The King’s Feast

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(In the palace.  The King sits in his throne. He talks to one of his messengers)


KING: I want you to announce that I will give a big feast to celebrate the return of my youngest son.


MESSENGER: Yes, your majesty.


KING: I am very pleased with his return, so invite everybody!.  Each person in the village must come and celebrate with me.


MESSENGER: When will it be?.


KING: Tomorrow night… just tell my people that each guest should bring a bottle wine.


MESSENGER: Yes your majesty.  Excuse me.


(The Messenger bows and leaves the stage)




(At Oman’s house.  He talks to his wife)


WIFE: Will you go to the palace?.


OMAN: I really want to… but we don’t have enough money… and the wine is very expensive.


WIFE: We could use that money to buy milk for the baby.


OMAN: I know.  On the other hand, it could be a good opportunity to talk to the king and ask him for a job at the palace.


WIFE: Then you should go.


OMAN: Mmmm, if the feast is free, then why should we bring a bottle of wine?.


WIFE: I heard that the king is planning to pour every bottle of wine into a huge pot.


OMAN: Are you saying that we will be served from that pot?.


WIFE: I think so… so there will be enough wine for everybody.


OMAN: Mmmm.


WIFE: What are you thinking?.


OMAN: Nothing… nothing. (The baby starts crying)  Go and see what’s wrong with the baby. (His wife leaves the stage) I must find those empty bottles of wine! (He looks everywhere in the kitchen, under the sink, inside the cabinets.  He finds an empty bottle of wine) Good!  This will do it!. (He kisses the empty bottle of wine) You just saved me!. (He cleans the empty bottle and fills it with water) Now, I have my bottle of wine!  If hundreds of people are going to pour their wine into the king’s pot, I don’t think that just one bottle of water will spoil so much wine!. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.




(At the palace.   The crowd wear elegant suits and dresses.  There is music and dancing.  Each man entering the palace pours the bottle of wine into the King’s large pot.  Oman also pours his bottle of wine/water.  The king and his son sit in their throne.  Oman greets the king and the prince)


OMAN: Good evening, my king….and  Prince.


KING: Good evening, Oman.  I am glad you came.


OMAN: It’s an honor, your majesty.


PRINCE: Please, enjoy the feast.


OMAN: Thank you, excuse me. (joins the crowd)  


KING: (claps his hands to get everybody’s attention) Listen to me, my people.  Enjoy this feast given in honor to my son, the prince.  Drink all the wine you wish, this is a moment to celebrate his return!.


CROWD: Hail to the Prince!.


KING: My servants will fill your cup with wine.


(The Servants fill every cup)


KING: Cheers!.


CROWD: Cheers!.


(Oman and the crowd drink from their cups.  They are surprised that they taste water)


OMAN: Water?.  This is no wine!.


(The Crowd look at each other disgusted. The  King looks angry and when he is about to say something, a man enters the palace running)


MAN: Sorry for being late, my king!.


KING: Did you also bring your bottle of wine?.


MAN: Yes, your majesty… here it is!. (He lifts the bottle of wine)


KING: Come near.  You, my son, and I will drink from your bottle of wine. (The Man approaches and gives him the bottle of wine.  The King opens it, and smells it to make sure it is really wine.  Then he serves three cups.  Then he, his Son, and the Man drink from the cups) Excellent wine!.  This is one of the finest wine I have tasted in my whole life.


SON: Yes, indeed, father.


MAN: Thank you, your majesty.  It’s just a small gesture of my respect to you.  I am sure that all your people also brought fine wine.


(Oman and the crowd look at each other.  They blush and look embarrassed)


KING: (to the crowd) Thank you for coming… keep drinking the fine wine all of you brought!.  (to servants) Servants… fill their cups until they finish all the wine they brought!.


SERVANTS: Yes, your majesty!.


(The Servants begin to re-fill everybody’s cup.  Nobody left the palace until they finish the huge pot of water)




Author:  Unknown




Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Respect.  Honesty.



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



Moral Value:  Respect.  Honesty.


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