The Snowgirl

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(In the living room.  Vladimir  is looking through the window. His wife, Anastacia, is in the sofa knitting.  Some children are outside making a snowman.  Some of them dance and play around a snowman)



ANASTACIA: Oh, I feel so sad because we never had children.  I am so old now.



VLADIMIR: Look, Anastacia, come and see the snowman they did.



(Anastacia stands up and looks through the window)



ANASTACIA: Ha, ha, ha, ha, they look so cute!.



VLADIMIR: I have an idea.   Let’s go outside and try to make a snowman.



ANASTACIA: Us?.  What will our neighbors think?.  They will make fun of us.  We are too old to be playing like children.



VLADIMIR: Let’s just do a small one.  Nobody will see us.



ANASTACIA: Fine.  Anyway, I always do what you want.



(They put on their coats, hats, and mittens and go outside.  They stop in front of the snowman and play with the children.  They walk to the forest. They start to make the snowman)



VLADIMIR: Let’s make it small.



ANASTACIA: Let’s make it a girl.



(They make the snowgirl.  Anastacia puts her coat, scarf, and mittens on the snowgirl.  When they finish they look at it)



ANASTACIA: It’s so beautiful!.



VLADIMIR: Did you see that?.



ANASTACIA: Yes, I did.  It’s strange, but it’s moving.



VLADIMIR: Look!.  She opened her eyes!.



(Lenochka smiles at them)



ANASTACIA: It’s a miracle!.  Our snowgirl is alive!.



(Lenochka walks and hugs them.  They kiss her)



VLADIMIR: Is this a dream?.



ANASTACIA: It’s the most beautiful dream I have had in  years!



VLADIMIR: At last we have a child!.  Her name will be Lenochka.  Let’s go home.



(They put their arms around  Lenochka and leave the stage)






(It’s Spring.  Lenochka and  Anastacia are in the living room. Anastacia is singing, and  Lenochka looks through the window. Vladimir enters the room.  He leaves some grocery bags on the table)



ANASTACIA: What’s wrong Lenochka?.



(Vladimir approaches Lenochka)



VLADIMIR: What are you thinking about?.  You look worried.



LENOCHKA: It’s just that I miss the snow so much!.  I miss winter!.



VLADIMIR: I know.  Spring and Summer will be over soon, and Winter will be here once again.  Don’t you like the flowers and the birds singing?.



LENOCHKA: Flowers are not as pretty as pure white snow.



ANASTACIA: Why don’t you go outside and plays with the children.  They are all having fun in the forest.



LENOCHKA: I don’t want to play with them.



VLADIMIR: Why not, my dear child?.



LENOCHKA: I don’t know, father, I feel my heart melting when I smell the flowers.



VLADIMIR: Come, we will take you to the forest.  We will show you all the beautiful flowers, and I’m sure that you will love them.



(They leave the stage)






(They walk in the forest)



VLADIMIR: Why are you shaking?.



LENOCHKA: I can smell the sweet scent of the flowers.



ANASTACIA: Do you like it?.



LENOCHKA: I can’t stand the sunlight!.  It’s so hot!.



(Lenochka covers her eyes and screams in pain.  She faints and the snow from her body starts to melt)



ANASTACIA: Lenochka!.  Lenochka!.  Wake up!.



VLADIMIR: She’s gone. She was made of snow and the sun melted her.



ANASTACIA: Look!.   Something is moving in the ground.



(They see that from the melted snow a real girl comes out)



ANASTACIA: Lenochka,  you’re now a real girl!.



VLADIMIR: Finally, after all these years we have a daughter.



(They hug Lenochka)



ANASTACIA: Thank you God for this miracle!.






Author:  An Ukrainian Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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