The Three Trees on The Hill

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Three trees on a hill

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(Tree 1, 2, and 3 are in the hill)



TREE 1: It’s a beautiful day, don’t you think so?.



TREE 2: Yes it is.  The sky is so clear, and the sun is so warm.



TREE 3: You sound so nostalgic.   What are you thinking about?.



TREE 2: We are now big and strong.  The woodcutters will come soon to the hill.



TREE 1: You’re right.



(Tree 1 looks up to the sky)



TREE 1: I wish they turn me into a treasure chest.  I want to be filled with gold, silver, and precious stones.  And do you know what?.  I will be the most beautiful treasure chest in the world!.



TREE 3: Everybody will admire you!.



TREE 2: I want to sail in the roaring oceans, roam the high seas, and deliver kings and queens safely to their destinations!.



TREE 1: I don’t doubt it.  You are strong and everybody will feel safe with you.  You will be the  greatest ship of the world.  What about you?.



TREE 3: I love so much this hill, that I don’t want to leave it at all!.   I want to stay here and grow, and grow, and grow.  I want to be the biggest tree of the hill.



TREE 1: Is that all?.



TREE 3: No, that’s not all.   I want people that pass by to admire my strong branches, and to look at me touching heaven and think of God.  I want people to always remember me because of that.



TREE 2: You will be the tallest tree of the world.



(Woodcutter 1, 2, and 3 enter the stage. Each one of them carries and ax. They approach the trees.  Woodcutter 1 looks at and touches Tree 1)



WOODCUTTER 1: This one seems strong enough for me.  It is so beautiful!  I think the carpenter will do a good job with it.



(He cuts the tree with his ax)



TREE 1: Did you hear that.   I’m so happy!.



TREE 2: Your wish will come true.  The carpenter will turn you into a treasure chest.



(Woodcutter 1 and Tree 1 leave the stage. The Woodcutter 2 looks at and touches Tree 2)



WOODCUTTER 2: This tree also seems strong.  It is perfect for me!.  I will also sell it to the carpenter.



(He cuts the tree with his ax)



TREE 2: Oh, yes!.   I will be a strong ship for mighty kings.  Now I will sail mighty waters.  I will be a very important ship!.



(Woodcutter 2  and Tree 2 leave the stage.  The Woodcutter 3 looks at and touches Tree 3)



TREE 3: Please, no!.  I don’t want you to cut me.  if you do it, my dream will never come true!.



WOODCUTTER 3: This tree looks fine to me.  I really don’t care.  It’s not a special tree, anyway, all I want is the money the carpenter will pay me!.



(He cuts the tree with his ax.  The Woodcutter 3 and Tree 3 leave the stage)






(Tree 1, 2, and 3 and Woodcutter 1, 2, and 3 are in the carpenter’s shop)



WOODCUTTER 1: With this tree I want you to make a feed box for animals.



TREE 1: Oh, that is not what I wanted to be.  I don’t want to be filled with hay for hungry animals!.   Oh,  I will never be covered with gold, silver, and precious stones.



(The Carpenter pays Woodcutter 1, and he leaves the stage)



WOODCUTTER 2: With my tree, I want you to make a small fishing boat.



TREE 2: No!.  I will be so small and weak to sail on an ocean.  My dream will never come true. I will never carry kings and queens. I will never be the most vigorous of vessels!.



(The Carpenter pays Woodcutter 2, and he leaves the stage)



CARPENTER: What about you?.  What do you want me to do with your tree?.



WOODCUTTER 3: Nothing, just give me my money, and I’ll go.



CARPENTER: As you wish.  I’ll just put the wood in the warehouse, and if you want it back, just come and get it.



WOODCUTTER 3: You can keep it, I don’t want it.



TREE 3: What happened?.  All I ever wanted was to stay on the mountain top and point to God.



(The Carpenter pays Woodcutter 3, and he leaves the stage)






(The feed box for animals is in the center of the stage.  The Man and a Woman carrying a newborn child enter the stage, and place the baby inside the wood box)



MAN: I wish I could have made a cradle for him, but this manger is all there is.



WOMAN: This manger is beautiful!.



TREE 1: Oh, this baby is special, something tells me that He will be great among men.. King of Kings.  Now I know that I hold the greatest treasure in the history of mankind.  My wish came true!.



(The Woman and the Man stare at the baby inside the manger)






(The boat is in the middle of the room.  Thirteen Men get in the ship.  One of them, Jesus, falls asleep. The men throw fishing nets to the water. There is a storm)



TREE 2: The storm will destroy me. If  only I were a mighty vessel I could withstand the force of the storm, but I don’t have the strength to carry so many passengers safely through the wind and the rain.  I will not be able to take them to the other side of the lake!.



TWELVE MEN: Jesus, wake up!,  Help us, or we will die!.



(Jesus opens his eyes and stands up. He stretches his arms)



 JESUS: Peace.   Be still!.



(The storm stops)



TREE 2: Oh, It’s Jesus.  I’m carrying the King of Heaven and Earth!.  My wish came true!.



(They leave the stage)






(There is a wood cross in the floor in the center of the stage. Jesus, the Guards, and the Crowd enter.  Jesus takes the cross and starts to walk carrying it on his shoulders)



CROWD: Crucify him!.  Crucify him!.



(Jesus stops. The Guards take the cross and put it on the floor. They nail Jesus to the wood cross)



TREE 3: Why are they nailing his hands and feet to me?.  I feel ugly and cruel!.



(The Guards lift the cross)



TREE 3: Oh,  I was strong enough to stand straight on this hill holding the Son of God.  This is much better than being the tallest tree in the world.  Now people will always remember me and think of God!.






Author:   Popular Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O 


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