The Grasshopper and The Frog

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FROGA – Frog’s Wife




Act I


(The grasshopper and the frog lie on their backs in the ground beside a lake.  They look at the sky.)


GRASSHOPPER: What a beautiful day!.


FROG: Yes, it is!.


GRASSHOPPER: Do you come here often?.


FROG: Once in a while.  I spend most of my time in the well.


GRASSHOPPER: I don’t like wells.  They are too dark.


FROG: You should come one day to visit me…. I have an idea!  Why don’t you come to the well tonight for dinner?  My wife and I will prepare a special meal.  I’ll light some candles… please, say yes!.




FROG: Good.  I’m leaving … I have to get everything ready.


GRASSHOPPER: See you then.


(Frog leaves.  Grasshopper keeps looking at the sky).




(Grasshopper arrives to the well.  There are some candles lit.  Frog is sitting at the table.  Froga greets the grasshopper).


FROGA: Please come in, Mr. Grasshopper.


GRASSHOPPER: You have a lovely home, Mrs. Froga.


FROGA: Thanks….Sweety, your friend is here!.


FROG: Tell him to come in!.


FROGA: Please, joins us at the table.  Dinner is ready.


(Grasshopper and Froga  walk to the table and sit)


FROG: I am glad you came!.


GRASSHOPPER: You have a nice home… and it’s not too dark as I thought it would be.


FROG: Oh, no, it’s not…I lit some candles for you!.


GRASSHOPPER: Yes, it’s was nice of you… especially because I don’t like to be in dark places.


FROG: I already washed my forelegs.  You can do the same… there’s a water jar over there.




(Grasshopper washes his forelegs and makes a loud noise)


FROG: My friend… can’t you leave your chirping behind?.




(Grasshopper sits at the table and tries to eat without rubbing his forelegs together, but it is impossible)


FROG: You’re chirping again!.  Be quiet! I can’t eat with such a noise!.


FROGA: Honey, you are being rude.


(Grasshopper gets angry).


GRASSHOPPER: I can’t eat… Anyway, I’m not hungry.


FROG: Oh, but…


FROGA: I am so sorry, Mr. Grasshopper.


GRASSHOPPER: Don’t worry Mrs. Froga… you know what?  Come to my house tomorrow night for dinner.

FROG: I’ll be glad to go.


FROGA: You will have to forgive me, but I have other plans for tomorrow night.


FROG: What other plans?.


FROGA: Remember that I promise to watch over my sister’s froggies tomorrow night.


FROG: Oh, yes, I totally forgot about it.  Then, I’ll go by myself.


(Grasshopper stands up and waves good-bye)


GRASSHOPPER: Don’t be late.


FROG: Oh, no, I won’t.


(Grasshopper leaves and Frog keeps eating).




(Frog walks toward the Grasshoppers house)


FROG: Oh, I feel terrible.  Last night I was rude to my friend… I feel so guilty for the way I treated him!   As soon as I get there, I’ll tell him how sorry I am.


(Frog arrives to the Grasshopper’s house)


GRASSHOPPER: Wow, you are early!.


FROG: Hello, my friend…. I came early because I want to tell you how…


(Grasshopper interrupts Frog)


GRASSHOPPER: No more talking!  Come, please, join me at the table.


FROG: But… I need to tell you something…


(Grasshopper interrupts Frog once again)


GRASSHOPPER: Dinner is getting cold. (Both sit at the table.  There is food on the plates) I already washed my forelegs.  There’s a water jar over there so you can wash your legs too.


FROG: Good… I’m starving!


(Frog hopps to the water jar and washes his legs, then he hopps back to the table)


GRASSHOPPER: Oops! You better go back and wash again.


FROG: Why?  What did I do wrong?.


GRASSHOPPER: All that hopping in the dirt has made your forelegs dirty again.


(Frog hopps back to the water jar.  He washes his legs again, then he hopps back to the table).


FROG: Mmm … it looks delicious!.




FROG: Now what?.


GRASSHOPPER: Please, don’t put your dirty paws into the food.  Go and wash them again.


(Frog gets angry)


FROG: You just don’t want me to eat with you! … You know very well that I must use my paws and forelegs in hopping about. I cannot help it if they get dirty between the water jar and the table.


GRASSHOPPER: You are the one who started it last night. You know I cannot rub my forelegs together without making a noise.


FROG: Well… yes… that’s why I came early… to tell you how sorry I am.


(Frogs heads toward the door)


GRASSHOPPER: Where are you going?.


FROG: I’m going home.


GRASSHOPPER: Please, come back… and forgive me.


FROG: Do you still want to be my friend?.


GRASSHOPPER: Of course… come back… let’s enjoy dinner together.  We both have learned a lesson.  You have to accept me as I am, and I will accept you as you are.


(Frog sits down at the table and both start to eat)


FROG: This is the best food I have ever eaten in a long, long time!.


GRASSHOPPER: And there’s more in the kitchen!.


The End


Adapted by K I D S I N C O based on an popular folktale.


Moral: True friendship means to accept each other’s faults, and each other’s good qualities.

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