David and His Friends

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(David hunts in the forest.  He sees the Deer trapped in a pond)


DAVID: I never thought it was going to be so easy to hunt a deer!.


DEER: Please, don’t hurt me, take me out of here!.


DAVID: Oh well, I’m not in a hurry.  I’ll let you go.


DEER: Thank you.  If you need me, just call me, and I’ll be there immediately.


DAVID: Yeah, sure!.


(The Deer leaves.  David sits on the ground.  He sees the Ant trapped under a branch)


ANT: Help me, please. (David takes off the branch) Thank you.  If you need me, just call me, and I’ll be there immediately.


DAVID: Yeah, sure!.  That’s what the deer said.  We’ll see if that’s true.


(David walks and stands near a river.  He sees the Fish in the ground)


FISH: I have been here for three days. I will die soon. (David takes the fish and throws it into the water) Thank you.  If you need me, just call me, and I’ll be there immediately.


(The Fish leaves.  David keeps walking)


DAVID: Is this a conspiracy, or what?.   The three of them told me the same thing.


(David arrives to a village.  He stands outside the palace)


DAVID: It’s so beautiful!.


(The King George enters)


KING GEORGE: Would you like to go inside?.


DAVID: Yes, I would … but… you’re King George!.


KING GEORGE: Ha, ha, ha, Yes, I am.  Come with me, I’ll show you the palace.


(King George and David walk to the palace)


DAVID: But you don’t know me.


KING GEORGE: It’s true, but for what I can see, you’re a hunter.  Do you consider yourself a strong man?.


DAVID: Yes, I do.  Why are you asking?.


KING GEORGE: Because I have an assignment for you, but I must warn you, it won’t be easy.


DAVID: Sounds interesting.


(King George and David enter the palace, and go into the Living Room)


KING GEORGE: Sit down.



(They sit. Princess  Klea enters)


DAVID: I want you to meet my daughter, Princess Klea. (He stands and kisses her hand) People say you are beautiful, but you really look like an angel.


PRINCESS KLEA: Who are you?.


DAVID: I am David.


PRINCESS KLEA: Well, thank you, David.


DAVID: King George, with all due respect, I really would like to marry your daughter.


KING GEORGE: Ha, ha, ha,  many hunters wanted to marry her, and now they are my slaves.


DAVID:  Why is that?.


KING GEORGE: Because they couldn’t complete three tasks.  Remember what I told you.  It won’t be easy.


DAVID: Tell me what to do, and I’ll succeed.  I’ll do it all for her!.


KING GEORGE:  (yelling) Slave!.  Bring me the boots!.


(One of the slaves enters with a pair of boots.  King George takes the boots and gives them to David.  The slave leaves)


KING GEORGE: Your first assignment will be to put on these boots and return them to me in an hour.   All worn out.


DAVID: But their soles are made of iron!.


KING GEORGE: Do you want to do it?  Yes or no?.


DAVID: Yes, I want to do it.


KING GEORGE: Then go to the forest right now, and  good luck.


(David leaves and goes to the forest)


DAVID: I have nothing to lose.  They told me that if I needed help, they would come immediately.  Now is the time.  Deer, my friend, I need your help immediately!.


(The Deer enters)


DEER: What can I do for you?.


DAVID: Put on these boots and wear them until they are all worn out. (The Deer puts on the boots and leaves running. David sits on the ground.  The Deer returns.  David stands and looks at the boots) Thank you, my friend.   Now give me what’s left of the boots.  My time is running out!.


(The Deer takes off the boots and gives them to David)


DEER: Good-bye.


(David leaves.  He enters the palace.  King George and Princess Klea are in the living room)


KING GEORGE: I wasn’t expecting you so soon!. (David gives him the boots) You succeeded the first task.  Now let’s go to the garden.


(King George, Princess Klea and David go to the garden. There are five bags of wheat grains on the ground)


KING GEORGE:  (yelling) Slaves!. (The Five slaves enter) Spread the wheat grains on the ground!. (Each slave takes a bag of wheat and spread the grains on the ground. When they finish they leave)(to David) You should pick up each and every wheat and fill those bags once again.  You have only an hour to do so.


PRINCESS KLEA: Father, he needs more time!.


KING GEORGE: An hour is enough.  Let’s go.


DAVID: Don’t worry princess.  If I completed the first task, I can complete this one too. (King George and Princess Klea leave)  Ant, my friend.  I need your help immediately!.


(The Ant and an Army of Ants enter)


ANT: What can I do for you?.


DAVID: Please, help me pick up all the wheat grains.


ANT: Once you helped me, now it is my turn to help you.  Ants, we have work to do!.


ARMY OF ANTS: We are ready! One… two… three!.


(The  Army of Ants pick up all the wheat grains on the ground and fill up the five bags)


DAVID: Thank you!.


ANT: Good-bye


(The Ant and the Army of Ants leave.  King George enters)


KING GEORGE: Your time is up. (He sees the five bags of wheat) You did it.  I honestly never thought you would!.


DAVID: What is the last assignment?.


KING GEORGE: You have done very well so far.  Follow me.


DAVID: Where are we going now?.


KING GEORGE: To the river (They walk to the river). When I was a little boy, my father lost his ring in the river.  I want you to find it before it gets dark.  I’ll be back in an hour. (He leaves)


DAVID: Fish, my friend.  I need your help immediately!.


(The Fish gets out of the water)


FISH: Here I am.  What do you need?.


DAVID: I need the king’s ring.  Please help me find it.  The king will come back in an hour.


FISH: Do not worry.  Stay here, I’ll be back with the ring.


(The Fish leaves.  He returns with the ring and gives it to David)


DAVID: Thank you!.


(King George ng and Princess Klea enter.  He sees the ring in David’s hand)


KING GEORGE: You succeeded!.


DAVID: I told you I would.


KING GEORGE: You will marry my daughter.  My palace and my slaves will also be yours.


DAVID: Thank you, but from now on, there will be no slaves.  They will be free men!.


PRINCESS KLEA: Oh, David, you are a kind man.  I am happy to be your wife.


(David and Princess Klea hug)




Author:  Siberian Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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