The Reflection

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(There’s a knock at the door)


PRINCESS: Come in.



(The King enters with a gift box in his hands)


KING: Good morning, my precious daughter.


PRINCESS: Oh, good morning, father.


KING: Look what I have for you.


(The King gives her the box.  She opens it and takes out a diamond necklace)


PRINCESS:  It’s so beautiful.  Thank you!.


KING: I’m glad you like it.  Please, wear it tonight, Prince Joseph is coming for dinner.


PRINCESSS: Yes, I will father.


KING: Good!.  I’ll see you tonight.


(The Princess kisses the King on the cheek.  He leaves. She tries on the necklace, puts it inside the box and leaves the stage)





(The King and Prince Joseph sit at the table. There is a small bell over the table.  A servant stands near the king.  The Princess enters)


PRINCESS: Father!  Oh, father!.


(The King and Prince Joseph stand up)


KING: What’s wrong?.


PRINCESS: I’m really sad.  Someone stole the necklace you gave me this morning.


KING:  How could that happen?.   I’m surrounded by loyal people.  How could they do this to me?.  I have been good to everybody.


PRINCE JOSEPH: Don’t feel so bad, it’s not your fault.  Please, make this announcement.  Tell your people, that Prince Joseph from Egypt, will give a reward of fifty thousand gold coins to the person who finds it.


(The King rings the bell that is over the table.  The Servant approaches the king)


SERVANT: Yes, your majesty.


KING: Announce to everybody in town what you just heard.  And tell everybody in the palace to search in every corner.  We must have that necklace back.


SERVANT: As you wish, your majesty.


(The Servant leaves)


PRINCESS: I appreciate your help, Prince Joseph.


PRINCE JOSEPH: Don’t be sad, you will have it soon.


KING: In the meantime, let’s forget about the necklace.  Our dinner is served.


(They sit and start to eat)




(A man walks in the forest. He stands near the river)


MAN: When I was a child this was the most beautiful river in the forest.  Now it’s all dirty and it smells so terrible!. Ugh!. (He sees something sparkling in the river) What is that in the bottom of the river?. It’s looks like a…. it is a necklace.  It’s the Princess necklace!. I have to get it, because if I do, I’ll get the fifty thousand gold coins Prince Joseph is offering as a reward!. (He puts his hand in the water to grab the necklace, but he can’t.  He takes his hand out and looks again at the necklace)  Hmmm… It’s better if I get into the water.  I don’t care if my pants get all wet and dirty.  Ha, ha, ha  with the money I’ll buy new ones!. (He puts his feet inside the water.  He stretches his arm to catch the necklace, but he can’t.  He gets out of the water and walks away) It’s no use.  I can’t get it. (He looks back at the river and sees the necklace)  No!  I can’t give up. I’ll get that necklace no matter what!.  I’ll plunge into the river even if it’s so disgusting. (He plunges into the water and searches for the necklace. He tries to get it, but he can’t.  He gets out of the water.  An Old Man is standing near the water looking at him) Oh, you scared me! What are you looking at?.


OLD MAN: What’s the matter?.


MAN: It’s nothing.  Don’t worry.


OLD MAN: Look at you.  What were you looking for?.  Did you drop something?.


MAN: No.  Why are you asking?.


OLD MAN: Well, the water is so dirty and it smells so bad.  Do you have a problem?.  Can I help you?.  I promise I won’t tell anybody.


MAN: Fine, I’ll tell you the truth.  Do you see that necklace over there in the water?.


OLD MAN: Yes, I see it.  Why?.


MAN: I have tried so many times to catch it, but I can’t!.


OLD MAN: I can see that.  Instead of looking inside the water, why don’t you look up?


MAN: What do you mean?.


OLD MAN: I mean, why don’t you look at the branches of the tree, instead of in the dirty water.



(The man looks up and sees the necklace hanging on the branch of a tree)


MAN: Oh, my!.


OLD MAN: All this time you have been trying to catch a mere reflection of the real necklace.


MAN: You’re right old man.  Thank you!.


OLD MAN: Have a nice day.


MAN: You too.


(The Old Man leaves)




Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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