The Woodcutters

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a little village in the middle of the woods.  One day there was going to be a contest to see who could cut more trees.  That day,  Tim, the youngest man in the village,  decided to enter the contest.



TIM: Father, I am sure I’ll win this contest!.  I’m young, big and strong.



FATHER: I know, but don’t be too sure.



TIM: This afternoon I’ll come back home with the prize.   A thousand gold coins!.  And you will never have to work again in your entire life.



FATHER: I hope so, son.



Tim: I have to go.



FATHER: Good luck!.



NARRATOR: A few hours later, only two finalists remained.  Tim and a very old man.



TIM: Well, well, well,  this is going to be easier than what I thought.  Mmm, in a few minutes that old man will be out of the contest.



JURY 1: Are you both ready?.



OLD MAN: Whenever you say.



JURY 2: Start… now!.



NARRATOR: Both man started to cut the trees.  An hour later, the old man sat under a tree.



TIM: What’s wrong with him?.  Doesn’t he want to win?.  Well, what do I care, I have to work faster and faster. I can’t stop!.



NARRATOR: Then the old man stood up, and began to cut trees once again.  But an hour later, he sat down again under the tree.



TIM: I can’t believe it!.  He got tired again!.



JURY 1: Stop!.



JURY 2: Time’s up!.   Let’s count the trees.



NARRATOR: The jury counted the trees, and the old man was the one that cut more trees.



TIM: It’s impossible!.  He sat often to rest!.  Count the trees again!.



JURY 1: Very well, we’ll count the trees again.



JURY: I am sure we didn’t make a mistake.



NARRATOR: A few minutes later, the jury said.



JURY 1: The old man won the contest, there’s no doubt about it.



JURY 2: We are sorry Tim, but you lost.



TIM: How could it be?.  I must know how he did it, I must learn something from this experience.



NARRATOR: So Tim asked the old man how he did it.



TIM: Tell me, old man, how did you do it?.  I saw you sitting under that tree, several times, and I didn’t stop for a minute.



OLD MAN: Look young man, I wasn’t resting under that tree.



TIM: Then, what were you doing there?.



OLD MAN: I sat often to sharpen my ax.   It’s very important that once in a while you too sit down to sharpen your ax, or you will not reach your goal.






Author:  Unknown



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



Moral:  Invest time in improving your own abilities.


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