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(In Russia.  Father enters the living room with a box full of peaches)



FATHER: Look what I brought you!.  Come and see this!.



(Mother, Vania, Serguei, Volodia, Vasilia, enter)



MOTHER: What’s the emergency!.



VANIA, SERGUEI, VOLODIA, AND VASILIA: What is it?.  What do you have in that box?.



FATHER: Look what your uncle sent you!.



(Father opens the big box.  Vania, Serguei, Volodia, and Vasilia look inside the box)



VANIA: Red apples!.



(Serguei touches the fruit)



SERGUEI: I don’t think they are apples.  Touch them, they are so soft!.



(Vania, Serguei, Volodia, and Vasilia touch the fruit)



VANIA, SERGUEI, VOLODIA, AND VASILIA: You’re right!.  They feel like velvet.



FATHER: They are peaches.



VANIA, SERGUEI, VOLODIA, AND VASILIA: Peaches?.  What are peaches?.



FATHER: Your uncle grew them in his greenhouse.  Peaches only grow in warm climate countries.



VOLODIA: What is a greenhouse?.



FATHER: A greenhouse is a structure with glass or plastic roof and walls.  Your uncle told me that the sun heats the plants, and during winter he uses a stove to maintain the temperature warm.



MOTHER: I would like to eat one.



(Father gives Mother the biggest peach)



FATHER: The biggest one is for you.


(Father gives a peach to each to Vania, Serguei, Volodia, and Vasilia)



FATHER: Taste them, and then tell me what you think.



(Vania, Serguei, Volodia, and Vasilia take a peach and leave)






(Father and his family are having dinner)



FATHER: So, tell me.  What do you think about the fruit?.



SERGUEI: It was delicious!.   I want to plant the seed, because I want to have a peach tree!.



FATHER: Maybe when you grow up, you will be a farmer.



VANIA: It was so delicious that I ate it all.  My mom gave me half of hers, but I threw away the seed.



FATHER: What about you, Vasilia?.



VASILIA: When Vania threw away the seed, I picked it up and I smashed it.  It was really hard!. Then I ate something it had inside which tasted like nuts, but it was bitter.



FATHER: What did you do with your peach?.



VASILIA: I sold it.



FATHER: Ha, ha, ha, you sold it?.  Then when you grow up you will be a merchant.  What about you Volodia?.  Did you like it?.



VOLODIA: I don’t know.



FATHER: What do you mean you don’t know?.  Didn’t you eat it?.



VOLODIA: I gave it to Grischa.  He is sick.  When I showed him the peach, he just looked at it. I gave it to him, but he didn’t want to take it, so I just left it beside his bed, and I left the room.



FATHER: (hugs Volodia) Oh, God will reward you for what you did for your brother.






Author: Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy



Russian: 29 December 1882 — February 23, 1945



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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