Three Wishes

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(A man and his wife sit in the living room in front of the fireplace)



WOMAN: What’s wrong with you?.   You look sad.



MAN: I am.  I am definitely not happy.



WOMAN: Why?.  Have I done something wrong?.



MAN: Oh no.  It’s not you.  It’s our neighbors!.



WOMAN: Since when do you care about our neighbors?.



MAN: I don’t know. It’s just that they have everything, so they must be very happy. 



WOMAN: You’re right!. She has beautiful diamond jewelry, brand clothes, a new car, a many friends!.  Where do you think they get all that money?.  What kind of job does he do?. 



MAN: Maybe they are just lucky, and we’re not.



WOMAN: I would be happier if I could have everything I want!.



MAN: Me too!.  I hope a good fairy would come and grant me a wish!.



(They hear a noise in the kitchen)



WOMAN: Did you hear that?.



MAN: It must be the cat.



WOMAN: What cat?.  We don’t have a cat!


MAN:  I was just saying.



(The man and the woman stand up and go to the kitchen.  They see a beautiful fairy)



MAN: Oh, who are you?.



WOMAN: You’re so beautiful!.



FAIRY: You called me, so I came.



MAN: Are you really a……?



FAIRY: Yes, I am a fairy, and I came to grant you three wishes.



WOMAN: Three wishes?.  Only three wishes?.



MAN: Be quiet, and let her speak.



FAIRY: Yes, only three, but you have to be very careful with what you wish for, because that’s all you’ll get.



(They hear a knock at the front door)



WOMAN: Who coult it be at this hour?.



MAN: Let’s get rid of whoever it is.



(The woman and the man go to the door and open it)



MAN: It’s strange, there’s nobody here.



(The man closes the door)



WOMAN: Como on, let’s go to the kitchen, the fairy is waiting for us.



(They go to the kitchen.  The fairy is not in the kitchen)



MAN: Oh no, she’s gone!.



WOMAN: Anyway, let’s do what she said.  Mmmm,  I want to be rich and beautiful!.



MAN: Yeah, but even if you’re rich and beautiful, you could get sick, or sad, or you could even die.



WOMAN: Why do you have to be so negative?.  Then, what do you suggest?.



MAN: I would like to be healthy, happy, and live for many, many years.



WOMAN: I wouldn’t like to live for many years… being poor!.  I really need more than three wishes.  Oh, if that fairy could grant me at least twelve of them!.



MAN: I think we should go to sleep, and tomorrow morning we will decide about the three things we need the most… and then we will make our wish.



WOMAN: No, of course not!.  We have to do it right now.



(The woman looks at the fireplace)



WOMAN: It’s so cold in here!  I’ll add more wood to the fireplace.



(The woman takes a piece of wood from the floor.  She kneels down and places it inside the fireplace)



WOMAN: That’s much better!.  I wish I could have a roasted marshmallow.



(A roasted marshmallow falls from the top of the fireplace)



MAN: Look what you did!.   Now we only have two more wishes.  I wish you could have the marshmallow on your nose!.



(The woman stands up.  She turns around.  She has the marshmallow on her nose.  She touches the marshmallow)



WOMAN: Argh!.  Now, look what you did!.  You’re mean.   Why did you say that?.



MAN: Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t think it could happen!.



WOMAN: What  are we going to do now?.



MAN: Mmmm… I know!.  I’ll ask for a gold box to cover the marshmallow on your nose.



WOMAN: Oh no, you have to be kidding!.  I’ll tell you something….If you don’t let me make the last wish, I’ll leave you and this house forever!.



(The woman runs to the door)



MAN: No, don’t leave me.!  I love you.  It’s fine with me, please, make the last wish.



WOMAN: Good.   I wish the marshmallow to fall to the floor.



(The marshmallow falls to the floor.  The woman picks it up)



WOMAN: The fairy was very clever.   She knew we wouldn’t be happy if we had everything we wanted.



MAN: Money can not buy happiness.  We just have to be thankful and appreciate what God gives us.



WOMAN: Mmmm,  this marshmallow looks delicious… after all… this is what I wished for.  Do you want some?.



MAN: Sure!.



(They eat the marshmallow)






Author:  Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral:  Be careful what you wish for.   Think about the consequences before you wish for something.



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