The God of Poverty and The God of Wealth

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(Jacob and his two friends, David and Andrew are plowing corn)



JACOB: I work too hard and I’m still very poor.  I have worked for many many years, and my life is miserable.



DAVID: Don’t loose hope.



ANDREW: Someday your life will change.



JACOB: I believe that the God of Poverty lives in my house.



DAVID: You shouldn’t be joking about that, it may become true.



JACOB: I am not joking.  It’s the truth!.



ANDREW: It’s not the truth, you don’t have any money, but you have other things.



JACOB: I am out of here!.



DAVID: What do you mean?.



JACOB: I am not working anymore.  My situation has been the same for many years.  I’ll just stay home and do nothing.



ANDREW: You should get married.



JACOB: What for?.



DAVID: So you’re not alone.  You need company.



ANDREW: I don’t know.  I’m going home.



(Jacob leaves the stage)






(A few months later Jacob and his wife Emma are in the kitchen having breakfast)



EMMA: Do you want more coffee?.



JACOB: No, I’m fine, thank you. 



(Emma looks at the clock)



EMMA: Oh, look what time it is!.  I’m late for work!.



JACOB: Emma, you work too much.



EMMA: I love my job.



JACOB: Emma, I have to tell you something.



EMMA: What is it?



JACOB: Today I’m going back to work.



EMMA: Oh, Jacob, that’s wonderful news.



JACOB: I knew you would be happy, and I am too.  Andrew was right.



EMMA: About what?.



JACOB: One day he told me that my life would change.  And it did!.



EMMA: Are you happy?.



JACOB: Very happy!.



EMMA: (hugs Jacob) Oh, Jacob!.   I have to go now.



JACOB: Me too, let’s go.



(Jacob and Emma leave the stage.  The God of Poverty enters)



GOD OF POVERTY: It’s so hard for me to live here.  She loves her job, and he’s going back to work. Anyway, as long as I live here, they will continue being poor.



(The God of Poverty leaves the stage.  Emma and Jacobo enter)



JACOB: How was your day?.



EMMA: Just fine!.   Jacob, did you hear what I hear?.



JACOB: It seems like someone is crying, and the noise is coming from the guest room.



(Both go to the guest room.  They open the door as the God of Poverty is on the bed crying)



EMMA AND JACOB: Who are you?.



GOD OF  POVERTY: I am the God of Poverty.  I have lived here for a long time, but you both work too much and I will have to leave you.   The God of Wealth will come soon to live here with you.



EMMA: But you have taken care of our house for a long time.  Stay here with us.



JACOB: We want you to stay with us forever.   This is your home!.



GOD OF POVERTY: Oh, I’m so happy, you’re the first people that I know that treat me with respect and affection.



(There is a knock at the door)



EMMA: Who could it be at this hour?.



JACOB: There’s only one way to find out.



(The three of them head to the door. Emma opens the door)



EMMA: Who are you?.



(The God of Wealth enters)



GOD OF WEALTH: (to the God of Poverty) You’re still here!.  Get out of here, now!.



GOD OF POVERTY: No!.  This is our house!.



(They both start to fight)



EMMA: Stop it!.  Stop it!.



(They stop fighting)



GOD OF WEALTH: But, don’t you see?.   I’m the God of Wealth!.  Don’t you want to be rich?.



JACOB: No, we are happy the way we are.  You may leave.



GOD OF WEALTH: Some day you will regret it!.



EMMA AND JACOB: We don’t think so!.



(The God of Wealth leaves the stage)






Author:  Unknown



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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