The Water of Life

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(The King is lying in his bed.  His Advisor is beside him)



KING: (coughing) I want to see my three sons.  I will die very soon.



ADVISOR:  Please, don’t talk, your majesty.



KING: You know that I’m very ill, and I don’t know which of them deserves to take my place.



(Harrison enters)



HARRISON: Father?. (There is no answer.  He whispers to the advisor) How is he?.



ADVISOR: Not very good.  The doctor said there’s no hope.



HARRISON: No hope?.  There must be something we can do!.



ADVISOR: Calm down.



HARRISON: How do you expect me to calm down when my dear father is dying?.



ADVISOR: I understand how you feel.



HARRISON: I’ll go to the village.  I can’t just stay here watching him die!.   I’ll get another doctor, or some other medicines.



ADVISOR: You will waste your time.  Stay here.  He needs you!.



(Harrison leaves.  On his way to the village he meets an Old Man)



OLD MAN: Why are you going in such a hurry?.



HARRISON: My father is very sick, and the doctor said nothing can save him.



OLD MAN: The Water of Life is the only thing that can save him.



HARRISON: The Water of Life?.



OLD MAN: Yes, he will only need to take a drink and he will be well again.



HARRISON: Tell me, where can I find this water?.



OLD MAN: It’s very hard to get it.



HARRISON: Just tell me!.



OLD MAN: It will not be easy, there are great dangers along the way.



HARRISON:  My father can not die.  I’ll bring him this water, and when he knows that I saved his life, he will make me king!.



OLD MAN: Before you go, the King must know where you’re going.



HARRISON: I’ll go and tell him right away.  Good-bye, old man.



OLD MAN: I really hope you can get it.



(The Old Man leaves.  Harrison returns to the palace)



ADVISOR: You’re back.



HARRISON: I need to talk to my father.



ADVISOR: He is sleeping right now.



HARRISON: Listen, when he wakes up tell him I went to look for the Water of Life, and that I will be back as soon as I find it.



ADVISOR: I beg you not to go, please, prince.  You’re not the first one who will try to get it, and that is impossible.  Oh, none of them have returned yet.



HARRISON: So you knew about it, and you didn’t tell me?.



ADVISOR: How could I?.   I didn’t want to risk your life.



HARRISON: If I bring the water, I will be the new King.  But never mind, just tell him what I said.



ADVISOR: Good luck… you will need it.



(Harrison leaves.  He walks through a deep valley with rocks and woods.  He meets a Dwarf)



DWARF: Oh, prince, where are you going in such a hurry?.



HARRISON: What do you care, you ugly dwarf!.



DWARF: What did you call me?.



HARRISON: What you’ve just heard!.



DWARF: I cast a spell on you!.  From now on, you will be an unlucky man.  You will not succeed in what you’re looking for!.



(The Dwarf leaves.  Harrison keeps walking)



HARRISON: The road in this mountain is getting narrower and narrower.  I can’t go back, and I can go forward. I’m stuck in the middle of the mountain!. (There is a loud laugh backstage – ha, ha, ha, ha) Who’s laughing!.  Who’s there!. (He tries to walk but he can’t move his feet) Oh no!.  It’s so dark, and I can’t see anything!.  I will never see my father again, and I will never be King!.



(At the palace the King talks to his middle son)



KING: Your brother hasn’t come back.  I’m afraid I won’t see him again.



GEORGE: Don’t say that, father.  I have decided to look for the Water of Life.



KING: No!.  I don’t want to loose another of my beloved sons.



GEORGE: Good-bye, father.



(George leaves.  The Advisor approaches him)



ADVISOR: Prince, don’t go.  I have the feeling that you will too never come back.



GEORGE: Don’t worry, I will!.   I’m sure that my brother is dead, and this kingdom will be mine if I find the water.



ADVISOR: You talk just like your brother!.



(George doesn’t answer and leaves.  He walks through a deep valley with rocks and woods. He meets a Dwarf).



