The Empty Pot

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(The Emperor and his servant are getting out of the palace  The Beggar approaches him.  He is holding a  pot in his hands)


EMPEROR: What do you want?.


BEGGAR: Ha, ha, ha, you’re asking me as if you could fulfill my wish.


EMPEROR: Ha, ha, ha, of course I can.  What is it?.  Just tell me!.


BEGGAR: You should think it twice before making a promise.


EMPEROR: I’ll give you anything you want.  I am a very powerful emperor.  What could you want, that I couldn’t provide?.


BEGGAR: My wish is very simple.  Do you see this pot?.




BEGGAR: Can you fill it with something?.


EMPEROR: (to his servant) Fill the pot with gold coins.


(The Servant takes some gold coins from a bag and puts them in the pot. They disappear)


EMPEROR: Hmmmm, put some more.


(The Servant puts some more gold coins.  They disappear)


SERVANT: Your majesty.  I don’t understand!.


EMPEROR: Just put some more!.


(The Servant puts some more gold coins.  They disappear)


SERVANT: The pot is empty!.


(Crowd gather around them)


MAN: Why don’t you try with your jewelry?.


(The Emperor takes off his gold rings and precious stones necklaces and puts them in the pot.  They disappear)


WOMAN: Take off your crown!.


(The Emperor takes off his crown and puts it in the bowl.  It disappears)


SERVANT: The pot is bottomless!.


EMPEROR: (to the servant) I  don’t care if I lose my whole kingdom, but I can not be defeated by this beggar!. Go to the palace, and bring me all my jewels!.


(The Servant bows and leaves)


EMPEROR: (to the Beggar) Are you a magician?.


BEGGAR: No, your majesty.


EMPEROR: Well, your pot has swallowed my treasures, and it is still empty!.


(The Servant enters with a jewelry box.  The Emperor takes the jewels and puts them in the pot.  They disappear)


EMPEROR: You have defeated me.  You won!.


BEGGAR: Your majesty, even if the whole world’s treasure was put into it, it would still remain empty.


EMPEROR: Why?.  What is this pot made of?.


BEGGAR: Ha, ha, ha, it is made of the human mind. There is no secret.  It is simply made of human desires.


EMPEROR: I understand.  We always want to have things, and when we have them, then we want more because we feel empty.


BEGGAR: Your  begging pot is never complete.


EMPEROR: And we will always remain beggars.


BEGGAR: It’s a never ending story, your majesty.


EMPEROR: You have taught me a great lesson. Have a good day.


(The Emperor, his Servant, and the Crowd leave)


BEGGAR: Who wants to fill this pot with something?.




Author:  A Sufi Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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