Quasimodo and the Bells

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(Setting: At Victor Hugo’s House. There is an 1829 calendar on the wall.  There is a table and a chair in the right hand corner of the room.  There is a lit candle, a notebook and a pen on the table. Victor Hugo enters and looks through the window)



VICTOR HUGO: (Rubbing his hands together) It’s a cold day today…anyway  (he turns to the audience) It’s time to write my next novel.  And I know exactly what it will be about.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (He sits, opens the notebook, takes the pen in his hands,  and starts to write ). Once upon a time in Paris….



Lights off  – Lights on



(Setting:  Outside the cathedral.  The Woman and the Man enter.  The Woman is holding a baby in her arms. The baby is covered with a blanket)



WOMAN: I’ll leave him here!.  He’s a monster!.  I hate him!.  (leaves the baby on the floor)



MAN: (nervously) Let’s get out of here, before somebody sees us!.



(They leave.  Father Frollo enters.  He hears the baby crying.  He approaches to see the baby.  He picks him up, and uncovers him)



FATHER FROLLO: Oh my God!.  It’s a boy!.    Poor baby… he’s grossly deformed!.  He must be cold and very hungry.  I’ll take him inside, and I’ll give him some milk.  I’ll take care of him.



(Father Frollo leaves)



Lights off – Lights on



VICTOR HUGO: (writing in the notebook) Many years later, before mass celebration….



Lights off – Lights on



(Setting:  Inside the Cathedral)



FATHER FROLLO: (Yelling) Quasimodo!.  Quasimodo!. (Quasimodo enters carrying a broom). Stop sweeping the floor!.



QUASIMODO: What?.  I can’t hear you!.



FATHER FROLLO: (yelling) Stop sweeping the floor and go to the bell tower and ring the bells.  It’s almost time for mass!.



QUASIMODO: (yelling) Yes, father!.



(Quasimodo walks slowly and leaves)



FATHER FROLLO: Poor Quasimodo.   The tremendous noise of the bells made him deaf.



(Father Frollo leaves)



VICTOR HUGO: (writing in his notebook) Quasimodo goes to the bell tower and starts to talk with the bells.  They are his only friends.



Lights off – Lights on



(Setting:  At the Bell Tower.  Quasimodo stands in front of the bells)



QUASIMODO: Good morning my dear friends.



ALL THE BELLS: Good morning Quasimodo!.   Did you sleep well?.



QUASIMODO: Yes, I did.  But all of you wake up.  It’s time to work!.



ALL THE BELLS: Oh no, not again!.



(Quasimodo approaches each bell and takes the rope from each bell)



QUASIMODO: Come on Gabrielle, it’s time to make noise!.



BELL GABRIELLE: Yes, Quasimodo, today is Annunciation day!.



QUASIMODO: Thibauld, don’t be so lazy!.  Are you rusted?.



BELL THIBAULD: I’m just relaxing.



QUASIMODO: Are you ready Jacqueline?.



BELL JACQUELINE: Yes, I’m ready, just tell me when to sing.



QUASIMODO: Go, go, go Guillaume, don’t be shy!.



BELL GUILLAUME: Who me?.  I’m the best one!.



QUASIMODO: Pasquier, I know you’re the smallest, but you sing so beautifully!.



BELL PASQUIER: I know.  Everybody in Paris likes to hear me singing!.



QUASIMODO: Eli!.  What are you doing?.  Pay attention!.



BELL ELI: (distracted) Oh, sorry, I was looking at the pigeons.  Look how beautiful they are!.



BELL SOPHIA: Stop talking, it’s getting late!.



QUASIMODO: Are you ready, Anne?.



BELL ANNE: Yes, I am, take my rope and make me sing.



QUASIMODO: Marie, make them deaf, just like me!.



BELL MARIE: I sure will!.   Let’s get to work, sisters!.  God wants to listen to our music to announce the coming of His Blesssed Son.



(Quasimodo rings the bells)



Lights off – Lights on



VICTOR HUGO: (He puts down his pen on the table) This is just the beginning of the story (he closes the notebook).  I’m tired… I’ll continue tomorrow  (he blows off the candle. Sounds of bells. He stands up and leaves the room)



Lights Off






Author: K I D S I N C O



Based on the novel by Victor Hugo “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.


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