DWARF: Prince, where are you going in such a hurry?.



GEORGE: Get out of the way, you ugly dwarf!.



DWARF: What did you call me?.



GEORGE: I said ugly dwarf!.



DWARF: I cast a spell on you!  From now on you will be an unlucky man.  You will not succeed in what you’re looking for!.



(The Dwarf leaves.  George keeps walking)



GEORGE: The road in this mountain is getting narrower and narrower.  I can’t go back, and I can go forward. I’m stuck in the middle of the mountain!.  (There is a loud laugh – ha, ha, ha, ha) Who’s laughing!.  Who’s there!. (He tries to walk but he can’t move his feet) Oh no!.  It’s so dark, and I can’t see anything!.  I will never see my father again, and the kingdom will never be mine!.



(At the palace the King talks to his youngest son)



KING: Oh Matt, many days have passed and I haven’t heard anything about your brothers.



MATT: I’m sure they are fine.  Father, I need your permission to look for the Water of Life.



KING: Not you, Matt.



MATT: I love you father, and I want you to be well again.



KING:  If that’s what you want, then I give you my blessings.  Leave now.



(Matt kisses his father and leaves.  He walks through a deep valley with rocks and woods. He meets a Dwarf).



DWARF: Prince, where are you going in such a hurry?.



MATT: I’m looking  for the Water of Life.  My father is  verysick, and I don’t want him to die.  Can you help me?.  Please, help me if you can.



DWARF: Do you know where the Water of Life is?.



MATT: No, I’m afraid not.  Please, tell me if you know.



DWARF: Since you have been kind to me, and you  are wise enough to seek for advice, I will tell you how and where to go.  The water you’re looking dor springs from a well in an enchanted castle. Take this iron wand and these two little loaves of bread.  When you get there, strike the iron door of the castle three times with the wand, and it will open: two hungry lions will be lying down inside waiting for their prey, but if you throw them the bread they will let you pass.  Then go to the well, and pour some of the Water of Life into this bottle.  Just remember, you have to do it before the clock strikes twelve, because if you take longer, the door will shut upon you forever.



MATT: Thank you my friend!. (He keeps walking until he reaches the castle. The door opens at the third stroke of the wand.  He enters and gives the bread to the two lions and keeps walking) That little dwarf was right. I was lucky to find him on the road.  Now, I have to look for the well.



(He keeps walking and.  He enters a room.  The Princess is sitting in a couch)



PRINCESS: Oh.  It’s you, I thought I would never see you again.



MATT: Do you know me?.



PRINCESS: Oh no, I don’t.  What I meant was that finally someone found me.  Please, take me out of here!.



MATT: Who are you?.



PRINCESS: A wizard locked me in here.  Please, promise you will take me with you, and I will tell you where the Water of Life is.



MATT: How do you know what I’m looking for?.



PRINCESS: If you came this far, then it must be because of the water.



MATT: You’re right, but…your eyes remind me of someone.  No, it can’t be.



PRINCESS: Let’s not waste anymore time.  I know where the water is.



MATT: Then tell me, please.



PRINCESS: The well that holds the Water of Life is in the garden, come, let’s go get it. (They go to the garden where there is a well.  Matt pours some water into the bottle) Ready?.  We have to leave the castle before the clock strikes twelve.



(Matt closes the bottle and both run outside the castle)



MATT: We made it!.  I finally have the Water of Life!.



PRINCESS: And since you saved my life, all your wishes will come true!.



MATT: We have to hurry.  My father is dying and I need to give him the water.



(They start walking.  The Dwarf enters)



DWARF: I see that you have the water with you.



MATT: Yes, and I truly appreciate your help.



DWARF: You must be proud of yourself, but you look worried.



PRINCESS: What is wrong?.  You have what you wanted.



MATT: I’m just thinking about my father.  He must be very sad.  He wanted so much to see my brothers again, and they never came back.



