The Wallet

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(The Man walks in the street.  The Beggar sits on the floor in the sidewalk.  A policeman stands near the beggar)



BEGGAR:  (To the Man) Can you please help me?.



MAN: You should work!.  Why don’t you get a job and pay taxes just like me?. (He stops, takes a handckerchief from his pocket and his wallet falls to the floor.  He blows his nose with the handckerchief).  Never mind, you probably don’t even have an education!. (He starts to walk away.  As he is walking he notices his wallet is not in his pocket)  Oh no, I lost my wallet!.  (shouting) A reward!.  I’ll give a reward to the person who finds my wallet!.



(The beggar sees the wallet on the floor and picks it up.  He opens the wallet and sees a hundred dollar bill)



BEGGAR: A hundred dollar bill!.  I must return this wallet and get my reward!.



(The Man approaches the beggar)



MAN: My wallet!.



BEGGAR: I found it, and I want my reward!.



MAN: Give it to me!. (The Beggar gives the wallet to the Man.  He opens the wallet and sees the hundred dollar bill).   I had two hundred dollars, you took a hundred.  That was your reward!.



BEGGAR: I haven’t taken anything!.



MAN: I’ll call the police.  (Shouting) Police!.  Police!.



(The Policeman approaches)



POLICEMAN: What is the problem?.



BEGGAR: I found his wallet, and I want my reward!.



POLICEMAN: Let me have the wallet, please.



(The Man  gives the wallet to the Policeman.  The Policeman opens the wallet and sees the hundred dollar bill)



BEGGAR: I am an honest man.



POLICEMAN: (to the Man) How much money did you have in the wallet?.



MAN: I had two hundred dollars!.



POLICEMAN: That’s a lot of money.   This wallet only has a hundred dollars.



MAN: Well, he stole the rest!.



BEGGAR: I swear I did not.  I just found it!.



POLICEMAN: I believe both of you.   (to the Man) But you said that your wallet contained two hundred dollars, and the wallet this beggar found has only a hundred dollars.  So, this is not the wallet you lost. (He  gives the wallet to the beggar) Keep it. It’s yours!.  (To the Man) Sorry, keep looking for you wallet.  Have a nice day, Sir.



(The Man leaves)






Author:  A Jewish /Israel Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

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