Two Alien Friends

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(Beth and Abby are practicing basketball. The coach approaches them)



COACH: You look a little pale, Abby.



ABBY: I’m not feeling very well.  I want to go home.



COACH: As a matter of fact, your mother called me, she will be here in a few minutes.  She said that you have a doctor’s appointment.



(Abby pointing to the door)



 ABBY: There she is!.  Mom, mom!.



(Abby runs to meet her mother.  Beth and the coach follow her)



MRS. CHRISKIE: Honey, how  are you feeling?.



(Abby starts to cry)



MRS. CHRISKIE: Come on, we have to go see the doctor.



BETH: I hope you feel better.



(Abby and Beth hug.  Abby and her mother leave)






(Beth enters her house from school.  Her mother is in the living rooms talking on the phone.  She hangs up)



MRS. SEARS: That was Abby’s mother.



BETH: How is she?.



MRS. SEARS: She’s in the hospital.



BETH: In the hospital?.  I want to go see her.



MRS. SEARS: I’m sorry honey, but you are not allowed to go to the hospital, at least not today.



BETH: I’m worried, about her, mom.



MRS. SEARS: Her mother said that she will be fine.



BETH: Do you know what is wrong with her?.



MRS. SEARS: Well, she will have special treatments in the hospital for awhile.



BETH: That means that she won’t be able to go to school.  I will be alone, without my best friend.  I will miss her so much!.



MRS. SEARS: I know, honey.  But you can call her everyday!.



 (The phone rings.  Mrs. Sears picks up the phone)



MRS. SEARS: Hello…. Yes, she’s here, wait a second.



BETH: Who is it?.



MRS. SEARS: It’s Abby.



(Beth answers the phone with a sad voice)



BETH: Abby, how are you?.



ABBY: (crying) I’m ok, Beth.



 BETH: Don’t cry, Abby.  My mom told me that you will get better, you’ll see!.



ABBY: I know, but maybe you will not want to see me.  The doctor already told me that the medicine will make me thin and that my hair will fall out.   All of it!.



BETH: But it will grow back!.



ABBY: That’s what the doctor said, but he also told me that it will take a long time.



BETH: Abby, listen to me, what matters is that you will recover!.  You will be fine.



ABBY: I know.   But will you still be my friend?.  Even if I look like an alien?.



BETH: Well, you will be my only alien friend!.



ABBY: Ha, ha, ha, you made me laugh!.



BETH: Abby, looks don’t matter, it’s what’s inside your heart what matters.



ABBY: Thank you.



BETH: Everything will be fine.



ABBY: I have to hang up. The doctor is here to see me.  Bye.



BETH: I’ll miss you.



ABBY: Me too, bye.



(Beth hangs up the phone)



BETH: Oh mom, I want so much to see her!.



MRS. CHRISKIE: You will, very soon.  Come on, you have to do your homework.



(They leave )






(Abby is lying in bed. Her mother and Beth enter the room)



MRS. SEARS: Abby, look who’s here!.



ABBY: Beth!.



BETH: Oh Abby, after two months they finally let me see you!.



(Mrs. Sears leaves the room.  Beth approaches Abby’s bed.  They hold hands)



ABBY: Do you know what?.  I will be able to go to school next week!.



BETH: Really?.   Oh, I’m so happy!.



 ABBY: Beth, why are you wearing that  funny hat?.



BETH: Did you think that you were going  to be the only alien in school?.  (Beth takes off her hat.  She is bald)  No way!. There will be  two aliens in school!.



 ABBY: That’s right!.   Two alien friends… you and me!.



ABBY AND BETH: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.



(They hug)






Author:  K I D S I N C O


Jessica Roy Rees – An Angel sent from Heaven to inspire others! 

On March 3, 2011, Jessica Joy Rees was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and on January 5, 2012 she earned her angel wings after her ten month fight with brain cancer. 

She brought happiness and hope to other children fighting cancer, with her JoyJars, which she filled with little gifts to brighten up their stay in the hospital.

She inspired the NEGU Foundation – to encourage kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up. 

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