The Mirror

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(The Farmer’s wife is packing his suitcase.  He is going on a business trip)


FARMER’S WIFE: I will miss you.  You will be away from home for a long time.


FARMER: I will miss you too, but you know this trip is important for us.  Finally someone is willing to buy all the rice we have in the barn.  I promise you that I will bring you and my daughter precious gifts.


(The Farmer’s Wife closes the suitcase)


FARMER’S WIFE: Well, that’s it.



(The Farmer takes the suitcase)


FARMER: It’s time for me to go.


FARMER’S WIFE: Please, come home as soon as you can.


FARMER: I will.


(They hug, and the farmer leaves the stage)


FARMER’S WIFE: May God bless you.




(The Farmer’s Wife and his Mother are cookingn.  The Farmer enters the stage)


FARMER: I’m back!.


(His Wife hugs him)


FARMER’S WIFE: Oh, you’re back.  How was your trip?.


FARMER: It’s was better than I expected. Mother, it’s  good to see you!.


FARMER’S MOTHER: I came to see how your wife and my granddaughter were doing while you were on your business trip.


FARMER: Thank you mother for taking care of my family while I was away. (He takes out a gift from his suitcase and gives it to his Wife) Look what I brought you!.


(His Wife unwraps a gift.  It is a mirror)


FARMER’S WIFE: What is it?.


(She takes the mirror in her hand, looks at her own reflection and starts to cry)


FARMER: Why are you crying?.


FARMER’S WIFE: Because you have brought home a beautiful woman.  You don’t love me anymore!.


FARMER’S MOTHER: Let me see!. (grabs the mirror and looks at her own reflection) Ha, ha,ha, you don’t have to worry dear, he brought home an old ugly lady.



FARMER:  You are both wrong.  Give me the mirror mother. (His Mother gives him the mirror) This is a mirror, and it gives you back your own reflection. My sweet wife is beautiful, and my dear mother is old and…


FARMER’S MOTHER: Don’t say anything more!.


FARMER:  Ha, ha, ha,ha.


FARMER’S MOTHER:  So I need to be careful as to how I think I look, and what I think of myself.



FARMER:  That’s right, mother!.



FARMER’S WIFE:  Today you taught us a good lesson!. 



FARMER: Now let’s get down to eat.  I’m really hungry!.


(They sit at the table)





Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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