Why Frogs and Snakes Never Play Together

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Baby Frog

Baby Snake

Mother Frog

Scene I


(Baby Frog plays and jumps in around the trees in the woods.  He sees a snake)


Baby Frog: Hello, there!  What are you doing here?


Baby Snake: I’m just enjoying this beautiful day here in the sun.


Baby Frog: What’s your name?


Baby Snake: My name is Baby Snake.  What’s yours?


Baby Frog: I’m Baby Frog.  Do you want to play with me?


Snake: Yes!


(They play together)


Baby Snake: Teach me how to hop!


Baby Frog: Just do as I do… watch me!


(Baby Frog hops.  The Baby Snake looks at the frog and they hop together)


Baby Snake: It’s fun to hop high in the air!


Baby Frog: Now you teach me how to slide in my belly.


Baby Snake: Sure!  Just look how I do it.


(Baby-Snake teaches frog how to slide on his belly)


Baby Frog: Now teach me how to climb trees.


Baby Snake: Follow me!


(Baby Snake teaches Baby Frog how to climb trees)


Baby Frog: It’s fun to climb up trees!


Baby Snake: Oh… it’s getting late, I have to go home.


Baby Frog: Will you come tomorrow?


Baby Snake: Sure… you are now my best friend in the whole world!


Baby Frog: You too!.. Oh, and thanks for teaching me how to climb up trees!


Baby Snake: And thank you for teaching me how to hop!… See you tomorrow!


Baby Frog: Bye.


(They hug and both leave)


Scene II – At the Frog’s house


(Mother Frog is outside the door waiting for Baby Frog who is hoping on his way home)


Mother Frog: Where were you?


Baby Frog: Oh, mom, I had a lot of fun.  I have a new friend!


Mother Frog: Really?


Baby Frog: Yes, mom.  He taught me how to slide on my belly.


Mother Frog: On your belly?… Who is he?


Baby Frog: His name is Baby Snake.  We played all morning!


Mother Frog: No!  The snake family is not a good family.  They have poison in their teeth.  Don’t hang around with him anymore… he can eat you!


Baby Frog: But mom!


Mother Frog: I said no!… now, come inside the house, it’s almost bed time.


(They go inside the house)


Scene III – Next Day in the Woods


(Baby Frog is waiting for Baby Snake.  Baby Snakes arrives)


Baby Frog: I’m sorry, but I can’t play with you anymore.


Baby Snake: Me neither. My mom told me to never play with you again.


Baby Frog: My mom told me to catch you and eat you.


Baby Snake: My mom told me to spring at you and eat you.


Baby Frog: I had fun with you yesterday.


Baby Snake: So, did I.


(Both sit alone away from each other thinking about their one day friendship)


Baby Frog and Baby Snake: How sad it is that out mothers don’t let us play together.


(They stand up and go on different ways)


The End


An African Folktale


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


Moral:  Sometimes intolerance stands over tolerance when people are different from us or differ from our opinions.


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