The Shoemaker and The Millionaire

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(The Shoemaker is in his shop.  He sings and works on a pair of shoes)



SHOEMAKER: La, tara, la, la, la.   Life is good!.   life is great!.   La, tara, la, la, la.



(The Neighbor enters)



SHOEMAKER: Good morning!.  How are you on this wonderful day?.



NEIGHBOR: Augh!. today is like any other day.  I still can’t understand how can you be so happy.



SHOEMAKER: I love life.  Nothing worries me.  I’m just happy!.



NEIGHBOR: You love life?.    You’re happy?.   I’m rich,  I have tons of money.



SHOEMAKER: And you don’t love life, and you’re not happy.  I know, that is why you never sing, you can’t sleep at night, and  you are always tired.  All you care about is money!.



NEIGHBOR: Yes, and you must know that I hate your songs!.  You have to stop singing!.  Tell me something, how much money do you make a year?.



SHOEMAKER: A year?.  I don’t know.  I only have a few coins, but I have food on my table everyday.



NEIGHBOR: Fine, I’ll make it easier for you. How much money do you make a day?.



SHOEMAKER: Some days I make more money, and some days I make less.  There are some days when I can’t work, especially on holidays, so I don’t make any money.



NEIGHBOR: Mmm, I want to help you.  I’m going to give a hundred gold coins.



(The Neighbor takes out a small bag with coins from his pocket and gives it to the Shoemaker)



SHOEMAKER: A hundred gold coins!.  I have never seen a hundred gold coins in my whole life!.



NEIGHBOR: Well now you have.  Take them, they are yours.



SHOEMAKER: Oh, thank you!.  Now I don’t have to work so much!.



NEIGHBOR: You mean, now you don’t have to work, and I am glad.  Well, I have to go, I’ll see you in a few more days.



SHOEMAKER: Yes!.  Yes!.  I’m going home.  I have to put all this money in a safe place. Good-bye!.



NEIGHBOR: Ha, ha, ha, good-bye.



( The Neighbor leaves.  The Shoemaker closes his shop and leaves)






(The Shoemaker is in bed)



SHOEMAKER: Oh my, I couldn’t sleep last night.  What’s happening to me?.  I feel so tired. (He gets out of bed) I have to check if my money is still where I put it. (He kneels down and takes out a box from under his bed.  He opens the box and sees the gold coins inside) Good, my treasure is here.  But why do I feel so unhappy?.  If I have all this money, why do I feel this way?.  I’m always worried. I don’t want anybody to steal it, to take it away from me.  Oh, but I never felt this way before.  Why now?.(There is a knock at the door.  He opens the door) Oh, it’s you.  Come in.



(The Neighbor enters)



NEIGHBOR: I went to your shop, but it has been closed for days. Is there something wrong with you?.



SHOEMAKER: Yes, there is.



NEIGHBOR: It must be something serious. You don’t look so good.  What is it?.



(The Shoemaker gives the box of money to his neighbor)



SHOEMAKER: It’s this!.



(The Neighbor looks at the box full of money)



NEIGHBOR: Is this the money I gave you?.  You still have it.  How come you haven’t spend it?.



SHOEMAKER: Of course I still have it.  I have been taking care of it since the minute you gave it to me.  Now,  please give me back my songs, my happiness, and my peace of mind. Oh, and take your money with you, I don’t want it!.



(The Neighbor takes the box)



NEIGHBOR: I tried to make you unhappy, and I did it! .  Now you understand why I hated your songs.



SHOEMAKER: You wanted me to feel just the way you did, and they way you still do, but happiness comes from inside of us, and we should appreciate what we have.



NEIGHBOR: You are right, and I’m sorry.  Are we still friends?.



SHOEMAKER: Sure, we are!.  We both learned a great lesson.



(They hug)






Author:  Jean de La Fontaine



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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