PRINCESS: Do you remember what I told you?.  Do you remember my promise?.



MATT: Yes, I remember what you told me in the castle.



PRINCESS: Little dwarf, you know what to do.



DWARF: Yes, Princess. I know where your two brothers are. I left them them between two mountains.



MATT: I will not ask you why, I will only ask you to set them free.



DWARF: Don’t waste anymore time, your father is waiting for you.  And don’t worry about your brothers, soon you fill find them.



MATT: Then, we must continue our journey.  I will always be grateful to you. (He and the Princess start walking.  They find his two brother lying on the ground.  He kneels down and wakes them up) George!. Harrison!.  Wake up!.



GEORGE AND HARRISON: What happened?.



GEORGE: I must have fallen asleep.



HARRISON: I can’t remember anything.



MATT: It doesn’t matter.  We have to go, our father is waiting for us.



GEORGE: How did you find us?.



MATT:  It’s a long story.  I’ll tell you about it when we get to the palace.



HARRISON: I remember now.  I was looking for The Water of Life!.



MATT: I have it with me.



GEORGE: What are we waiting for. Let’s go!



(They walk to the palace.  When they arrive, the Advisor is beside the king’s bed)



ADVISOR: You’re back!.  Do you have the water?.



MATT: Yes, I do.  How is he?.



(George, Harrison, Matt and the Princes stand beside the King’s bed)



ADVISOR: He hasn’t spoken since you left, and he hasn’t opened his eyes either.



(Matt takes his father’s hand)



MATT: Father.  We’re back. We’re all here.



(Matt opens the bottle of water, pours some in a glass, and gives a little to the King.  As soon as the King drinks some water, he opens his eyes)



KING:  Matt?.  George?.  Harrison?.



GEORGE: Oh, father. I love you!. Please, forgive me.



KING: Forgive you?.



HARRISON:  Me too, father.  I feel so ashamed.  I went looking for the Water of Life thinking only of myself. All I wanted was to be…



KING:  The new King?. 






KING:  But… all of this is yours, and you know it!.



GEORGE: I don’t want anything, all I want is for you to be well.



HARRISON: Me too. I can now remember those cold dark nights in the mountain, I had a lot of time to think, and to remember.



MATT: Well, now that our father has recovered, we need to celebrate.



KING: But… who is this lovely girl?.



MATT: Oh, she is Princess…



PRINCESS: Your majesty.  I’m Princess Ana.



KING: Princess Ana?.  Where were you?.  They have been looking for you!.



PRINCESS: A wizard locked me in a castle, and only the man who could open the iron door and make the lions fall asleep, was the one who could rescue me, and that was your son Matt.



KING: Oh, Matt, I’m so proud of you!.



ADVISOR: I think we should all leave the King rest.



(George, Harrison and the Advisor leave.  Matt and the Princess stand in the center of the stage. Matt holds the Princess Hand)



MATT: Why you didn’t tell me you were Princess Ana?.



PRINCESS: You never asked what my name was.



MATT: When I saw you in the castle, I asked you who you were, but you didn’t tell me!.



PRINCESS: You looked so confused, that’s why I decided not to tell you.



MATT: I’m sorry, your’re right. One day a friend of mine and I went to the market and I fell in love with a beautiful girl that I saw.  She was with two of her friends, and she looked so happy!.  I wanted to talk to her, but as soon as she saw me, she ran away.



PRINCESS:  Maybe she wasn’t ready to meet someone.  Or maybe…



MATT: I asked my friend if he knew her, and he said she was…



PRINCESS: Princess Ana.



MATT: Yes!.  Princess Ana, the girl from the market. Now that I remember, when I saw you in the castle, I knew there was something about you. Something that I never forgot…your beautiful eyes.






MATT: I love you, Ana.  Will you marry me?.



PRINCESS: Yes!.  Yes, I will marry you!.



(They hug)






Author:  Brothers Grimm



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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