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NARRATOR:  Once upon a time in China, there were three Panda Bears.  Papa Panda, Mama Panda, and Baby Panda.  They were bored of being at the zoo, so one sunny day they decided to…


BABY PANDA: Oh! My dear mother, I’m so bored of being here.


MAMA PANDA: Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll think of something to do.


PAPA PANDA: I know! Let’s escape, and take a tour through China.


NARRATOR:  So they went along with their plan, and they escaped from the zoo.


PAPA PANDA: Hurry!. Hurry!. There’s not much time.


ZOO KEEPER: Oh!. The Panda Bears have escaped!.  Now what am I going to do?.


NARRATOR: When they had finally escaped, they started their tour. First, they decided to go to the park and enjoy the beautiful trees. When they arrived at the park, they found themselves with five tourists who were taking pictures and enjoying the sights.  Suddenly the pandas approached the tourists.


PAPA PANDA: Hey there, what are you doing?.


TOURIST 1: We are taking  pictures of the beautiful China.


TOURIST 2: Yes,  we are having a great time here!.


MAMA PANDA: Where are you from?.


TOURIST 3: We are from America.


BABY PANDA: I´ve heard that´s a beautiful country, too.


TOURIST 3: Yes, it is beautiful.


PAPA PANDA: Should we visit another place?. What do you recommend?.


TOURIST 4: Well, I recommend the museum.   People say it’s pretty nice.


TOURIST 5: You should also go to a restaurant and enjoy the food.  Yumi!.


PAPA PANDA: Ok, thank you guys.


TOURISTS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Bye, enjoy your tour!.




NARRATOR: So they decided to move on and continue with their tour.  The Panda Bears started to get hungry, so they decided to go to a restaurant and  eat.


BABY PANDA: Oh!. Look there’s a restaurant.  Let’s go in there.


MAMA PANDA: Ok, let’s go!.


PAPA PANDA: Good idea!.


NARRATOR: When they arrived at the restaurant, a waiter was at the door who led them to a table.


WAITER: Hello!. Welcome to Delicious China Restaurant.  This is the best restaurant in town.


PAPA PANDA: What do you suggest we should eat?.


NARRATOR: Suddenly, from a nearby table, they heard someone saying.


CUSTOMER : You should try the rice. It’s delicious!.


PAPA PANDA: Fine, we’ll have three of those, please.


WAITER: Your meal will be ready in a minute.


NARRATOR: After a  few minutes, the waiter came back with three delicious looking and smelling bowls of rice.  The Panda Bears ate the rice and decided to continue with their tour. They went straight to the museum, where a man looking like Confucius, who was a China´s philosopher, welcomed them.


CONFUCIUS: Welcome to China´s museum!.  You will see inventions made by Chinese.  Our tour guide will be happy to take you.


TOUR GUIDE: Here, as you can see, we have the kite. The Chinese invented the kite many hundreds of years ago BC.


PAPA BEAR: Wow!. This is interesting, right mama?.


MAMA BEAR: Yes, sweety!.


TOUR GUIDE: And here we have the gun powder.  Chinese scientists discovered gunpowder in the Eighth Century, while they were searching for a way to change metal into gold. We also have other inventions like: silk, paper, compass, fireworks and many more.


BABY PANDA: I’ve really liked the museum, thank you, Mr. Guide man.


TOUR GUIDE: You’re welcome.  I hope you come back soon!.


NARRATOR: The Panda Bears left the museum really happy. Then, they decided  to go into a China´s shop.


CLERK: Welcome to China´s Shop!.  Here you will find everything you’re looking for!.


MAMA BEAR: Thank you.


NARRATOR: The Panda Bears stayed in the store for a while, then they decided to leave.


MAMA BEAR: Where should  we go now?.


PAPA BEAR: We should  go to the Great Wall of China!.


BABY BEAR: Yes, yes, lets go!.


NARRATOR: They walked to get there, and finally they  arrived to the  Great Wall of China.


BABY BEAR: It’s huge!.


PAPA BEAR: I know!  It’s the biggest man made structure.  It was built more than 2000 years AD.


NARRATOR: They continued walking. Then, they saw a kid walking along The Great Wall of China.


BABY BEAR: Who are you?.


KARATE KID: I’m the Karate Kid.


BABY BEAR: What?.  This is not your movie.  its mine!. Get out of here!.


NARRATOR: The Karate Kid left, then Papa Panda said.


PAPA BEAR: Mmm, lets go to Beijing,  the capital of China and also China´s most modern place.


BABY BEAR: Yes!.  Let’s take the train, a modern way of transportation here in China.


MAMA BEAR: Yes, my feet are killing me!.


BABY BEAR: Yes, let’s run!.   We are going to miss the train!.


PAPA BEAR: I Hope you enjoyed the tour, because I did!.


BABY BEAR: I sure did!.


MAMA BEAR: Me too! But remember, we have to go back to the zoo before they start looking for us.




PAPA BEAR: You are right, my dear.


NARRATOR: So the Panda Bears decided to go back to the zoo.


BABY BEAR: Thank you mom and dad, for this exciting trip to China!.




Author: Rosita Cuellar


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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