The World is Sick

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Earth Day, World, Planet Earth

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The following script was sent to Kidsinco by Patricia Briones




















(The Girl walks in the street. She sees the World.  The World walks slowly and with difficulty)



GIRL: World!. What happened to you?.  What have they done to you?.



WORLD: (crying) What?.  I can hardly hear you!. Speak Louder!.



GIRL: What’s wrong with you?.  Why  are you crying?.



WORLD: Oh, I’m sick. I feel really bad, my whole body hurts!. I feel sad. I’ve never felt like this before.



GIRL: (The girl takes out a handkerchief from her pocket) Let me dry your tears.



WORLD: Thank you.   You’re son nice and kind to me.



GIRL: I’ll take you to the doctor.  Give me your hand.



(The World  takes her hand and they leave)






(The Doctor sits in his desk.  The Girl and the World sit in front of him)



DOCTOR:  Good morning.



GIRL: Good morning, doctor.



DOCTOR: What can I do for you?.



GIRL: Well, you see doctor, today I found Planet Earth in the street.



DOCTOR: (looking at the World) Hmmm, and what is wrong with him?.



GIRL: He is very depressed and he doesn’t look very well.



DOCTOR: (to the World) So, you aren’t feeling well today?.



GIRL: He can’t hear you, doctor.



DOCTOR:  I’ll take a look at him.  I’ll start with his ears.



(The Doctor stands up and approaches the World)



WORLD: What?.  I can’t hear you!.



DOCTOR: I’m going to check your ears!.  Are you listening?.



(The Doctors checks the World’s ears)



WORLD: (shouting) Just a little,  there is so much noise everywhere. I have become deaf!.  I can’t even sleep at night.  They are all over me!.



DOCTOR: Now, I have to check your global temperature (he places a thermomenter in the World’s mouth).  Oh my, you have a fever!.  Your temperature is really high!.



WORLD: Of course doctor.   All those cars, industrial wastes, vapors and gases, smog, pesticides, and chemicals are contaminating my atmosphere.  They have altered my climate.  I have suffered hurricanes,  tsunamis, floods.



DOCTOR: Mmmm, let me check your heart, and your blood pressure.



(The Doctor places his stethoscope on the World’s chest)



WORLD: That’s not necessary. My heart is weak and I have a low blood pressure.  I am not the strong World I used to be.



DOCTOR: Let me take a look at your feet.



(The Doctor checks the World’s feet)



WORLD: Oh, doctor, I’m so tired of walking over piles of trash!.  My feet are cracked and dirty, and even my heels are bleeding!.  Garbage pollutes my soil and water, and  people extract petroleum from the ground!



GIRL: See doctor, he told me he wasn’t feeling well.  Poor World!.


(The Doctor sits behind his desk)



DOCTOR: (to the World) Look, you shouldn’t worry so much, we are just on time to help you.  The first thing we’ll do is enroll you in a detoxification program to remove toxic chemicals polluting your environment.  With this program you will feel better, it will restore your health, and you will gain energy.



WORLD: Really?.   And how will you do that?.  I want to be healthy again, doctor!.



DOCTOR: The detox program includes planting trees, recycling glass, cans, plastic, and paper.  Also saving energy by limiting the usage o air-conditioning, microwaves, radios, televisions, computers,  and by using power saving bulbs and lighting.  Oh, and last but not least, cleaning polluted streams and landfills, and saving water.



WORLD: So the program is also about reducing, reusing, and recycling?.



DOCTOR: Of course!.



WORLD: Oh, and flowers will bloom.   The air will become pure.  Forests will become green again.  Animals, fish, and insects will not become extinct, and the birds will sing!.



DOCTOR: That’s right!.  You are the perfect place to live in!.



GIRL: That’s how I want you to be!.



WORLD: Oh, you have taken a huge weight off my shoulders!/  I feel much better knowing that you are going to help me, and you will not let me die.  But please, tell me this is not a dream!.



(The Girl stands up and hugs the World)



GIRL: No.  This is for real.  We all love you.   You are a wonderful world!.



(Music plays:  What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong)






Author: Patricia Briones



Adapted by: K I D S I  N C O




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Does the weather feel hot to you?  Is it hotter than last year?  Scientists believe the earth is getting slightly warmer every year.  This is called Global Warming.  If it doesn’t stop, our earth might become too warm.  That could melt the polar ice caps, at the top and bottom of the earth, and then what would happen to the penguins, polar bears, and other animals that live there? 


Scientists think that global warming is caused by people burning too many fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels like coal, oil,  and natural gas are made by the remains of plants and animals that lived a long time ago. 


Global Warming can be stopped if people start using fewer fossil fuels.  New ways of running cars with electricity, and heating homes with solar power are helping reduce our needs for these fuels.


There are little things you can do to reduce Global Warming:


–  Reduce,  reuse, recycle


–  Use less heat and air conditioning


–  Buy energy-efficient products


–  Use less hot water


–  Turn off lights


–  Plant a tree




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