The Snowman

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Snowman, dog, winter free clip art

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(The Snowman is outside a house.  Some children play and yell.  A dog lies beside the Snowman)



SNOWMAN: Wow!.  I’m so happy today!. The weather is just great for me! (He sees the children playing). Ha, ha, ha, ha, they are so cold and soon they will get sick!.  (he gets sad) Oh, how I wish I could move and walk just like they do, but I can’t.  (The dog stares at the snowman) Why are you staring at me?.



DOG: My leg hurts and that means that soon the weather will change.



(A child dressed as the sun enters the scene and walks around the stage.  He/she leaves)



SNOWMAN: I don’t think so.  The sun looks marvelous.  It is really a beautiful day!.



DOG: Don’t trust the sun. He’s not your friend. Smeday, he will make you go away, disappear, you know. (Wind blows) You have to believe me!.



(Two children dressed as dark clouds enter the scene and walk around the stage.  They leave)



DOG: I told you.  it’s getting colder!.



SNOWMAN: I feel great in this weather.



DOG:  I don’t.  I miss being inside the house (the dog points to the house), beside the stove.  When I was little, I used to live inside that house.  But when I grew up, they threw me out.  Oh, my dear stove!.



SNOWMAN: Stove?.  What’s that?. How does a stove look like?.  Does it look like me?.



DOG: Oh, my friend you ask too many questions.



SNOWMAN: I want to know.



DOG: Well, to begin with, you are all white and the stove is all black.  She has a long neck and a brass knob.  Oh, and she’s always hungry, she eats too much firewood!. When I was near her, I felt so warm.  I miss her so much!.



SNOWMAN: I wish I could meet her. I wish I could stand beside her!.



DOG: You can’t, they won’t let you in.  And even if you could get inside the house, you would die, my friend.



SNOWMAN: Why?.  Are you telling me that she could harm me?.



DOG: That’s exactly right!.  Look, can you see her through the window?.



SNOWMAN: Oh, yes I can.  She looks so lovely.



DOG: You should feel happy here in the cold weather .  If you get near her, you will melt.  Believe me, you will.  (the dog complains) Ouch!.



SNOWMAN: What’s wrong?.



DOG: My leg still hurts. Now I’m sure, the weather will change!.



SNOWMAN: Try to rest, we’ll talk tomorrow morning.



DOG: Yeah.  Good-night.



SNOWMAN: Pleasant dreams.



(They close their eyes)






DOG: (He opens his eyes and doesn’t see the snowman)   Where is he?. Hmmm, where can he be.?. (He looks up to the sky) Oh well, at least the sun is up, and it’s getting warmer. Oh no, I lost my friend!.



(Two children approach.  Child 1 sees a broomstick on the ground. He kneels down to pick it up)



CHILD 1:  See, I told you.  This is all that’s left from the snowman!.



(Child 1 picks up the broomstick)



CHILD 2: But,  he was here yesterday. I saw him!.



CHILD 1: I know, I saw him too, but you knew he would melt someday.  Come on, next year we’ll do another one.



(Child 1 leaves the broomstick on the floor.  The two children leave)



DOG: So they used a broomstick to build him up. (The dog sees a shovel on the floor) Oh, there’s the shovel that was used for cleaning out the stove, fastened to the pole. The Snow Man had a stove scraper in his body!.  That’s why he wanted so much to be near the stove. I think he was in love with her!.   Oh well, it’s all over now.



(The dog leaves)






Author:  Hans Christian Andersen  (1861)



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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