The Mannequin

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 PROPS:  wire mannequin, money, bed, brown pants, green blouse, brown shoes, earrings.









 (Lina walks on the sidewalk watching the store windows)



LINA: (sad) What is wrong with me?.  I feel so lonely.  I don’t have any friends, and I never go out.



 (She stops at an antique store.  She sees a mannequin)



LINA: What a beautiful mannequin!.  I have never seen anything like it.  (she puts her hands on the window to watch it closely) Oh, it’s a wire mannequin, and it has crystal stones!.   Mmm, I’ll go inside.  I need to see it closely, anyway, I have nothing to do.



(Lina enters the store, and watches the mannequin.  A clerk approaches her)



CLERK: It’s beautiful.  Isn’t it?.



LINA: Yes, it is!.  I liked it the minute I saw it.



CLERK: It’s a very special mannequin.



LINA: Why?.



CLERK: Because it talks.



LINA: What!.



CLERK: I’m just joking, but if you like it… how much can you pay for it?



LINA: How much does it cost?.



CLERK: How much money do you have?.



LINA: I only have…



CLERK: Give me what you have.   Don’t ask any questions, and take it with you.



LINA: Are you sure?.



CLERK: I said no questions!.



LINA: (she pays the clerk) Fine.



CLERK: It’s all yours!.   hurry up, it’s almost time to close.



LINA: Thank you!.



(Lina takes the mannequin and leaves happily)






(Lina is in her bedroom watching the mannequin)



LINA: You’re so beautiful.   I wish you could really talk!



(Lina turns around to sit on the bed)



MANNEQUIN: I can talk!.



LINA: (turns her head toward the door) Is that you, mom?.



MANNEQUIN: There’s only you and me here.



LINA: (surprised) For heaven sakes.  You can really talk!.  Or am I going crazy?.



MANNEQUIN: She told you I could talk!.



LINA: Yes, but she also said she was joking!.



MANNEQUIN: It was the only way to take me home with you.



LINA: Why?.



MANNEQUIN: Because I asked her to.  I am a magical mannequin.  I decide who I wish to talk to.



LINA: (she desesperately closes her eyes) No!.  This can’t be happening!.  You can not talk!.



MANNEQUIN: Yes, and you are the only one who can hear me.



LINA: Why shoud I want a talking mannequin?.



MANNEQUIN: You need me.  I heard you when you said you felt lonely,  and that you didn’t have any friends.



LINA: (sad) It’s true.  But…



MANNEQUIN:  I am not a piece of decoration.  I will always be with you,  if you just let me.



LINA: Yes, I want to!.  Now, I don’t need anybody!.



MANNEQUIN: No, you don’t understand.  I’ll listen to you, I’ll comfort you,  and I’ll give you advice.  You can tell me anything you want to, but that’s all.



LINA: What do you mean?.



MANNEQUIN: You have people who love you, but you don’t see them.



LINA: Is that true?.  Tell me who loves me!. Come on, tell me!.



MANNEQUIN: Mary,  Louise, Sandy, and her cousin Esther.



LINA: How come you know them?.



MANNEQUIN: Because I know that you hang around with them.  Besides, the other day they went to the store, and I heard them talking, they were saying nice things about you.  They are really your friends, but you don’t appreciate them.  Oh, how I wish you could have heard what they said!.



LINA: Tell me, I want to know.



MANNEQUIN: Mary said that you’re very intelligent, and there’s no one like you!.  And Louise, Oh poor Louise.  She has no sisters, but she doesn’t need them, because you’re like a sister to her.



LINA: (sad) She told me that the other day, but I didn’t believe her.  And Sandy, what did she say?.



MANNEQUIN:  Sandy said you make her laugh, that you’re so funny!.  She also said that when she’s with you, she forgets about how lonely she is when she gets home because her parents are always working.



LINA: It’s true, but I thought she was just exaggerating.  What about Esther?.



MANNEQUIN: Esther really needs you.  You know that her mother was at the hospital recently, and she has been taking care of her.



LINA: (sad) Yes, poor Esther!.   She sleeps so little, and she hardly eats.  She has been suffering so much.  But I thought nobody loved me.



MANNEQUIN: Well, now you know that’s not true.  Don’t you think you have been a little selfish?.



LINA: Yes, and I’m really sorry.



(Lina’s mother enters)



LINA: Hello, mom.



MOTHER: Lina, Esther just called.  She’s coming to pick you up.  She wants you to go with her to have dinner.  Hurry up, she will be here in a few minutes.



(Lina’s mother leaves)



MANNEQUIN: I told you!.  Hurry up!.



LINA: What am I going to wear?.



MANNEQUIN: (staring at Lina’s closet) Mmm,  put on those brown pants, and that green blouse.  Oh, and those jade earrings.  You will look fantastic!.



(Lina takes her clothes from the closet)



LINA: Which shoes?.



MANNEQUIN: Those brown ones.  They are perfect for your outfit!.



LINA: Thank you so much!.



(Lina takes her shoes)



MANNEQUIN: Don’t forget our conversation.



LINA: Of course not.  Thank you once again.



(Lina hugs the mannequin)



MANNEQUIN: Be careful, I could break!.



LINA: Ha, ha, ha, I’m so happy!.  I have to change, then I’ll leave.



MANNEQUIN: Enjoy your meal!.



(Lina waves good-bye)



LINA: Thanks for your help, and for opening the eyes of my heart.  Good-bye!.



(Lina leaves)



MANNEQUIN: I’m glad she knows she’s not alone, and that she has friends who love her, and need her.






Author: © K I D S I N C O



Moral Value:  Friendship



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