The Rabbit and The Lion

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(All the animals are having a meeting)


GIRAFFE: Dear friends… we need to solve our LION problem.


RHINOCEROS: How do we do that?.


ZEBRA: I’m getting tired of him!.


DEER: He really scares me!.


GIRAFFE: Me too.  He’s becoming terrible every day… that’s why we need to do something!.


MOOSE: He’s always hungry.


RHINOCEROS: I wonder who of us will be his supper tonight?.


GIRAFFE: I think he is just hunting for pleasure.


FOX: This forest is not what it used to be… someone must talk to him.


(There is silence)


ZEBRA:  (to the Fox) Why don’t you talk to him?.


GIRAFFE: Good idea!.


RHINOCEROS: You are very intelligent!.


FOX: I know, that’s why I can’t talk to him!.


MOOSE: Why not?.


FOX: The Lion knows that I’m very intelligent , and if I talk to him, he might feel offended and he may get more furious.  Somebody else must do it!.


(There is silence.  The Rabbit raises his hand.  The Giraffe can hardly see him)


GIRAFFE: Who’s that on the back?.


RABBIT: It’s me… the Rabbit.


MOOSE: Oh, it’s you…sit down.  The meeting is not over.


DEER: Let him speak.  He wants to say something.


RABBIT: I think I can solve the problem.  I will go and talk to the Lion.


(All the animals laugh)


DEER: You’re too small.


RHINOCEROS: And you’re a rabbit!.


RABBIT: So what?.  I am a rabbit, the fox is a fox, and the lion is a lion.


GIRAFFE: (looking at the other animales) Hmmm… what do you all think?.


DEER: I don’t want to go.


ZEBRA: Neither do I.


MOOSE: My family needs me.


RHINOCEROS: I haven’t been feeling very good lately.


GIRAFFE: Enough blah, blah, blah!. (to the Rabbit) We have decided to let you go.


FOX:  (pushing the rabbit) Hurry up, you will find him in his cave right now.


RABBIT: I’ll see you later.


ALL THE ANIMALS: Good luck!.  (The Rabbit leaves the stage) Poor Rabbit.





(The rabbit enters the cave walking slowly.  He is trembling.  The lion roars)


RABBIT: Good day, Mr. Lion.


LION: Ha, ha, ha, look who’s here!.  A tiny, insignificant rabbit.   Are you afraid of me?.  Is that why you are trembling?.


RABBIT: No, no, Mr. Lion, I’m not scared of you.


LION: You are not scared of me?.


RABBIT: No, in fact, I’m glad that I found a place to hide.


LION: Who are you hiding from?.  From me?.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


RABBIT: No, Mr. Lion, I’m hiding from the other Lion.


LION: What other lion?.


RABBIT: The other lion in the jungle.


LION: In my jungle?.


RABBIT: Yes!. Haven’t you seen him?.


LION: No. There is no other lion.  I’m the only one!.


RABBIT: No Mr. Lion, you are wrong.


LION: Then, take me to this other lion!  I must see him with my own eyes.


RABBIT: I will.  But I must warn you… he’s bigger than you!.


LION: I don’t care!.


RABBIT: Very well, but don’t eat me, please.


LION: Oh, come on, how could I?.  You are taking me to see this other lion.


RABBIT: Good!.  Follow me.


(They leave the stage)




(The Rabbit and the Lion walk in the jungle.  The rabbit suddenly stops)


RABBIT: We are getting closer.


LION: Where is he?.


RABBIT: (pointing to a well) Do you see that big well over there?.


LION: Yes.


RABBIT: That’s where he lives.  Please, be careful.


LION: I’ll get rid of him. (looks inside the well, sees his own reflection in the water and roars. Then hears the echo)


LION: I’m the king of the jungle! (hears the echo and gets furious.  Gets into the well and can’t get out).


RABBIT:  (looking inside the well) I knew I would solve the problem.  Good-bye Mr. Lion!.


LION:  (yelling) No, don’t go!.  Help me get out of here!.


(The Rabbit leaves the stage)




Author:  A Fable from India


Adapted by:   K I D S I N C O


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