The Turtle and The Eagle

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LUCY – (turtle)

SAM – (eagle)






(Lucy and Sam are talking)


SAM: What are you thinking about?.


LUCY: I would like to fly, just like you do.


SAM: Why, Lucy?.  Why would you like to fly?.


LUCY: Because walking is boring, and I’m very slow.


SAM: But, you haven’t answered my question, Lucy.


LUCY: Yes, I did.  I want to fly because…


SAM: Because you don’t like to walk, because you think it’s boring.  Just tell me why you want to fly.


LUCY: Isn’t it the same?.


SAM: No.  Try again.


LUCY: I want to fly because it’s not fun being on the ground.  Because I take too long to get to any place, and I get tired.


SAM: Here we go again.  You told me what you don’t want.  Try again.


LUCY: I want to fly, because I want to feel free!  I want to see the stars. I want to see everything from above.  I want to be just like you!.  Oh, if I could just fly at least for a minute.   Come on, Sam, teach me how to fly.


SAM: But you don’t have wings so you can’t fly.


LUCY: I could pay you, you know.


SAM: Mmmm… how much can you pay me?.


LUCY: I’ll give you a hundred gold coins.


SAM: Very well, you convinced me.


LUCY: Yes!.  Yes!.


SAM: I’ll grab you with my feet, don’t be scared.


(Sam holds Lucy and takes him through the air)


LUCY: This is so fun!.  Yeah, this is wonderful!.


SAM: I’m glad that you are enjoying the ride.


LUCY: Oh thank you, thank you, Sam!.


SAM: It’s time to go down.


LUCY: No, wait!.  I see a bunch of turtles over there.  I want them to see me!.


SAM: Why do you want them to see you?.  You wanted to fly just for the fun of it.


LUCY: Well yes, but I’m sure that they are going to be jealous of me.


SAM: Jealous of you?.  They are your friends, and true friends don’t get jealous.


LUCY: But I am unique!.


SAM: Don’t be so vain, Lucy.


LUCY: It’s the truth.  They will envy me!.  They will never get to fly like I do!.


SAM: I don’t like the way you are talking.  I’m getting tired of you, so go and fly on your own!.


LUCY: No!.  What about the money?.


SAM: I don’t care about the money!.   If you want them to see you up in the sky, then show them that you can fly.   Have a nice trip!.


(Sam lets Lucy go, and she falls on a mountain and cries)


LUCY: Ouch, ouch!.


(Two turtles approach Lucy)


TURTLE 1: That must have hurt a lot!.


LUCY: Yes it did, but I’m glad that my shell saved my life.


TURTLE 2: I feel sorry for you.  If you can hardly walk in the ground, what were you doing in the sky?.


LUCY: I learned my lesson.  I have to be happy with what I have.




Author: Aesop Fable


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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