The Two Hungry Dogs

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 (Two dogs play in the park with a ball)


 DOG 1: Did you hear that?.


DOG 2: Mmm no, I don’t think so.


(They keep playing with the ball)


DOG 1: What’s that noise?.


DOG 2: What noise?.


DOG 1: Come on!.  Don’t tell me that you didn’t hear it.


DOG 2: Oh well, Yes, I did.  It’s my stomach!.  I’m hungry, and don’t say anything more!.


(They keep playing with the ball.  The ball falls into the lake)


DOG 1: Look what you did!.


DOG 2: Let me get it.


(Dog 2 gets near the water and sees a bone in the bottom of the lake)


DOG 2: Look, it’s a bone!.


DOG 1: Yeah, sure, the ball changed into a bone as soon as it touched the water!.


DOG 2: I’m telling you the truth.  It’s a bone!.


DOG 1: Let me see.  You’re right, it’s a bone!.


DOG 2: Let’s get it.  It’s just what I need.


DOG 1: How are we going to get it out?.


DOG 2: Let me think.  I know, we’ll drink all the water, and then the bone will be mine.


DOG 1: You mean ours.


DOG 2: That’s what I said.


(Both dogs drink all the water in the lake. They are now full and fat)


DOG 1: I can’t drink anymore water.


DOG 2: Keep drinking.


DOG 1: How much?.


DOG 2: Just keep drinking.


(both dogs fall to the ground)


DOG 1: I don’t think it was a good idea.


DOG 2: Sorry, I thought it was going to be fast and easy, but it wasn’t safe.


(Both dogs close their eyes)




Author:  Aesop Fable


Adapted by K I D S I N C O



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