: Stop bothering me!.  I just come here to study.



PATY: Well,  you’re in the wrong school.  You’re such a loser!.



LILI: Have you seen at yourself in the mirror lately?.  Look at your sorry outfit!.



DOROTHY: Oh, your mother must have bought that blouse and those ugly pants at the flea market!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.



PATY: You’re dressing like you’re from the 70s.  You look so funny!.



CLAIRE: Look.  I didn’t ask for your opinion, thanks for caring.   Besides, I don’t dress to impress you, so don’t worry about it.



LILI: How do you dare talking to us like that?.



DOROTHY: You don’t know who you’re dealing with!.



CLAIRE: You are not going to scare me.  You will not make me feel bad anymore.



LILI: What do you think, Paty?.  Should we deal with her after school?.



DOROTHY: It seems like she needs a a new haircut.  Her hair is too long.



PATY: Good idea!.  Claire, have you noticed that some girls have their hair… too short?.



(Claire turns around looking at the other girls in school)



CLAIRE: Did you cut their hair?.



LILI: Yes!.



PATY AND DOROTHY: Ha, ha, ha, ha, and it was fun!.



CLAIRE: Girls, you’re just looking for attention.  You trying to make yourselves feel more important.  You just want to be popular!.



PATY: We are popular.  We are big and powerful!.



LILY: Everybody must respect us!.



CLAIRE: They don’t respect you.  They are afraid of you!.



PATY: Look, give me what I told you yesterday, and I’ll let you go.  (to Lili) Lili, check if she has it in her backpack, and hurry up, it’s almost time for class.



(Lili grabs Claire’s backpack and tries to open it)



CLAIRE: Back off!.  This is not yours.  Don’t touch it!.



DOROTHY: What a geek!.



CLAIRE: You don’t control me.  This is over!.  Your words don’t hurt me anymore.



DOROTHY: What should we do,  Paty?.



PATY: Let’s hit her till she understands!.



CLAIRE: No!.  I don’t want to fight.



DOROTHY: We are not going to fight.  You will just fall from the stairs.



LILI: And we will say it was an accident.  Just like we have done it before.



(The school bell rings. The School Principal and the Teacher approach the girls.  Paty, Lili, and Dorothy look at them and start to walk away)



PRINCIPAL: Girls, come back here.  Your teacher and I want to talk to you.



(Paty, Lili, an Dorothy return)



TEACHER: We heard the whole conversation.



PRINCIPAL: Yesterday we talked to Claire and with some other girls, and we are well informed of what you have been doing.



PATY: What are you talking about?.



PRINCIPAL: Finally, we know that you three  are the ones who have been bullying, teasing, threatening, and hurting other girls.



LILI: I haven’t done anything.  I swear!.



PRINCIPAL: Your parents are in my office.  We talked to them, and they brought all the things you took from your classmates.  They know those objects don’t belong to any of you.



DOROTHY: I didn’t take anything.  It was Paty!.



LILI: Neither did I.  It was her idea!.



PATY: (to Lili and Dorothy) But you also took all those things home, not only me.



TEACHER: (to Lili and Dorothy) You are both guilty.  You were her accomplice.



LILI: She threatened us!.



TEACHER: And you didn’t say anything.  You did what she told you to do.






PRINCIPAL: You three are in big trouble.  Let’s go to my office.



(The Principal, Paty, Lili, and Dorothy leave)



TEACHER: (to Claire) Come on Claire.   It’s all over.



CLAIRE: Yes.  Thank you for helping me.  I knew I could trust you.



(The Teacher and Claire leave)






Author: K I D S I N C O



Remember:  If you are being bullied, teased, or threatened at school it is very important to tell an adult.  Your parents, the Principal, and the Teachers at school can help you stop bullying.  Don’t keep silent!


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