The Boy in the Jungle

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in the middle of the jungle, there was great silence.  Suddenly, the tiger roared furiously.  (roaring) That night, he was watching a group of campers, and specially a little boy who made him really hungry.



TIGER: Hmmm, I have to eat that little boy.  He looks so delicious!.



NARRATOR: The boy started to walk away from the camping group, and headed to the wolves’ cave.  As soon as Mother Wolf saw him, he took him inside the cave along with her cubs.



MOTHER WOLF: Try to be quiet.  I’m sure that the tiger must be around here.   I know he can smell you from a very long distance.



NARRATOR: A few minutes later, the tiger came to the cave.



TIGER: Mother Wolf, give me the little boy!.






NARRATOR: The tiger knew how well protected the little boy was, so he decided to leave.



TIGER: Some day I’ll be back. I swear it!.



NARRATOR: Mother Wolf took care of the little boy, and she even taught him how to howl like a wolf (wolves howling). When the boy grew up, she introduced him to some of the animals of the jungle.



MOTHER WOLF: She is black panther; he is the great bear; and he is the brave elephant.



NARRATOR: The panther, the bear, and the brave elephant became the little boy’s tutors.  They taught him to listen and understand all the languages of the different animals of the jungle.  (Sound of the bear, the elephant, and the roaring of the panther). They also taught him to love, respect, and to have fun with the other animals, the Giraffe, the Zebra, the Rhinoceros, the Rabbit, the Eagle, and the Snake.



NARRATOR: One day the boy asked the Eagle.



BOY: Listen, Eagle, how is life over there in the sky?.



EAGLE: Wonderful!.  From over here I can see some of the animals I will hunt to live.



NARRATOR: Then he asked the Snake.



BOY: How do you spend your time?.



SNAKE: I like to lie over the rocks and rest.



NARRATOR: Next, he asked the Giraffe.



BOY: What do you do to grow up so much?.



GIRAFFE: I don’t know.  My parents say that’s the way we are.  At night we get together to eat all the delicious leaves from the trees that nobody can reach!.



NARRATOR: He also asked the Zebra.



BOY: What do you do to have fun?.



ZEBRA: I run throughout the jungle. Nobody runs as fast as I do!. But you look so strange, and you’re so small.



NARRATOR: He asked the Rhinoceros.



BOY: Why do you have that big horn?.



RHINOCEROS: It’s my protection from the big animals who want to harm me.



NARRATOR: Finally, he asked the Rabbit.



BOY: What do you eat to jump so high, and run so fast?.



RABBIT: I eat many carrots, and I excercise every day.



BOY: Well, it’s late and I have to go back to the cave.  I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have fun and have a good night sleep.






NARRATOR: A few days later, while the boy was taking a nap in the jungle, a very funny monkey approach him.



FUNNY MONKEY: Hello, who are you?.



NARRATOR: Without waiting for an answer, the monkey started to jump up and down just to get the boy’s attention.  Then more monkeys came, and took him to the abandoned city where they made him prisoner.  The eagle saw what was happening, and he quickly went to see his friends, who immediately organized a rescue team.



GIRAFFE: I have an idea!.



RABBIT: What is it?.



GIRAFFE: The monkeys are scared of the snake.  We have to go see her!.



NARRATOR: So they went to see the Snake.



PANTHER: Hello, anybody home?.



SNAKE: Yes, yes, I’m here.  What’s wrong?.



PANTHER: The monkeys took the boy prisoner, and we need your help to save him.



SNAKE: Where is he?.



ELEPHANT: In the old abandoned city.



SNAKE: Let’s go!.



NARRATOR: When they arrived to the city, the Snake chased the Monkeys, while the Bear and the Elephant set free the poor little boy.  As they were celebrating, the Tiger suddenly appeared.



TIGER: At last I found you!.  Now you are mine little boy!.



NARRATOR: The tiger furiously jumped over the boy, but the Panhter got in the middle and saved the little boy.  Then the Bear, the Elephant, and the Snake approached silently, and the Panther with a tremendous roaring said.



PANTHER: (roaring) You are stronger than each one of us, but take a closer loo, there are four of us against you!.



NARRATOR: At that moment the four of them jumped over the tiger, but unfortunately he managed to escape to the jungle promising never to come back.



TIGER: I’ll never come back!.  I swear it!.



GIRAFFE, ZEBRA, RHINOCEROS, RABBIT, EAGLE, SNAKE: Ha, ha, ha, ha, good-bye Tiger!.



NARRATOR: And so the boy and his friends finally lived happily in peace.






Author:  Rudyard Kipling (Bombay, 1865 – Londres, 1936)



Adapted by:  Adriana Guadalupe García Cortes



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