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(Goldilocks plays in the garden. Her mother approaches her)



MOTHER: Goldilocks!.  Goldilocks!.  I’m going to cook dinner, so stay here in the garden.  Remember not to go to the forest.  It’s too dangerous!.



GOLDILOCKS: Oh, mom, you have told me that so many times!.



MOTHER: Be careful.  I’ll call you when dinner is ready.



GOLDILOCKS: Yes, and don’t worry, I’ll be here just playing. (Her mother leaves.  Goldilocks looks to the forest).  Those flowers in the forest are so beautiful,  and those colorful butterflies  are so pretty!.  I wish I could play with them!.  I’ll go over there. I’m sure that my mother will not even notice! .  (She runs to the forest and smells the flowers)  They smell so good!.



FLOWER 1 AND 2: Thank you Goldilocks!.



GOLDILOCKS: How do you know my name?.



FLOWER 1 AND 2: We listen to your mother everyday!.



FLOWER 1: And today you didn’t obey her!.



FLOWER 2: You must go back.



GOLDILOCKS: No.  I want to play here just for a while!.



(She sees Butterfly 1 and 2, and plays with them)



BUTTERFLY 1: This is fun!.



BUTTERFLY 2: You can’t catch us!.



GOLDILOCKS: Yes, I can!.



BUTTERFLY 1 AND 2: No, you can’t!.



(The Butterfly 1 and 2 leave)



GOLDILOCKS: Oh, well!  (Squirrel 1 and 2 enter) Come here little ones!.



SQUIRREL 1: Do you have something to eat?.



(Goldilocks picks up a nut from the ground)



GOLDILOCKS: I have a nut!.



SQUIRREL 2: A nut?.



SQUIRREL 1 AND 2: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



(She picks up some more nuts)



GOLDILOCKS: I have some more.  Come here and get them.



SQUIRREL 2: No, you come here!.



(Squirrel 1 and 2 run away)



FLOWER 1: No!.  Goldilocks , don’t go!.



(Goldilocks runs after Squirrel 1 and 2.  The two squirrels leave)



FLOWER 2: She’s gone, and she will get lost!.



(Goldilocks turns around.  She doesn’t see her house)



GOLDILOCKS: (crying) Oh, I’m lost in the forest, and all because of those two squirrels!.  I’ll go that way, no, that way.  (She sees a rabbit)  Hey you, wait!.



RABBIT: Are you talking to me?.



GOLDILOCKS: Yes.  I’m lost.   Can you help me find my house?.



RABBIT: Ha, ha, ha, that’s easy, your house is over there!.



(The Rabbit points to a road in the forest )



GOLDILOCKS: ¿Oh, really?.



RABBIT: Sure!.   Just follow the crooked road and you will be home soon.



GOLDILOCKS: Thanks little rabbit!.



RABBIT: Good luck!.   Ha, ha, ha, ha.



(The Rabbit leaves)



GOLDILOCKS:  I don’t see what’s so funny.  (She walks and sees a house)  Mmmm,  I am not lost.  I see a house over there, but it’s not my house.  (She runs to the house.  She looks through the window)  I’ll knock at the door  maybe somebody will help me.  (She knocks at the door)  There’s nobody home.  (She pushes the door.  The door opens and she enters)  Hello, hello, is anybody home?.  (Nobody answers.  She sees a table with three bowls of soup).  I’m scared, but I’m also hungry!.  Who’s going to eat this soup if there’s nobody home?.  I’ll eat just a little.  (She tastes the soup of the big bowl)  This soup is too hot for me!.  (She tastes the soup of the middle bowl)  This soup is too cold for me!.  (She tastes the soup of the small bowl)  Yes!.  This soup is  just right for me!.  (She eats all the soup from the small bowl)  Mmm, the soup was so delicious!.  (She walks around the house)  This house is so beautiful.  Some very nice people must live here!.  I’m sure that when they arrive they will help me go back home.  (She sees three different-sized chairs)  Oh, I’m so tired of running in the forest.  I really need to rest.  (She sits in the big chair)  This chair is too big for me!.  (She sits in the middle chair)  This chair is too hard for me!.  (She sits in the small chair)   Yes!.  This chair is just right for me!.  (The chair breaks and she falls down)   Oh, it broke!.  (She stands up and sees a closed door)   I wonder what’s inside that room?.  (She opens the door)  This bedroom is so beautiful!.  (She sees three different- sized beds.  She stretches her arms and yawns)  Oh, I’m sleepy.  (She lies down in the big sized bed)  This bed is too hard for me!.  (She lies down in the middle sized bed) This bed is too soft for me!.  (She lies down in the small-sized bed)  Yes!.  This bed is just right for me!. It’s soooo comfortable!  (She closes her eyes and goes to sleep.  Three bear enter the house and sit at the table).



BABY BEAR: I’m so hungry!.



MAMA  BEAR: The soup must be cold by now.



PAPA BEAR: It was too hot before we left!. (The three bears look at their bowls of soup)  Someone tasted by soup!.



MAMA BEAR: Mine too!.



BABY BEAR: Someone ate all my soup!. Mommy!.



(Baby Bear cries.  Papa Bears looks at the chairs)



PAPA BEAR: Oh, no!.



MAMA BEAR: What’s wrong, darling?.



PAPA BEAR: Look at the chairs!.   Someone sat in my chair!.



MAMA  BEAR: In mine too!.



BABY BEAR: Someone sat in my chair,  and broke it!. Mommy!.



PAPA BEAR: Someone has been here!.



MAMA  BEAR: Ate the soup!.



BABY BEAR: And broke my chair!.



PAPA BEAR: We must find him!.



MAMA BEAR: Maybe it’ s not a he, maybe it’s a she!. (Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear walk around the house.  Mama Bear sees the bedroom door)  I closed that door before we left!.



PAPA BEAR: We have to be careful.  (The three bears enter the bedroom.  They stand in front of the beds)  Someone slept in my bed!.



MAMA  BEAR: In mine, too!.



BABY BEAR: Someone is still sleeping in my bed!. Mommy!.



(Goldilocks wakes up.  She sees the three brears, screams , gets out of the bed and starts to run)



GOLDILOCKS: Oh, noooooo!.



PAPA BEAR, MAMA BEAR, BABY BEAR: Ha, ha, ha, ha,  let’s get her!.



(Goldilocks runs away from the house and into the forest)



FLOWER 1 AND 2: We told you!.



GOLDILOCKS: I know, that rabbit tricked me!.



FLOWER 1 AND 2: Run, run, run as fast as you can!.



(Goldilocks arrives to her house.  Her Mother is in the garden)



MOTHER: Goldilocks, where have you been?.



GOLDILOCKS: Oh, mother!.  I saw three bears!.



MOTHER: I told you many times not to go to the forest!.



GOLDILOCKS: I promise you that I will never disobey you.   Never, Never,  Never.



MOTHER: Let’s  go inside.  It’s time for dinner.



(Goldilocks and her mother enter their house)






Author:  Robert Southey  – 1837.



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



Moral Value:  Obedience.  Respect



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