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Mrs. Carwin

Henry’s mother (no dialogues)




(Mario is in his bedroom doing the homewok.  There’s a knock at the door)


Mario: I’m sorry Mom, I’m not hungry.


Henry: Open the door, it’s me… Henry.


(Mario stands up and opens the door)


Mario: Hi, Henry, come on in.


(Henry enters the room)


Henry: How are you Mario?.


Mario: Not so good.


Henry: What’s wrong?.


Mario: Sometimes I just feel so lonely… and I’ve bee having a lot of problems lately.


Henry: Do you want to talk about it?.


Mario: Well as you know, my father got a job in another city, and my mother is working really hard.  We wanted to go and see him this weekend, but she has to work on Saturday, so we won’t be able to go… and I wanted so much to see him!


Henry: Mario, remember that this Saturday we have our school play.


Mario: Oh.. I totally forgot about the play!


Henry: Ha, ha, ha, ha , See..  Things are not so bad!  You are the main character!  What would Little Red Riding Hood be without the wolf!


Mario: Ha, ha, ha, ha … He wouldn’t eat her? Ha, ha, ha…Thanks for remind me.  Oh, wait, but that’s not all…. my aunt called last night, and she said that my grandmother fell down and she broke her leg!


Henry: I’m sorry to hear that.  But she’s a strong woman, so I think that she will recover soon.


Mario: You’re right… but since my aunt will take care of her until she recovers, she asked my mom to buy her a wheelchair.  And now my mom is really worried because…


Henry: Hey, we have my grandfather’s wheelchair at home… I’ll ask my mom to lend it to you and bring it tomorrow.


Mario: Really?  Oh, thanks.


Henry: Do you feel better now?.


Mario: Yes, I do.  You really cheered me up today… I mean, I was really worried about everything, and you even made me laugh!.


Henry: That’s what friends are for.


(Mario’s mother enter the room)


Mrs. Carwin: Henry, your mother is waiting for you outside


Henry: Thank you, Mrs. Carwin.  Well, Mario, I have to go.


(Henry, Mario, and Mrs. Carwin get out of the room and go outside)


Mario: Thanks for coming over… and thanks for being my friend.


(Henry waves good-bye and  starts to walk away along with his mother..  Mario yells at him)


Mario: Henry!  You didn’t tell why you came to see me!


(Henry yells back while he keeps walking)


Henry: I just wanted to tell you something!.


Mario: What is it!.


Henry: My mom took me to the doctor, and he said I have a brain tumor.  He also said there’s nothing he can do to save my life, and that all I have to do… is wait to die.  Have a nice day, my friend!.


(Henry waves good-bye)


Mario: Oh, mom, he came to tell me the news.  When he asked me how I was, I forgot about him, and I only talked about me and my problems.  He was smiling all the time, just to make me feel better… even though he is in a worse situation.  That’s incredible!.


Mrs. Carwin: Now,  try to spend as much time as possible with him.


Mario: I will mom… From now on, I will enjoy every minute I spend with him, and with everybody I love.


(They hug)


The End


Author: Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

Moral:  Life is like climbing a mountain.  If you look up, you will be the last one in line, but If you look down, you will see that a lot of people would want to be in your place.


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