The Butterfly and the Cricket

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(TheButterfly flies in the garden.  The Cricket sings near the Butterfly.  The Butterfly approaches the Cricket)



BUTTERFLY: There’s nothing better in the world than being a beautiful butterfly… just like me.



CRICKET:  I’m happy, even if I can’t fly like you do.



BUTTERFLY: Oh, poor you!.  All you can do is sing and jump.  How boring must be your life.



(The Butterfly flies away from the cricket.  The cricket keeps singing.  Robbie and Hellen enter.  Robbie carries a butterfly net and Hellen  carries a ball.  Robbie leaves the net on the floor and they start to play with the ball.  They see the Butterfly flying and leave the ball on the floor.  Robbie takes the butterfly net.  The Cricket stops singing and watches the scene)



ROBBIE: Hellen, look at that pretty butterfly!.  Do you like it?.



HELLEN: Oh, yes.   I want it!  Please try to catch it!.



(Robbie and Hellen run after the butterfly.  The butterfly tries to escape)



BUTTERFLY: Leave me alone!.  Get away from me.



HELLEN: Wow!.  I really want it Robbie.  Look at those beautiful colors!.



ROBBIE: I’ll catch it, don’t worry!.



(Robbie catches the butterfly.  The butterfly tries to escape, but she can’t and falls to the floor)






(Robbie and Hellen see the butterfly on the floor)



ROBBIE: Oh!.  Too bad!.



HELLEN: I know, come on, let’s keep playing.



(Robbie drops the net on the floor. Hellen takes the ball and  they start playing.  The ricket looks at the butterfly)



CRICKET: Oh, poor you!.   I’m so happy to be a cricket.   I’m happier than any other animal!.





Author:  Folktale for Mexico – Tarahumara



Adapted by K I D S I N C O



Moral Value:  Respect.  We should respect animal life.


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