A Baker’s Dozen

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(The Baker closes the bakery door, and places a closed sign.  The Old Woman dressed in a long black shawl knocks.  The Baker looks through the door window)



BAKER: I’m close, come back tomorrow.



OLD WOMAN: I need a dozen of St. Nicks cookies.  It will only take a minute, sir.



(The Baker opens the door)






OLD WOMAN: Oh, thank you.



(The Baker takes a bag of cookies and gives it to the Old Woman.  She pays the baker, then she opens the bag, looks inside and counts the cookies)



BAKER: Is there something wrong?



OLD WOMAN: Well, yes.  I asked for a dozen of cookies and you gave me twelve.



BAKER: Ha, ha, ha, yes, twelve is a dozen.



OLD WOMAN: No, one more and that’s a dozen.



BAKER: I will not give you thirteen. If you want a dozen.  You will get only twelve cookies.  You will get what you pay for.



OLD WOMAN: You’re a mean person!.  Have a nice day, and learn how to count.  Oh, and when you do, I’ll come back.



(The Old Woman leaves.  The Baker closes the door and places the closed sign)



BAKER: Good-bye, grandma!.






(The Baker is at the bakery talking to a male customer.  The Man has a pie in his hand)



MAN: This is the most terrible pie I have tasted in my whole life!.  I want my money back!.



BAKER: Sir, you know I can’t do that.



MAN: This apple pie is too sweet!.  Give me my money, or give me another pie.



BAKER: I already told you.  I can’t!



MAN: Fine!.  I will never come to your bakery again.



(The Man puts the pie on the counter, and leaves.  An angry Woman enters)



WOMAN: This morning I bought these cookies, and they are all burnt!.



BAKER: Give me one.



(The Woman gives him a cookie.  The Baker bites the cookie)



BAKER: Mmmm , it’s so good!.



WOMAN: That is not true, and you know it!.



BAKER: If you expect me to give you your money back, you’re wrong lady.  Business is business!.



WOMAN: Oh, you’re such a jerk, I’ll tell all my friends not to come to your bakery!.



(The Woman leaves. The Baker closes the door)



BAKER: Bah!.  Customers come and go, just like money does!.






(The Baker walks through the bakery looking at the empty shelves)



BAKER: My business is not going well.  This place is completely empty. I haven’t baked anything. what for?.  If I don’t have customers. Maybe it was that old woman who put a curse on me!.



(He sits on a chair behind the counter. He sees over the counter, two bags of St. Nicks cookies.  He takes in his hand one of the bags and takes out a cookie)



BAKER: St. Nicholas , I need your help.



(St. Nicholas enters the bakery. The Baker stands up )



BAKER: What can I do for you?.  I have no bread.



ST. NICHOLAS: Don’t you recognize me?.



BAKER: Oh, It’s you!.



ST. NICHOLAS:  All she wanted was one more cookie.  Why was it so hard for you to be generous, especially on this time of the year.  Why?.



BAKER: I’m sorry, St. Nicholas.  I have changed, you have to believe me.



ST. NICHOLAS: I believe in you.   Now you have the opportunity to make it all right again.  Happy holidays!.



(St. Nicholas leaves. The Old Woman dressed in a long black shawl enters.  The Baker looks surprised)



OLD WOMAN: I would like a dozen of your Saint Nicholas cookies, please.



(The Baker looks surprised.  He gives the Old Woman a bag of the cookies, and puts one more cookie inside the bag)



BAKER: In my bakery, from now on, a dozen is thirteen.



OLD WOMAN: Oh, I see that you have learned to count well.  You will surely be rewarded.



(The Old Woman pays for the cookies and leaves)



BAKER: You were always right.  I wish you a very happy holidays!.



OLD WOMAN:  Well thank you.  You too!.






Author:  Dutch Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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