The Frogs

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(House-Backyard.  Two frogs are in the backyard.  One of them looks at the house where the Man and the Woman stand near the window)


FROG 1: Why are you staring at the house?.


FROG 2: Do you see that man and woman in the window?.


FROG 1: Yes, why?.


FROG 2: I’m afraid they don’t like us.


FROG 1: Why do you say that?.


FROG 2: Because I have seen them covering their ears when we sing.


FROG 1: Are you sure?.


FROG 2: Do you think I’m lying?.


FROG 1: No.  But, maybe it’s not what you think.  Anyway, they also bother us with their loud music and conversation.


FROG 2: I know.  But we have to admit that we sing a lot at night.


FROG 1: I hate when that woman shouts.  Her voice is so disturbing!.


FROG 2: And how about your noisy aunt?.


FROG 1: What about her?.


FROG 2: She wakes up everybody with her awful songs.  You know that!.


FROG 1: And how about the politician and the priest who come to the pond and fill the air with their terrible sounds.


FROG 2: We should try to behave better than those humans.


FROG 1: What do you have in mind?.


FROG 2: Let’s stay quiet at night, and let’s keep our songs in our hearts.


FROG 1: It’s going to be hard.   But, fine, let’s do it for a night or two, or even three.


FROG 2: Good night, then.


FROG 1: Sweet dreams!.


(They close their eyes)




(Frog 1 and 2 are in the pond.  The Woman is inside the house looking out the window to the pond.  The Man enters)


MAN: Have you seen yourself in t he mirror?.  You look terrible!.


WOMAN: (yelling) I know, I have dark circles around my eyes.  I couldn’t sleep all night.  In fact, I haven’t slept in three nights!.


MAN: Why?.  What’s worrying you?.


WOMAN: Nothing worries me.  But, there’s something wrong with those frogs.  They have been so quiet lately.


MAN: That’s good news, isn’t it?.


WOMAN: No!.  Their songs make me sleepy, and they haven’t been singing for three nights. I really need a good night sleep!.


MAN: Calm down.  You don’t have to yell at me.


WOMAN: Don’t you understand.  I’m going crazy!.


(Frog 1 and 2 hear the woman yelling)


FROG 1: We’re also going crazy, right?


FROG 2: Yes!.  It’so hard for us to be quiet.  Besides, we don’t have to stop singing just so that others can fill their emptiness with noise.


(Frog 1 and 2 start to sing)




Author:  Khalil Gibran


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


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