My First Hundredth Halloween

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(Esmeralda is in her cottage sleeping. Her sister May tries to wake up Esmeralda)


MAY: Esmeralda, Esmeralda, wake up.




MAY: Where am I?.  What time is it?.


ESMERALDA: You’re home, and it’s almost midnight.


(There’s a knock at the door)


MAY: That must be June.


(May opens the door.  June, her niece, enters)


JUNE: Hello!  Where’s aunt Esmerlada.


MAY: She’s still in bed.


JUNE: At this hour!.


MAY: You better talk to her, it’s getting late.


(May and June go into the bedroom)


JUNE: Aunt Esmerald, it’s me June.  Come on, get up.


ESMERALDA: I feel sick.  My head hurts a lot.


JUNE: I know, it’s because of all the potion you drank last night.


ESMERALDA: Last night?.  What happened last night?.


MAY: Don’t you remember?.


ESMERALDA: No, I can hardly remember my name!.


JUNE: Last night you celebrated your first hundredth birthday, dear aunty.


MAY: Let me help you get out of bed. (She tries to help Esmeralda get out of bed.  Esmeralda almost falls to the floor, then she sits on the bed). Be careful.


ESMERALDA: I feel dizzy.  I need a mirror. (June brings her a mirror) Oh, I am terribly ugly.  Ha, ha, ha, ha. I’m feeling better now!.


JUNE: You’re the scariest witch in the haunted forest, aunty.


ESMERALDA: And I’m very proud!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


JUNE: How do you feel now that you are a hundred years old?.


ESMERALDA: I feel wonderful!.  Especially because I look so ugly and children are terrified when they see me.


JUNE: You’re lucky to celebrate your birthday on Halloween Day!.


ESMERALDA: Oh, yes, I am!.


MAY: I feel sorry for grandma now that she is more than a thousand years old.


JUNE: Me too, as she ages she gets prettier and prettier.  No one is afraid of her!.


MAY: Now kids instead of running away from her, they want to hug her!.


ESMERALDA: Poor grandma!.  I really don’t want to be in her shoes.


JUNE: In her skin, you mean.


MAY: Ha, ha, ha, ha, me neither. I don’t want to get younger!.  Ugh, that must be terrible!.


(Esmeralda keeps looking at herself in the mirror)


ESMERALDA: Look at me. I am really, really ugly, don’t you think so?.


JUNE: Yes, aunty, and your hair makes you look awful, too!.


ESMERALDA: Oh, I’m so thirsty, and it’s so hot in here.


MAY: Let me get you a magic soup I made especially for you.


(May get’s out of the bedroom and comes back with the magic soup.  Esmeralda eats the soup)


JUNE: Are you feeling better?.




JUNE: Let me see your crown , aunty.


ESMERALDA: What crown?.  I don’t have a crown.


MAY AND JUNE: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


MAY: You still have it on!.


(Esmeralda reaches for her head and she feels a crown.  She takes it off)


ESMERALDA: No wonder I have a headache!.


JUNE: It’s so beautiful!.


ESMERALDA: Where did that came from?.


MAY: You’re Miss Halloween!.


ESMERALDA: Miss Halloween?.


MAY: Yes!.  At your party Jack Skeleton, in person, crown you as Miss Halloween!.


ESMERALDA: Was there a contest?.  At my party?.


JUNE: Yes, you won because you’re the ugliest witch of all.


MAY: After the contest, everybody danced, including  the vampires, mummies, warewolves, witches, skeletons, and even the ghosts.   It was really fun.  It’s was the best birthday party in the whole world!.


JUNE: How did you feel dancing with the man without a head?.


ESMERALDA: He was really boring.  He didn’t even talk.  And who brought us home?.


MAY: The vampires.  They left us here, then they went flying to their castle to get inside their coffins before daylight.


(There is knock at the front door.  May opens the door.  Some witches enter the hut and go straight into the bedroom shouting)


WITCHES: Wake up!.  Wake up!.


ESMERALDA: Why are you shouting?.  I am awake!.


WITCHES: We came for you!.   You don’t celebrate a hundredth birthday everyday.  Let’s keep having fun!.


ESMERALDA: Where are we going?.


WITCHES: We don’t know.  Maybe we can have some fun scaring people.


JUNE: Yeah!.  We can even go to the cemetery to dance with the ghosts and skeletons!.


ESMERALDA: Fine.  let’s fly high!.


(Everybody put on their witch hats and take their broomsticks and leave)




Author: K I D S I N C O


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