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(Steven and his Dad are looking at the toys.  Steven takes a bag with plastic toy soldiers)


STEVEN: Dad, please buy me these toy soldiers, I want to play war. Boom!.  Boom!.  Boom!.


DAD: Did you know that with those toy soldiers you could play other games?.


STEVEN: Come on Dad.  Soldiers fight and they get rid of bad guys!.


DAD: That only happens in the movies!.


STEVEN: No dad.  I read and watch the news everyday.


DAD: Unfortunately, you’re right Steven.  But soldiers also do other things.  They not only fight, and get rid of bad guys, as you said.


STEVEN: What else do they do?.


DAD: They protect us.  They love and respect life.


STEVEN: Mmm, I didn’t know that.  And where do they live?.


DAD: Some soldiers live on military bases, or they may live in private housings if they wish, and they belong to a group called the United States Army.


STEVEN: What’s that?.


DAD: The United States Army is the primary ground-based military force.  It organizes and trains soldiers to preserve the peace and security of our country, and any areas occupied by the United States.


STEVEN: And what’s a military base?.


DAD: It’s a place where a soldier lives, sleeps, studies, works, and gets prepared to serve our country.


STEVEN: How can he serve our country?.


DAD: Remember what I told you.  A soldier not only fights in war. They provide humanitarian relief to the victims of earthquakes, hurricanes,  floods, and fires.  They deliver water, food, provide medical assistance, and help people get out of their homes.  They search for survivors, and help find people trapped under the rubble of the collapsed buildings, muddy waters and raging fires.


STEVEN: You’re right!.  I saw them on television when they were rescuing survivors from the roofs of submerged houses in Japan’s quake and tsunami.


DAD: Yes,  our country sent equipment, and search-and-rescue teams to find victims after the earthquake.


STEVEN: Dad, you’re right.   A soldier not only fights in war, he also saves lives.  But you also told me that a soldier studies and gets prepared.  How?.


DAD: They become doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, engineers, technicians…


STEVEN: Oh Dad, I would like to meet a soldier!.   I would ask him so many questions.  I will tell my friends in school about everything you told me!


DAD: Of course.   And remember, a soldier has a very noble job. He protects our nation and country.  Don’t forget that!.


STEVEN: No, Dad.


DAD: God Bless America!.    It’s getting late.  I’ll buy you those toy soldiers, and we’ll keep talking about this later.


DAD: Thanks, Dad!.


(Steven and his Dad go to the cash register to pay the clerk)


CLERK: Thanks, and come back soon.


STEVEN:  Sure, I’ll come and get the …


DAD: Steven!.


STEVEN: I’m coming, Dad.


(Steven and his Dad leave)




Author: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Patriotism, Loyalty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage


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