The Three King’s Day

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(It’s Winter. Three children walk in the forest at night. They find an Old Woman)



OLD WOMAN: Where are you going so late at night?. It’s freezing!.



CHILD 1: We are looking for the Three Kings.



OLD WOMAN: Oh, you’re right.  Tomorrow will be the Three King’s Day.  What do you want from them?.



CHILD 2: We hope they can give us some toys.



OLD WOMAN: Toys?.  Most of the children want money.  Why do you want toys?.



CHILD 3: Because we (pauses)we’ve never had toys.



CHILD 1: That’s right.  Never.



OLD WOMAN: But there’s no need to get out of your house.



CHILD 2: Why not?.



OLD WOMAN: All you have to do is leave your shoes out in the balcony, and go to bed and sleep.  Then, they will come at night and fill your shoes with toys.



CHILD 3: But, we don’t have any shoes!.



CHILD 1: And our house doesn’t have a balcony.



CHILD 2: And we don’t sleep on a bed.  We sleep on the floor.



CHILD 3: We are very poor.



OLD WOMAN: So if the Three Kings don’t come to you… you come to them?.  Is that right?.



CHILD 1: Yes, that’s what we are doing right now.



OLD WOMAN: I can see that you have hope, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here at this hour and under this terrible weather.



CHILD 2: Oh, yes, we have!.



OLD WOMAN: Do you think miracles can happen?.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Yes, we do!.



CHILD 3: We believe we will find the Three Kings!.



(The Old Woman takes out a letter from her bag)



OLD WOMAN: Would you be so kind to take this letter to the palace and give it to the King?.  I’m so old, that I can hardly walk, and the King has been waiting for this letter for a long, long time.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Don’t worry, we will take the letter to the King.



(The Old Woman gives the letter to Child 1 )



OLD WOMAN: Are you willing to keep on walking in the middle of the forest just to give this letter to the king, getting nothing in return.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Yes, we are.



CHILD 2: We are glad to help you.



CHILD 3: And don’t worry about us. We will be fine!.



OLD WOMAN: I know I can trust you, so  I’ll go home now, I’m very tired. Oh, and I hope you find the Three Kings!.



CHILD 1: Thank you, we know we will.  Good bye.



OLD WOMAN: Good-bye.






(Child 1, 2 and 3 knock at the palace door.  A servant opens the door)



SERVANT: What can I do for you?.



CHILD 1: An old woman asked us to bring this letter to the palace.



(The servant looks at the letter)



SERVANT: Did you say an old woman?.



CHILD 2: Yes.



SERVANT: Did you see her in the forest?



CHILD 3: Yes.  How did you know?.



SERVANT: May I have the letter, please?.



(Child 1 gives the letter to the servant.  The servant takes the letter and starts jumping joyfully)



SERVANT: Oh, I’ll give it to the King right away!.  Please, wait here.



(The Servant leaves.  He returns along with the king)



KING: Oh, thank you!.  Thank you!.  I was under a spell, and that letter was the only thing that could break it!. Please, follow me, you must be hungry.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Well yes, we are.



KING: Come  along, then. (Child 1,2, and 4 follow the King to the dining room.  There’s a table with plenty of food) Eat all you want!



(Child 1, 2, and 3 sit at the table and start eating)



CHILD 1: The ham is so delicious!.



CHILD 2: I love the roast chicken!.



CHILD 3: Mmmm, everything is so good!.



KING: Now, I have a surprise for you. Follow me.



(Child 1, 2, and 3 stand and  follow the King to a room full of toys)



CHILD  1, 2, 3: Oh!.



KING: Do you like them?.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Yes, we do!.



KING: They are all yours!.



CHILD 1: Why?.



CHILD 2: We haven’t done anything for you?.



KING: Yes, you did.  You brought me the letter.



CHILD 3: But, that was nothing.



KING: You were not the first ones who the old woman gave the letter to.  She gave it to many others before.



CHILD 1: And what happened?.



KING: Some of them lost the letter.  Many others read it before coming  to the palace, and others didn’t want to bring it to me.  You were kind enough to bring me the letter just as the old woman gave it to you. (He hugs the three children) Do you see this palace?.  And those beautiful gardens?.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Yes, everything is so beautiful!.



KING: Well, everything is yours!.



CHILD 1: I’m sorry, King, but that’s impossible.



CHILD 2: We have to go home.



CHILD 3: Our parents must be worried, and we have to keep looking…



KING: Don’t worry about your parents.  I’ve just sent my servant to bring them here, all of you will stay here to live with me.  This is the gift that you have been expecting for so long.   Your search is over!.



CHILD 1: Are you one of the Three Kings?.



KING: Yes, I am.



CHILD 2: What about the others?.



KING: You will meet them soon, but for now, just enjoy your toys while your parents arrive.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Thank you!.



KING: Miracles happen, to those who believe.



CHILD 1, 2, 3: Yes, they do!.






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