Tim Came Back

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(Charles enters home from school. His mother is in the living room in a sofa)






(His mother stands up and hugs him)



MOTHER: How was school?.



CHARLES: It was OK, but, I still miss Tim a lot.



MOTHER: Let’s not talk about that anymore.



CHARLES: Do you think he’s fine where he is now?.



(His mother doesn’t answer)



MOTHER: Do you have homework?.



CHARLES: Mom, I asked you a question.



(The phone rings.  Charle’s mother answers)



MOTHER: Hello.  Oh, Hi Susan.  How are you?. (There’s silence) What!.  How did they find out?. That’s impossible!. (There’s silence) Are you sure?. (There’s silence) No, I won’t tell him anything.  But, do they know who did it, where he is, or who took him away?. (There’s silence)  Good, call me as soon as you can.



(She hangs up the phone)



CHARLES: What is it mother?.



MOTHER: It’s nothing, don’t worry.



CHARLES: Mom, can I go to the park?.  Scott and Jason will be there practicing for Saturday’s game.



MOTHER: Sure, you can go just don’t come too late.



CHARLES: I won’t.  Bye mom.



(Charles leaves)






(Charles, Scott and Jason are playing baseball.  They see a kid approaching)



SCOTT: Hey look, someone is coming.



JASON: It looks like…









TIM: Hi, guys!.



(Scott, Jason and Charles are scared)



SCOTT: Let’s get out of here…now!.



(They start running)



TIM: Stop!.  Where are you going…wait!.  Come back!. (They stop running and come back)  What’s wrong with you.  I came to play and you just want to leave.



CHARLES: Tim… you’re dead!.



JASON: Yeah, we even went to your funeral.



TIM: Me…dead?.



SCOTT: Yes, dead… as in d-e-a-d… dead.



TIM: Do I look dead to you?.



JASON: Well, yes, you look pale.  Come on, we saw you inside your coffin.



CHARLES: We went to the cemetery. We saw how they buried you.  We were there!.



TIM: (scratching his head) Well, I’m trying to remember, but I can’t.  The only thing I know is that it was really dark, and I heard people crying.  That’s all.



SCOTT: This can’t be happening!.



TIM: Why do you keep telling me the same thing.  Look, hold my hands!.



(Jason holds one of Tim’s hands)



JASON: You’re cold!.



SCOTT: What are we going to do?.



TIM: I came here to play with you.



CHARLES: Let’s get real.  You can’t play Tim, you’re dead.  I bet you can hardly move.



TIM: You’re right, I can’t even feel my legs. I think I better go.  I’ll see you tomorrow in school.



SCOTT: No, Tim.  You can’t go to school!.



TIM: Then,  I’ll be here tomorrow, we have a game to play!.



(Tim turns around and leaves)



SCOTT, CHARLES, JASON: Let’s go home!.



(Scott, Charles, and Jason leave)






(Charles enters his home.  His mother is in the living room)



CHARLES: Mom!.  Mom!.  I have something to tell you!.



MOTHER: Me too, Charles.  Come and sit down.  It’s very important.



CHARLES: What’s wrong?.



MOTHER: Do you remember that Susan called me this afternoon?.



CHARLES: Yes, why?.



MOTHER: Well, she told me that…I don’t know how to tell you this.



CHARLES: You’re scaring me, mom.



MOTHER: It’s about Tim.  They found his grave opened, and they haven’t found his body.



CHARLES: Mom… I saw him.



MOTHER: You saw who?.



CHARLES: Tim.  He went to the park!.



MOTHER: Oh my God!.



CHARLES: Yes, mom.  He went to play with us.  We were all very scared.



MOTHER: I don’t believe in ghosts, but if you saw him…



CHARLES: He didn’t look like a ghost, he was real!.  Jason even touched him, and he was really cold.  Mom, I am scared!.  What if they never find him… what if he…



MOTHER: It’s late, and you have school tomorrow.  Go to your room, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.



CHARLES: Good night, mom.



(Charles kisses his mother and goes to his room. He goes to bed and closes his eyes.  He hears a knock in the window)



TIM: Charles… Charles… It’s me Tim. (Charles opens his eyes) Can I come in?.  I’m cold.  Please, let me in.






Author:  K I D S I N C O



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