The Monkey and the Crocodile

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(The Monkey, the Frog and the Crocodile are near a river.  The Crocodile is sleeping)



MONKEY: Oh, I’m so tired and hungry!.  I would like to eat some bananas.



FROG: If you want to eat bananas you have to go to the other side of the river.






FROG: Don’t you see, there aren’t bananas around here.



MONKEY: But how can I go to the other side of the river?.



FROG: It’s very easy, tell the crocodile to take you there.



(The Crocodile wakes up)



CROCODILE: Who called my name?.



FROG: (to the monkey) Go on, tell him, don’t be shy.



CROCODILE: What is it?.



MONKEY: Hmm, well see Mr. Crocodile, I’m so hungry and I really would like to eat some bananas.






MONKEY: Can you take me to the other side of the river?.



CROCODILE: What?. You know that I’m always tired and sleepy.  Find somebody else to take you there.



MONKEY: Please, please, please Mr. Crocodile, I don’t know how to swim.



CROCODILE: Hmm well, after all it’s not a bad idea.  Get on my back.



(The Monkey gets on the Crocodile back.  The Crocodile takes him to the other side of the river)



MONKEY: Thank you!.  Now wait here, I won’t be long, let me just go and get the bananas.



CROCODILE: Take your time.



(The Monkey gets the bananas.  He eats some.  He returns with one banana)



MONKEY: I’m ready, now take me please to the other side of the river. (The Crocodile goes the opposite way) Mr. Crocodile, where are you taking me?.  This is not my way home.



CROCODILE: No, but it’s my way home.  My wife is sick and the doctor told her to eat the brain of a monkey.



MONKEY: Oh, Mr. Crocodile, why you didn’t tell me that before.  I left my brain on the other side of the river.  Let’s go get it before your wife dies.



CROCODILE: Fine, let’s go back.



(The Crocodile goes back. They arrive to the other side of the river)



MONKEY: Look!.  Can you see it?.



CROCODILE: See what?.



MONKEY: My brain!.  I left it hanging on that tree.



CROCODILE: Hurry up, go get it!.



MONKEY: Sure, wait here.  (He gets off from the crocodile’s back and runs away shouting) The day I don’t have a brain, I won’t be able to fool you.



CROCODILE: You lied to me!.  Come back, come back!.



MONKEY: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.






Author:  An Indian Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

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