Michael Liar

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(At three o’clock in the morning. Michael is sleeping in his room.  He wakes up and goes to his parent’s bedroom. He wakes up his mother)


MICHAEL: Mom!.  Mom!.  There’s a bat in my bedroom!.


MOTHER: Oh Michael, not again.  It’s three o’clock in the morning.  Why don’t you go to your room and try to sleep?.


MICHAEL: Mom, I’m telling you the truth.


MOTHER: The other night you told me that you saw a dragon in the bathroom…at two o’clock in the morning!.


MICHAEL: This time you have  to believe me.


FATHER: Michael go back to bed, you have school tomorrow!.


MICHAEL: Good night mom.  Good night dad.


MOTHER AND FATHER: Good night, Michael.


(Michael leaves)





(Michael and his mother are  in the dining room having breakfast.  His father enters, and he looks at a broken cup in the  floor)


FATHER: Who broke my favorite gold cup?.


MOTHER:  (to Michael) What have you done!.


(Michael stands and looks at the cup in the floor)


MICHAEL: I didn’t do it.


MOTHER: I didn’t break it, either.


MICHAEL: Mom, last night after I left your bedroom I came to drink some water, then the table started shaking.  I think it was an earthquake!.  All the cups  in the table started to move, and dad’s cup fell and broke.  I saw it with my own eyes!.


FATHER: Michael!.


MOTHER: You’re lying.  That’s why all the people in town call you Michael Liar.


FATHER: Not  even you believe your own lies.


MOTHER: I hope you get itchy every time you lie.


MICHAEL: I never lie!. (He scratches his head, his arms, his hands, his legs, and his feet) Mom…it was me who broke the cup. (The itching stops, and he stops scratching)


FATHER: It’s easy to tell the truth, right?.


MICHAEL: Yes, dad.  I’m sorry.


MOTHER: Remember, no more lies, or you will get itchy.


MICHAEL: I promise!.   No more lies.  I learned my lesson.


FATHER: Good!.  I’m hungry and breakfast looks delicious!.


(Michael, Mother, and Father sit at the table and start eating)




Author: Folktale from Switzerland


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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